Knives Featured on Dual Survival

March 11, 2021

Different types of knives are made for different purposes. Survival and tactical knives are intended to be all-purpose, durable and strong. Knives like this are constantly featured in the famous TV series, Dual Survival. The survival show features Dave Canterbury, a survival instructor. Canterbury’s equipment and featured knives are of high quality and considered the best of its kind.

Knives Used on Dual Survival

The following knives were used in different episodes of Dual Survival:

PLSK1 Pathfinder 1 Knife

The Pathfinder 1 is a great survival knife.
The Pathfinder 1 is a great survival knife.

The Pathfinder, named after his training school, is designed by Dave Canterbury himself. One of many knives in the Pathfinder Logo series, the Pathfinder 1 is made for bush crafting. It has an overall length of 10 inches with a blade length of 5.5 inches. Its blade is a 3/16 inch Scandi ground steel, with a section of thumb serrations and squared spine. Canterbury has used this bush knife with a ferro rod several times in forest and desert environments.

Feral Hunter

This knife is favored by many survivalists.
This knife is favored by many survivalists.

A knife made from 1095 High Carbon steel, the Feral Hunter is Pseudo-Scandi ground and meant for intricate cutting. Spear-pointed, it has a continuous curved 1/8” thick blade with a long, comfort shaped handle. Its overall length is 6 and 3/8 inches with the blade only measuring at 2 and ¼ inches. The edge is chisel ground and blackened. It has been used for fishing in the show.


Similar to traditional pocket knives.
Similar to traditional pocket knives.

The Dual Survival knife is traditionally trapper-styled and can bear extreme heat or fire. It has a continuous curved blade that is Pseudo-Scandi ground with a Gun-blue finish. The 1095 High Carbon steel is meant for carving and has a 4 and 7/8 inch blade with a 3/16 inch thickness. The entire length measures 9 inches with a hard-grip G-10 handle.

ESSE Knives RC-5 Knife

This knife kills zombies.
This knife kills zombies.

The RC-5 is a 1075 steel blade Machete. It features a convex edge on its 17 and 4/8 inch long blade with a thickness of 0.65 inches. Its 6-inch handle is styled with natural Micarta for secure gripping and weighs only 17 oz. Used to chop through dense saplings and leaves, the RC-5 can also cut through young trees and has stronger chopping qualities than most machetes.

Interceptor #351 River Hunter

Add 550 cord for a great survival tool.
Add 550 cord for a great survival tool.

The River hunter is an all-purpose knife with a Hunter’s point blade. Its blade length is 4 inches and 3/16 inches thick. The 1095 High carbon alloy blade is colored in Black Tractor coating. The handle is made of black linen Micarta for anti-slippage with a Kydex sheath. It is easy to carry at 10 oz with the sheath. Overall length is 8 ¼ inches with a cutting edge of 4 inches. The River hunter has been used often for several purposes, such as prying, rock carving and meat slicing on the Dual Survival.

Mini Pry Knife aka Leverage 101

This knife is great for urban survival.
This knife is great for urban survival.

Another multi-tool the Mini Pry knife is short but very strong. It is easily concealable in its dark sheath and overall 8-inch length. The 5160 spring steel creates the full-tang 3/8 inch thick blade, measuring at 3 ½ inches long. The blade is serrated and tinted in TAC black for concealing. The handle has a Pistol-grip appearance and made of black linen Micarta. This Mini Pry knife is a tool meant for opening windows, doors, cans, containers and break glass. It has been used for prying purposes by Canterbury but is also a favorite among military persons.

Travelin Man Combo

Traveling Man Combo Knife
These are great for knives and spear tips.

One of the most useful and handy of knives featured in the Dual Survival, the Travelin Man combo consists of two separate knives. Both knives feature a skeleton handle with an overall weight of 3.4 oz with the sheath. The blades are made from 1095 High Carbon steel with 3/16 inch thickness. One knife has an overall length of 5 ½ inches with a 2-inch long blade. The second knife is 9 inches with a 3 ¾ inch blade. The blades are colored in Tactical grey and TAC black. They are the ideal Dual Survival knife for travelers.


Dual Survival is a great show and features really cool knives. You can also see more cool knives such as pink pocket knives, machetes, combat knives, and butterfly knives.

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  1. on the outhouse episode the guy was hacking and sawing on a frozen beaver tail. What kind of knife was that?

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