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Fallkniven A1 Review

Fallkniven A1 Review

When one thinks of the ultimate in survival knives, one would think of the Fallkniven A1. The beautifully-designed A1 brings together ergonomics, outstanding technical design, and economy. The A1 exceeds international standards for personal security, value, and strength. The all-purpose semi-large knife is great for heavy-duty uses. The blade is made of extremely hard and laminated VG10 steel which can withstand the prolonged stress that comes with hard use.

Most of the knife’s users use it for hunting and survival purposes. It is a great chopping tool – especially when one is out fishing or hunting – and it also works quite well for daily use. One can easily strike the handle’s end without breaking the grip. The Zytel sheath (black) enables one to fasten (even upside down) the knife to one’s pack or belt. The Fallkniven is a durable and versatile knife that is water-repellent and can withstand extreme heat or cold.

About Fallkniven

Fallkniven A1 Fine Edge Fixed Blade Knife

Fallkniven has been manufacturing knives for several decades. The Norrbotten, Sweden-based company has been designing and developing its own knives since 1987. The company is currently the Purveyor to His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.

Features of the Fallkniven A1

The Fallkniven A1’s most important feature is its blade which is crafted from VG10, a special rust-resistant steel. While this type of steel is hard to manipulate and is quite costly, when correctly tempered and hardened, it produces a blade that is hard, resilient, and virtually stainless. The VG10 blade is also laminated.

The A1’s total length is 11 inches, its blade’s length is 6.3 inches, and the blade’s thickness is 0.24 inches. The length is perfect for the knife to be an all-purpose knife and the thickness of the blade renders the knife sturdier than all other survival knives. It is also surprisingly lightweight at 12 ounces and the hardness of the blade is 59 HRC. The handle is made of Kraton and the sheath is made of Lader.

Fallkniven A1 Reviews

One Fallkniven A1 review states the knife’s performance is truly impressive. The blade’s modified drop point design has a generous sweeping belly for improved penetrating capability and tip strength. It’s heavy when it needs to be and the user of this particular knife has been working through a large fallen tree branch. The Fallkniven A1 is quite a chopper and can go through wood with relative ease. The user also found the handle of the A1 to be ergonomic and easy to use. This is because the handle is made of Kraton which is a high-density and semi-rubbery polymer. The user also has no problem with hot spots or slipping after prolonged use. The thick handle offers a lot of support and the Kraton material absorbs some hard pounding shock.

Another Fallkniven A1 review touts the knife to be an inexpensive insurance policy. This user, however, has an issue regarding the blade’s length, which – in the user’s opinion – is somewhat short to be a good chopping tool. This user wants to think of this knife as an all-purpose knife that is perfect for the kitchen as well as for the outdoors. The handle of the knife is also friendly to all kinds of adult users from people working in the kitchen to hunters working in the great outdoors.


This Fallkniven A1 review has nothing but praises for this knife. One has to use the knife to experience its great qualities. The simple and sleek look belies a great cutting performance. It is perfect for all kinds of tasks. This review would rate the Fallkniven A1 a 9.5/10. Folks at Fallkniven surely know how to make a perfectly good knife.

Fallkniven A1


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