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Are you looking for the best throwing knife around? Well, wait no more because we just reviewed 3 top selling throwing knives and our findings will shock you. (Yes, you wouldn’t believe what dirt we uncovered). I know there are lots of choices out there for throwing knives and, with this guide, you’ll find your perfect throwing buddy no matter how tall, large, or old you are.

What to Look for in the Best Throwing Knives

 throwing knife

NameNinja Stealth SilverGil HibbenFling
BrandTrademark GlobalUnited CutlerySOG
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First off, a throwing knife should not be sharp. Do not be mistaken by the word “knife,” a sharp throwing knife can cut you while you are throwing from the blade. The throwing knife should have a dull blade. All it needs to stick into the wood is a sharp point, that is all.

Secondly, the knife should be weight and length appropriate. If you are new to knife throwing, a longer knife will be easier to learn. Longer knives spin slower, so beginners can have more time to work on their techniques. Shorter knives spin fast and it is harder to get it to stick into the wood. The rule of thumb is that the knife should weigh 1.5 oz for every inch in length. The longest throwing knife you can find is about 12 inches and the shortest throwing knife is about 6 inches. The heavier the knife, the more impact it will have on the target. A heavier knife will also allow you to hit targets that are further away.

The knife must be made of a good metal. Lots of low-end knives are made with terrible metals that will snap in half after a few hard throws. Most quality throwing knives are made with one single sheet of stainless steel. Some cheap, soft metals also dent easily. A lot of low-quality knives will break if it hits cement or something hard.

It is not recommended to have a handle. Handles can make it harder for you to release the knife during a throw–especially rubber handles. Handles can also screw up with the knife’s balance.

Having a balanced knife is better than an unbalance knife because it lets you throw the knife from both ends.

The knife’s sheath should be good. Having a bad sheath will take the fun out of throwing knives. A high-quality sheath is a complement to a high-quality set of knives.

3 Top Selling Throwers

Here is our review of the three top throwing knives we’ve found.

Stealth Silver Ninja Throwing Knives

This set of 3 can be purchased on Amazon. Really, where else can you buy something this cheap? Given the price, I thought, “hey, why not, it is only $20 or so.”

These Ninja knives are 6 inches long and weight about 5.4 ounces. They are quite sharp and the metal is good in my opinion. Note that, if you miss a lot, the tip will get bent and you’ll need to sharpen/hammer the tips out to fix it.

The case is not great. It is made out of rags and it’ll not even hang on your waist. You are better off holding the knives in your hand in use and placing it in a shoe box. Some reviewers stated how they used duct tape to fix the case–yes, it is that bad.

throwing knife

Trademark Global – Ninja Stealth Throwing knives

United Cutlery Gil Hibben Competition Throwing Knives

United Cutlery is a big name in knives and I’ve reviewed a lot of their knives before. Gil Hibbens is an expert knife throwing and writer of many knife throwing books. This set is made with a design from him.

These knives are 12 inches long and weigh a whopping 12 ounces. What is great about this long, heavy knife is that you have a lot of control. You can fit all of the handles in your hand and the length makes it spin very slowly. This is good so you know if you need to add more spin or not in case it isn’t sticking. The weight allows the knife to stick from as far as 25 feet away!

This is a great knife for the beginner/intermediate in my opinion. For the beginner, you can practice your control a lot. For the intermediate, you can practice your distance.

The metal is great and there are only a few dents from the knife hitting other knives that are stuck in the wood. Other than that, this thing won’t break on you if you threw it into cement or accidentally drop it.

The sheath is made of leather. Yes, leather. The sheath is very high quality and I am very pleased with the sheath. It fits well and makes the 3 set a bargain on Amazon.

throwing knife

The Gil Hibben Competition Triple throwing knife is a very good quality chunk of steel for the money!

