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The Unique Types of Throwing Knives


There are many different kinds of No products found.. They each have their own unique desired uses. They can be used for battle, play, or pinging. However, some are used for display because of their ornate nature. Throwing knives have been stood the test of time. They have intrigued their owners for centuries. There have been circus attractions involving throwing knives for centuries.

Stainless Steel Throwing Knives

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When it comes to throwing knives, you can’t get any better than the stainless steel weighted knives. These knives are built to hold up to any kind of weather. They are about 8 inches in length. These types of knives have a balance of weight between the handle and the blade for accurate throwing. They also contain jagged edges that are very sharp. They usually weigh just over a pound. They can be thrown very easily up to 15 feet by seasoned knife throwers. The un-jagged edge is handled by the thrower then the knife can be thrown at the chosen target.

Throwing Daggers

Throwing daggers contain blades that are just over 4 inches long. Throwing daggers is a very popular art form within the knife throwing community due to their unusual look. These knives are triangular in shape and the blade comes to a sharpened point. They were first designed in ancient China and were used by ninjas as opposed to throwing stars.

Mini Throwing Knives

A mini throwing knife is made out of black carbon steel with a three-inch blade. They are usually sold in a package deal because of their small size. They are proportionately designed so that they will have equal balance for the untrained knife thrower. They are easily hidden in a professional sheath. They are favored by the novice knife thrower because of their ability to be hidden from sight so easily. (Best Bowie knives).

Pearl Butterfly Knife

A white pearl butterfly knife has a handle insert that is fastened to a three and a half inch blade by screws. This will ensure that the knife stays unharmed under force. The handle is roughly 6 inches long. The blade is made of stainless steel. It is known to be thrown farther distances than other throwing knives because of the small design and added weight in the handle. (Check out a balisong trainer if you don’t want to stab yourself).


Throwing knives have been around four centuries. They hold a unique place in the heart of knife enthusiasts. They can be very dangerous if not handled properly. So it is important to be properly trained when using a throwing knife. Many times they are used in circus acts. This makes them seem like magic. See the best throwing knives. Throwing knives is a unique art form. They can be used for protection in the event of an attack as well. They tend to be very sharp, so it is suggested that you learn the safety factors about handling the throwing knives before you perform the art of throwing them. The many different throwing knives hold a unique interest to those who enjoy the art of throwing knives. Many will collect the many different kinds of throwing knives to display as art. It is an interesting hobby for knife enthusiasts.


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