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Updated: April 20, 2020

California Knife Law

alifornia has relatively friendly knife laws, but as you can expect, with large urban centers like L.A. and others, there are some differences between urban laws and restrictions in other regions. Unlike other states who’s knife law is out of date, California’s is modern and up-to-date. This article will talk about what is legal, illegal, and in the gray area …

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Updated: August 18, 2020

What to Look for in Pocket Knife Brands

Are you wondering “what is the best knife brand?” Well, I used to wonder that too. Basically, if you are new to knife shopping, all these choices, manufacturers, models, and variations make buying a knife a big deal. Like, should you go with carbon steel or stainless steel? How do you know that this $100 knife is better than this …

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Updated: April 15, 2020

Hawaii Knife Law

Knife laws in Hawaii can be a little tricky. This guide will teach you the knife law in an easy to understand manner. It will present excerpts of the law as well as case precedence.

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Updated: February 20, 2020

Minnesota Knife Laws

The knife laws in Minnesota are very long and wordy. Unless you have formal training, the laws are almost cryptic. This article will explain the law in plain English as well as give you a detailed analysis of the law.

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Updated: August 18, 2020

Mississippi Knife Laws

Mississippi knife laws are fairly relaxed, but because they are found in several different places within the code, and contain cross references and legalese, they may be difficult to read and follow. This article translates the legal ease into plain English that anyone can understand.

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Updated: February 13, 2020

Colorado Knife Law

nife laws in Colorado are tricky, luckily we are here to help. Below is a list of legal and illegal knives in Colorado written in plain English. We will also then give you more specific details with quotes from the law and case precedence.

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Updated: January 30, 2020

Delaware Knife Law

This article will tell you what Delaware’s knife laws are in everyday English. It will also go into details about the law. Knife laws change from state to state and even city to city so make sure you talk to a local attorney.

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Updated: November 10, 2019

Georgia Knife Laws

eorgia knife laws were rewritten in 2012 and, because of that, older articles on the internet are out of date. The new law is much simpler but that does not mean it is not confusing. This article will give you an understanding of the law in plain English.

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Updated: August 20, 2020

Idaho Knife Law

In this article, we will give you a brief of what the Idaho knife laws say- in everyday English. We will also give you the exact quotes from the law as well as explanations of what it all means to you, as a knife owner and carrier. This article also cites cases that have helped to shape Idaho knife law.

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Updated: December 21, 2020

New York City (NYC) Knife Laws

ew York is a city dubbed as one of the least friendly cities toward knife possession. A knife is viewed as essential as much as it is viewed as potentially dangerous to people, hence the strict knife laws of the city. At present, the knife laws in the city are governed by the New York City Administrative Code.