SOG Fling

Most of you are no strangers to the SOG brand and quality that comes with it.  Fling is the name of SOG’s entry into the world of knife throwing.  The Fling knives from SOG are styled after traditional throwing knives with a broad dagger profile. The edges are non-sharpened but the point is perfect for target practice. Each knife handle is wrapped with 7 feet of paracord, giving you a total of 21 feet, perfect for those unexpected situations.

They’re 9.5″ long and made of 9Cr18MoV steel.  Each weighs 5.4 oz. and they come with a nylon sheath.  Did I mention they’re very cool looking?!

It’s excellent for friendly competitions in the backyard and beyond (though I’d stay away from the local park!!!)

throwing knife

The SOG Fling is also an excellent knife for the price, from a company with experience and integrity for quality.

Conclusion as to Which Knife Set You Should Buy

Knife stuck in bulls eye

If you are a beginner and want to do this, get the United Cutlery Gil Hibbens knife.

If you are new, I highly recommend the United Cutlery knife set. The length and weight will make you feel like a knife throwing pro. It’ll also last a long time as well since it is made of high-quality materials.

If you are still deciding if knife throwing is for you, check out the 3 set Ninja knives. For only $2, you can find out if you enjoy knife throwing or not. Note that, since they are smaller, you might not actually stick them for the first few throwing sessions. Don’t get discouraged! Keep trying.

I would not recommend the Naruto series because it is not well made and is more of a toy. The handle is terrible and the sheath is equally terrible.

That is it guys! If you have any comments, post them in the comment box b, low. Do you have a copy of these knives or any other throwing knife? Tell me your story. You can also check out our review of throwing axes that are great for cutting down wood as well. We also have a review on tomahawks that you can throw.



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  1. Actually, only one of those knives listed are eligible to be entered into most of the knife throwing contests I have ever heard about. I believe the minimum length is 11 inches long. There are a ton of good throwing knife makers in the US. Join some groups on Facebook, we are all over the place. Check out the IKTHOF website I am a member. There are a lot of nice people who will gladly help you learn some major skills, and find a great knife or set that will last through abuse. By the way, almost any knife I have thrown of any type will lose it’s handles after a while, I just stopped putting them on, and have no problems at all. LOL ! All I can say is, Have fun throwing whatever you can get, it is one of the most fun things to do.

  2. I bought a M14 bayonet at a flea market for $5,took off the handles and guard. Got some lead and beat it flat ,by just eyeballing it in made weights for each side of handle.did a little filing on the tip,wrapped the handle with adhesive tape and electrician tape, Dang thing sticks and throws as good ,if not better ,than my bought knives,got two sets of Hibben,one Coldsteel,,,bout as fun making it as it was is throwing it…Best a Wishes,Carl

  3. Mr J I too have thrown many things and had some good ones, so good they were stolen, but now have pruchased a few Sogs and they break like dry twigs, just a close slow toss to see its rotation and snapped in half, the tang in the handles are drilled to almost nothing in there, looking for a tough durable fixed unit that can take abuse. What do you suggest? became good with a WWII kabar but the butt broke off from a 30 ft throw many years ago and don’t want to do that again

    1. Kershaws are all junk too. They’re designed well but metal is complete garbage. Dry twigs….

  4. Point being to be truly good at it it doesn’t matter about the knives balance,the sheath,the material on the handle..the bottom line is the person.
    For don’t practice knife throwing to train the knife…the practice is for the person throwing the knives their balance,posture, grip(the way the knife feels to you),shoulder strength and focus being able to visualize your target in your mind…
    The form of your body when you release that knife or embed these things in your body’s memory(muscle memory) its like retaining dance steps, riding a bicycle, martial arts forms.
    Anyone can flip a knife and eventually stick it…if you solely hang on the balance of you knives or if they’re sharp or not you will never truly master that weapon.

  5. You sound like a you’ve never done this before, I’ve thrown knives for 25 years…any kind of knife…switchblades,stars,kitchen knives, steak knives, butter knives,pocket knives, hunting knives, military knives,throwing knives,ice picks,screw drivers,sai’s even knives and spikes I carved out of wood..

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