10 Cool Knives You’ve Never Seen

Gerber Key Note is one of the cool knives

These cool knives will make you think twice about what you think a “knife” is. Made for very special purposes, these knives are nothing like any normal knife you’ve seen. Shark Knife This shark knife is one of the coolest knives, but highly dangerous to use. It was inspired to look like a shark and … Read more

When Must a Knife Be Cleaned and Sanitized (Revealed)

When Must a Knife Be Cleaned and Sanitized

Do you know that satisfying feeling you get when you swiftly cut something with your sharp knife? It certainly has to do with keeping your kitchen tool clean. Unfortunately, if you neglect washing your blade after use, it’ll turn blunt over time. Not to mention, you’ll be dealing with quite a lot of germs and … Read more

Different Grinds and the Use of a Hollow Grinding Jig

Sharpening a knife will require proper grinding equipment to achieve a smoothly surfaced blade. The edges of knives are shaped differently one from another.  Some are tapered to the cutting edge on both sides of the blade, while others only on one side, etc.  These different shapes are called grinds. This article will discuss the different types of grinds as well as details on the hollow grind jig.

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Knives Featured on Dual Survival

Different types of knives are made for different purposes. Survival and tactical knives are intended to be all-purpose, durable and strong. Knives like this are constantly featured in the famous TV series, Dual Survival. The survival show features Dave Canterbury, a survival instructor. Canterbury’s equipment and featured knives are of high quality and considered the best of its kind.

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The Ultimate Sheath Making Guide

What is better: Leather or Kydex? This is a question asked by people who are looking to buy a knife sheath for their treasured piece of blade craftsmanship. Because the blade plays a crucial role in improving your knife’s style and functionality, this choice must never be taken lightly. What are the different advantages and disadvantages of both leather and kydex? And what is better, buying a knife sheath outside or just making your own? All you need to know about sheath making would be explained in the next paragraphs.

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Step by Step Guide for Leather Sheath Making

The knife is one of the most versatile tools in the world. Used for everything ranging from everyday tasks to survival purposes, these tools can be found in all shapes and sizes all over the world. One of the most inseparable companions of a trusty knife is a good-quality knife sheath. Not only does it allow safe transportation of the knife, but it also adds some style points to your prized tool. And when it comes to knife sheaths, those made from leather are still the best for so many reasons. In this leather sheath making guide, you’ll learn the basic steps on how to make your own leather knife sheath.

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How to Make a Homemade Anvil

Learning how to make a homemade anvil is fairly easy if all the necessary equipment are already on hand. An anvil is a common tool used by forgers and still commonly used today for home applications. Made from steel, the hard surface offers ample space for an object to be struck. Anvils are so useful because their inertia contribute to the transfer of energy from the striking tool to the item being worked on.

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The Proper Method Of Using a Whetstone

Whetstone Techniques

In a survival situation, your knife is your best friend; you will use it to build a shelter and catch your food. You can even use it to make a fire. Your little-bladed buddy could virtually save your life someday, so you should know how to take good care of it, and knowing how to use a whetstone to sharpen it is one of the basic skills that you need to learn. In this article, you will learn the proper way of using a whetstone to sharpen, and not damage your survival knife or any other bladed implement.

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How Long Does Canned Food Last?

How Long Does Canned Food Last

There will never be a shortage of canned foods; they are a staple in everyone’s plans. But there are many people who think that just because food is in a can, it can last for many years.  One of the biggest obstacles and chores that meal preppers deal with is scrounging for food with a … Read more