Good question! We are a group of outdoor enthusiasts from different parts of North America.
Two members of our team live peacefully in the wilderness (well, on the edge of a vineyard and across the road from a cornfield) with their knife collection in Southern Ontario, Canada, while the other two members live their knife and outdoors passion in California and Indiana!
My name is Pete Stec and I’m the editor and one of the writers and researchers here at Knife Up.
Please feel free to direct any questions or comments to me, and if I can’t help, I’ll be sure to consult with one of our team members (who was probably the one who wrote the article!) We really appreciate that you took the time to read this and other articles on our site, and we really hope you not only glean some excellent, easy-to-understand information but that you pass on your ideas, helpful comments, and encouragement to other knife-lovers and outdoor junkies!