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Combat Machete


Machete is a type of blade used for cutting purposes. It proves to be very useful when you are working in the backyard of your home or in the garden in the front of the house. It helps in clearing off the bush or when heavy food is being cooked. The thickness of these blades is generally 0.12 inches or 3 millimeters thick and has a length of 12.8 to 24 inches or 32.5 to 60 centimeters.

Combat Machete for Tackling Things

For tackling a bush that is truly tough, for maintaining the yard, for cutting coconuts etc, this tool proves to be very powerful. Whether it is a big task or a small one, anything can be handled easily by this tool. A bush that is woody enough can be tackled well by the knife in a straight blade. At the same time, it is good enough to tackle even the smallest of things.

Besides America, the machete is becoming more popular even in Europe. As compared to a hatchet or the ax, the best machete will definitely be lighter and easier to carry.

It can be used as a great accessory while camping and for agricultural purposes in a wide variety. This tool can be used for different kinds of purposes. Firstly, a path can be forged with this blade. Bushes can be whacked off with the greatest ease and are able to outperform blades of other kinds.

Combat Machete Service

Cutting services use the best machete as a tool; hence the tool is useful for expediting journeys in forests or woods that are very dense. Anything that could obstruct your path like thorns, vines, branches, thick bushes, etc can be cleared off easily. Even campsites can be cleared using this cutting tool. Firewood can also be cut or split with the tool.

Ensure to sharpen it well for felling trees and splitting logs easily. Different kinds of food items like certain provisions, vegetables etc can be chopped into smaller pieces. It works well in cutting up slices of meat, vegetables, and fruits. On a camping site, you never know when you have to fend off poisonous reptiles, snakes, wild animals etc and carrying a sharp blade like the machete makes sense.

Machete at Your Rescue

To set you free from any predator too, the tool can be utilized. Fishing is another activity for which it can be used. Fish can be gutted; fishing lines can be cut etc with it. When you go hunting in areas where hunting is legalized, you could even have a wild animal slaughtered. For meat processing, it can be used for cutting flesh and bones into smaller pieces.

If in case you do not have a razor for shaving with you then you could use the machete for shaving purposes as well. However, you need to be very careful. Maintain a steady hand and lather up the area well with lots of shaving cream so that shaving only gets easier for you. This tool needs to be handled and maintained carefully due to the sharp edges it has. While this is not the intended purpose of this tool, some crazy people will use it this way too.


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