How to Clean Swiss Army Knife: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Clean Swiss Army Knife

People often call those who can perform numerous tasks well enough “swiss army knives.” That’s because these knives tend to have around 33 different blades and tools, offering their users a broad range of functions.  But to fully benefit from your swiss army knife, you need to maintain it well. So, let’s show you the … Read more

ESEE 5P Survival Knife Review

For the battlefield or for surviving in the forest, no other knife is more indispensable than the ESEE 5P Survival, Escape, Evasion Knife. This knife is great when one is out camping and it is far more durable than the average Swiss knife. It is also a must-have for military men during training and out in combat, especially when resources are scarce. Manufactured by Randall’s Adventure and Training, the ESEE 5P is one of the ultimate tools in survival.

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SOG Seal Team Elite Survival Knife – Review

The SOG Seal Team Elite is a bada$$-looking knife that just makes me want to play with it like a schoolboy and fidget spinner (yes, they were popular in 2017 and 2018 okay!?).  It’s a survival knife made by an iconic knife brand in Seattle, WA and it’s designed with undertones of “Bowie” in its … Read more

Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 Review


Unfortunately, the Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 is Discontinued, but if you’d like more info (maybe you acquired a used one), please read on!

Fortunately, there are REALLY good alternatives that may be even better than the G-10 at a better price! Our best recommendation for a Bushcraft G-10 alternative is the TOPS Knives B.O.B. (Brothers of Bushcraft) Fieldcraft B.O.B. Hunter.

TOPS Knives Brothers Bushcraft Fieldcraft

It’s a higher-end functional and collector’s piece of hardware that would be the envy of any outdoorsman.  It features 154 CM steel and it’s fully made here in the USA!  The blade is 4.6 inches long and it’s 9.75 inches long overall.  It’s a full tang blade/handle with a drop point modified Scandi grind blade design.  The handle is made of green and black G-10 scales, and the pommel features a scraper specially designed for striking Ferro rods in a safe and efficient manner. Rotating injection-molded nylon belt sheath with survival whistle and firestarter are included.

The Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 is a knife specifically designed for outdoor use. The knife is of portable size and ideal for going through the bushes and for handling game. A product of Spyderco, this particular knife is currently available online. This Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 review will discuss the manufacturer, the knife’s features, and user reviews.

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Fallkniven Pilot Survival Knife Review

The Fallkniven Pilot Survival Knife or the F1 has the honor of being Fallkniven’s very first knife. The company had taken eight years to develop this knife and its many variants (F1 Black and F1/3G). Since 1995, the Swedish Air Force has been using this knife as a survival tool. The F1 is tremendously versatile as well as handy. The pleasant and safe grip with the tough and hard laminated steel makes the F1 useful for demanding tasks. The F1 comes with two kinds of sheaths: a double-safety Zytel sheath (one hand-operated) and the all-cover pouch type that houses the entire knife safely.

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Cold Steel Master Tanto Review

The tanto was originally a short dagger or knife used by the ancient samurai class from Japan and it was primarily used for stabbing through an enemy’s thick armor during close combat. There is now a modern equivalent of this feudal-era weapon, the Cold Steel Master Tanto, which retains almost all of the design aspects of the original but with a couple of modern additions. The Master Tanto is primarily a tactical weapon, though Cold Steel claims that it can also be used in survival situations as well. However, is this replica of a weapon meant for the battlefield really useful when you are in the wild fighting for your survival?

Cold Steel 35AB Master Tanto

Cold Steel was founded in the early 1980s, and ever since they started, they have been dedicated to making some of the sharpest and strongest blades the world has ever seen. For the last three decades, Cold Steel has always been at the forefront when it comes to cutting-edge innovations (literally) that have made a huge difference in the knife industry.

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Fallkniven A1 Review

When one thinks of the ultimate in survival knives, one would think of the Fallkniven A1. The beautifully-designed A1 brings together ergonomics, outstanding technical design, and economy. The A1 exceeds international standards for personal security, value, and strength. The all-purpose semi-large knife is great for heavy-duty uses. The blade is made of extremely hard and laminated VG10 steel which can withstand the prolonged stress that comes with hard use.

Most of the knife’s users use it for hunting and survival purposes. It is a great chopping tool – especially when one is out fishing or hunting – and it also works quite well for daily use. One can easily strike the handle’s end without breaking the grip. The Zytel sheath (black) enables one to fasten (even upside down) the knife to one’s pack or belt. The Fallkniven is a durable and versatile knife that is water-repellent and can withstand extreme heat or cold.

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The Best Brands of Folding Knives

Probably more than any other industry where product brands compete against each other, I believe the knife industry has the highest number of really high-end brands that offer stellar quality.  There are literally hundreds of brands and you can see just a partial list to give you an idea HERE.  You know if a company is sold by a reputable retailer like BladeHQ, it’s at the top of its game and offers folding knives that are on par with the world’s best.

Having said that, some folding knives just don’t cut the mustard.  Either a company hasn’t developed its manufacturing processes or it’s cutting corners to offer a lower-priced option.  There are several kinds of folding knives that are above the rest in quality. They are chosen by handlers and knife enthusiasts alike. There are quality knives available in many different types, however, a few made the cut for being the best folding knives on the market.

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Cold Steel Recon 1 Spear Point Review

The Cold Steel Recon 1 is a folding knife with 2’’, 3’’, and 4’’ inch spear point blades. Like all other Cold Steel knives, it is made of the highest quality materials and it is manufactured using cutting-edge technology, proprietary procedures, and rigorous quality control and testing. Below is a detailed review of the Cold Steel Recon 1 and its manufacturer.

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SOG Field Pup II Review

PLEASE note the Field Pup II is NEARLY discontinued, and while it was a good knife, we may no longer have access to it other than 2nd hand. You can try to see if it’s still available by clicking HERE.

SOG Specialty FP6L CP Straight 4.75

From its beginnings producing a single commemorative knife, SOG has grown to offer a whole line of innovative tools and knives that have been field-tested by special operations units. Their knives have even been honored as the knives of choice by the US Navy SEALs. Their product line ranges from fixed-blade survival knives to folding knives that feature assisted opening technology, as well as multi-tools. SOG’s products have been honored with a multitude of industry awards and have become extremely popular among a wide variety of professionals ranging from law enforcement and military personnel to industrial workers and regular knife enthusiasts.

However, the good news is that we do recommend another very sharp-looking (play on words there folks!!) SOG knife that more than takes its place.  Check out our review of that one – JUST CLICK HERE!

The SOG Field Pup II is a worthy successor to the many innovative knives that preceded it. The SOG knife line was inspired by the SOG Bowie knife carried by US Military Assistance Command-Vietnam Studies and Observations Group (MACV-SOG) which is a covert special operations unit that fought in the Vietnam War. Knife designer Spencer Frazer was inspired by this specially-designed knife to found SOG Specialty Knives to produce replicas as a tribute to MACV-SOG and the veterans who served under that elite unit. However, Frazer soon began to design other knives and tools that other members of the armed forces carried with confidence into some of the most demanding combat and survival situations.

SOG Field Pup II

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