ESEE 6P Survival Knife Review

The ESEE 6P is a person’s best friend when that person is out on a camping trip or has gone fishing. This knife would cleanly cut one’s freshly-caught fish on a fishing trip and this knife would cut through the bone (with precision) of any game the person on a hunting trip would have caught. In general, the ESEE 6P is one of the better hunting knives out there and it is manufactured by Randall’s Adventure and Training which specializes in knives of all purposes from outdoor to the military to the kitchen.

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Spetsnaz Knives from Russia

A real Spetsnaz knife is not a ballistic knife. A ballistic knife is a knife whose blade is propelled from the handle by a spring, gas, explosion, or some other mechanism. Spetsnaz knives are issued to the Russian special forces for field and garrison use. Like many other Russian and Soviet-era weapons, these knives are very interesting to Western knife collectors.

Actual Spetsnaz knives are not that easy to find, but we’ve got a few links for knives that are of equal technical quality and are styled after a Spetsnaz knife.

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The Best Survival Hatchet: Supreme Buying Guide & Top 3 Review

Best survival hatchet

What is a survival hatchet? A hatchet is a type of axe that has a head that weighs anywhere from 1 to 3 pounds and is small enough to be wielded with one hand. On one end, a hatchet has a sharp blade that runs about 3-5 inches. On the other end, a hatchet has a flat area that you can use as a hammer. Hatchets are often used in camping because it is easy to carry in a backpack, has a range of uses, and is dependable. You can use it to skin a deer, make a fire, and post a tent.

So, out of all the hatchets that are available on the market, which ones would be best for survival? If you were on a plane that crashed in the wilderness, which one would you want to have with you?

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