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SOG Field Pup II Review

SOG Field Pup II Review

PLEASE note the Field Pup II is NEARLY discontinued, and while it was a good knife, we may no longer have access to it other than 2nd hand. You can try to see if it’s still available by clicking HERE.

SOG Specialty FP6L CP Straight 4.75

From its beginnings producing a single commemorative knife, SOG has grown to offer a whole line of innovative tools and knives that have been field-tested by special operations units. Their knives have even been honored as the knives of choice by the US Navy SEALs. Their product line ranges from fixed-blade survival knives to folding knives that feature assisted opening technology, as well as multi-tools. SOG’s products have been honored with a multitude of industry awards and have become extremely popular among a wide variety of professionals ranging from law enforcement and military personnel to industrial workers and regular knife enthusiasts.

However, the good news is that we do recommend another very sharp-looking (play on words there folks!!) SOG knife that more than takes its place.  Check out our review of that one – JUST CLICK HERE!

The SOG Field Pup II is a worthy successor to the many innovative knives that preceded it. The SOG knife line was inspired by the SOG Bowie knife carried by US Military Assistance Command-Vietnam Studies and Observations Group (MACV-SOG) which is a covert special operations unit that fought in the Vietnam War. Knife designer Spencer Frazer was inspired by this specially-designed knife to found SOG Specialty Knives to produce replicas as a tribute to MACV-SOG and the veterans who served under that elite unit. However, Frazer soon began to design other knives and tools that other members of the armed forces carried with confidence into some of the most demanding combat and survival situations.

SOG Field Pup II

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SOG Field Pup II Outstanding Features

The Field Pup II is a menacing-looking knife that combines style with functionality. The ten-inch knife features a black TINI finish with low reflectivity to provide a technical advantage in combat situations, though it is actually suitable for a great variety of tasks. Its outstanding features include:

  1. 4 3/4-inch 7CR17MOV stainless steel blade with black coating to reduce reflectivity and help prevent corrosion. This grade of stainless steel is made in China but is the equivalent of 440A steel that is impact-resistant and easy to sharpen. The blade is also a full-tang with a straight spine which adds to the overall strength of the blade, allowing it to be used for heavy-duty tasks such as chopping wood.
  2. Black handle made with Kraton rubber, which is more resistant to heat and weather while still allowing the user to retain a firm grip. The handle also features a four-finger grip design that greatly adds to the comfort of the user while utilizing the knife in rough work. The handle also features a lanyard hole on the pommel that you can use with the included nylon lanyard.
  3. Black leather sheath features a snap closure that protects the knife from damage while ensuring the safety of the user when it is being carried around.
  4. Full Tang blade (same chunk of steel from which the blade is honed, continues to the back of the handle).

Customer Reviews

The SOG Field Pup II has an average 4.3 out of five stars with the majority of reviewers giving it a five-star rating. These reviewers have field-tested the knife and expressed their satisfaction with the product, singling out its durability and the sharpness of the blade. They noted that the Field Pup II retained its edge even after days of rough use. In addition, it is very easy to clean and maintain.  Some owners did complain about the added difficulty of sharpening the blade with its curve, but we did not have the same issue.


The SOG Field Pup II is one of the most popular camping knives since it can perform a variety of outdoor tasks ranging from preparing game to slicing meat and whittling wooden stakes for building a shelter. In addition, it is surprisingly light for a survival knife, making it easier to carry around and handle for prolonged periods. However, the major reason it has won the admiration of outdoorsmen and knife enthusiasts alike is its great design which ensures that the knife has high functionality but avoids a lot of unnecessary design flourishes. The SOG Field Pup II is rated five stars.



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