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The Best Balisong Trainer | Best Butterfly Trainer Knife

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With a lot of practice, you can be cool like this dude.

Are you looking to learn how to flip Balisongs? Well, you can go out and buy a real Balisong knife but, if you don’t know what you are doing, you can easily cut yourself. Not a fun experience, trust me. This guide will walk you through the top 3 Balisong trainer knives. It’ll teach you what to look for in a butterfly knife as well as one simple trick to maximize the utility of your purchase. Really, with this one trick, your trainer will last forever–guaranteed.

Oh, and if you’re super serious about this, we’d highly recommend some decent education on the topic.  This DVD instructional is invaluable!

 Bear & Son Balisong
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BrandBear and SonGen ProFURY
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A Balisong trainer is a standard balisong/butterfly knife without a blade. It is 100% legal in the US and, unlike a real knife, you can’t cut yourself. The trainer will help you learn how to flip without getting injured but, note, you can develop bad habits if you stay on the trainer too long. For example, you can ingrain some poor flips that, with a trainer, won’t hurt but, with a real balisong, will hurt a lot. I recommend you to train with a trainer until you feel confident enough to move onto the real thing–no more, no less.

Not everyone needs to buy a balisong trainer. If you already own a Balisong (but aren’t that good at it), you can just use some electrical tape to tape up the blade. This will protect your hands from getting cut. You can also just use this tip to skip the trainer and get yourself a real balisong.

If you don’t own a butterfly knife yet or if you are wondering if flipping is for you, get a trainer and try it out! One of the great things about a training knife is that it is much cheaper than a real Balisong.

What to Look for in the Best Balisong Trainer

  • Material – some manufacturers produce knives that are made with cheap metals that will bend/break after a few flips. Some trainers are designed to last for a few weeks until you get the hang of it and are able to move on to the real thing. A lot of cheap butterfly trainers will break if you drop it on the floor.
  • Hinges – to make your balisong last longer, use Loctite to prevent the screws from falling out. You’ll need Loctite 242, a 1.5mm hex, and a 2mm hex. Some Balisong trainers do not allow you to unscrew the screws. These ones will last longer than a screw out balisong without Loctite but, with proper maintenance, the Loctite balisong will last forever. Avoid non-screw balisongs at all cost.

Bear and Son Balisong Trainer

Bear and Son is a huge name in butterfly knives and balisongs in general. They are produced in the USA, not the Philippians. This Balisong trainer features a 4-inch blade that is made of stainless steel–it won’t rust on you. It is heavy and good for beginners to learn with. Lighter balisongs flip faster than heavier ones and require more agility.

The knife comes pre-oiled and has a very good, smooth flip to it. Make sure you Loctite it! There are a lot of reviews on Amazon that stats how this knife sucks because the screws feel out. If only they knew about Loctite… poor them. You can read more about this knife here.

Gen Pro Balisong Trainer

This is some brand I’ve never heard of, however, the knife is heavy and does feel good in your hands. It also has a very good flip and comes pre-oiled. However, this trainer is a screwless type so you can not Loctite it. Reviews online stats that it’ll last about 2 weeks of heavy use before it falls apart. Some reviewers say that you can repair the knife by hammering the pieces back in. I’ll pass on this solution.

The knife is around $16 on Amazon and a lot of reviewers online stated how, in addition to falling apart after a lot of use, it’ll break if you drop it. What is this knife made of? Glass?

FURY Butterfly Trainer Knife

Best $7 trainer EVER!

This knife is CHEAP on Amazon. Out of all the knives, this is the cheapest. It also has the lowest reviews on Amazon (3 stars) however, if you read the reviews, people rated it low because the screws feel out. Those idiots! They didn’t Loctite their balisong.

I tested it out and loved how the screws actually do come out compared to the Gen Pro version. After a quick Loctite prep, the knife stayed intact for as long as I was interested in it. The material is of high quality and I did drop it a few times–no damage there. Some reviewers stated how the hinges got bent after a lot of use since it was made of stainless steel–this is normal but, hey, it was only $7.

What is the Best Balisong Trainer or Best Butterfly Trainer?

If you are looking for a trainer, I’d say the  Gen Pro or the Bear and Son are your best bets.  Another way to look at this is to save your cash and, instead of buying a good trainer, buy a good balisong.  The only catch is that they are becoming hard to find (can’t get one on Amazon) and when you do find one, the insane price tag might make you think twice.  For example, check out the price of this normal, decent quality Benchmade balisong!

The FURY is an okay buy and, with some Loctite, I’ll do its job of teaching you how to use a butterfly knife. Yes, by reading this guide, I have saved you $25 by convincing you to stay away from the Bear and Son trainer–you can thank me by leaving a comment ;).

If you are interested in flipping knives, you might also be interested in throwing knives as well as survival hatchets. Every dude I’ve met who loves knives loves to throw them and abuse them as well ;-).

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  1. I have to get a trainer, because in my country a real balisong is illegal. 🙁

    1. umm dude you are tottaly not right! if balisongs is illigal in your country. you still have
      the right to own one. for example. or wait there is no example… just
      dont carry it around outside your house. and i recommend living in a
      house. because if you live in an apartment because then you dont have
      the rights to say that it is a collectible. because its not ”your” appartment. if you are paying a rent to live in that appartment ofcourse

  2. I don’t agree. The Bear and Son is the best buy if your willing to pay for it. It’s pin construction, so you can’t loctite it. This isn’t a problem because pins will take a huge amount of use before they come loose, and even then it is possible to tighten them. The Fury trainer’s tang pins can fall out which is a major problem to fix, not to mention the powder coat it comes with grips a little to much making certain rollovers difficult. Over all if your new to balisongs the Fury and some loctite may be your best bet. But if you want great quality on aren’t planning on buying an expensive trainer go with the Bear and son.

  3. What style of screw is in the Fury one? Hex bit? 1.5mm? 2mm? I want to get it but I want to be able to loctite it.

  4. Hey reggie, go to a shop and buy the tools to unscrew it then clean them with alcohol and loctite them, wait 24 hours and you are ready to go!
    Pd: if you dont know the size bring the trainer with you and ask to the employee

  5. Bought the silver one and got it in yesterday. Loctited for the first time and I must say that the quality is nice. The edges are not sharp, the screws on mine are starbits, and has been flipping nicely. Heavy, but you get used to it. Quality is better than my broken balifomb over there >.>.

  6. Poor review in that the Bear & Son is riveted construction and cannot be loctited. I have one in front of me as I write this. Bear does make a trainer with Torx head screwed construction that is loctiteable but it’s list price is over $100.

    If tang pins loosen try to epoxy in with some JB Weld as a temporary fix. I would then try pressing in new oversize pins made from drill rod blanks or similar hardened steel. Tang pins loosening has been an ongoing problem with less expensive Balisongs for a long time. A reason why current Benchmades have been designed to eliminate them.

  7. Hi. I am going to buy a fury and some loctite. I’ve heard that the tang pin falls out. How do you fix that? I really want a good start, so if you can reccomend a trainer that is more durable, PLEASE tell me. Thanks!

  8. Just wanted to ask, you said that the other two knife, not including the FURY, were nice and heavy for a beginner and were smooth while flipping. Is that the same with the FURY? It’s just nothing was mentioned about such things about the FURY.

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