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Florida Knife Laws Explained

florida knife lawsFlorida statutes can be tough to navigate if you’re not sure where to look. Don’t worry, we did all the hard work for you. Below is what Florida law says about knives in everyday English. It includes excerpts from the law as well as case decisions.

What is Legal to Own

  • Balisong knives are legal.
  • Belt knives, cane knives, and other disguised knives are legal.
  • Bowie knives and other large knives are legal.
  • Throwing stars and throwing knives are legal.
  • Undetectable knives (knives that will not set off metal detectors) are legal.
  • Ballistic knives are illegal.

The law does not limit individuals from owning, selling, or buying any knife except for ballistic knives.

Limits on Carry

  • You can open carry any knife.
  • Box cutters, multi-tools, and other work knives are legal to carry concealed.
  • In most cases, conceal carry of a common pocket knife with a blade of less than 4 inches is legal.
  • Concealed carry of nearly any knife is not allowed without a permit if the blade is over 4″ in length.
  • Anything outside of this has not been expressly banned or allowed.

What the Law Says

§ 790.06 (2018) License to carry concealed weapon or firearm.

(1) The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is authorized to issue licenses to carry concealed weapons or concealed firearms to persons qualified as provided in this section. Each such license must bear a color photograph of the licensee. For the purposes of this section, concealed weapons or concealed firearms are defined as a handgun, electronic weapon or device, tear gas gun, knife, or billie …

It is a crime to carry a concealed weapon without a permit. Concealed weapon means any deadly weapon that is outside of sight of others. Courts have found that deadly weapons are weapons that can cause death or grave bodily harm. So, what kinds of knives count as deadly weapons? What is a “common pocket knife? Well, the law doesn’t say so it is up to the courts to determine.

The case of Porter vs. State in 2001 found that a pocket knife is a “common pocket knife” only if the blade is less than 4 inches in length and the knife is in the closed position. Police found Porter with a 4-inch folder knife in the open position in her purse. She was arrested for possession of a weapon by a convicted felon and found guilty. She appealed stating that the knife is a common pocket knife but the appellate court turned down her appeal. This means that, if a pocket knife is over 4 inches and in the open position, it is a weapon and excluded from being a “common pocket knife.”

However, if the pocket knife has too many features, it might not be a “common pocket knife.” The case of F.R. vs State in 2012 found that 3-inch pocket knife with serrations, a notched grip, hilt guard, and locking mechanism does not count as a “common pocket knife.” If his knife did not have serrations, a notched grip, hilt guard, and locking mechanism, it might have been a “common pocket knife.”

If the knife was designed for utility and not harm, it is not a deadly weapon. In the case of Holley v. State in 2004, it was found that a box cutter or razor knife does not qualify as a deadly weapon because it was designed for utility, not bodily harm.

In addition to the physical characteristics of the knife, the courts also decided that how the knife was used and handled needs to be taken into account as well. In the case of Mims v. State, Mims was found guilty of carrying a concealed weapon for having a pocket knife in his pocket during a robbery.

These cases still do not present that clear of a picture of what type of knife is a weapon and the case of Bell vs. State in 1996 found that it is up to the jury to decide if a knife is a deadly weapon given the definition of a deadly weapon, the knife, and how the knife was used into consideration. Judges cannot make the decision.

The case of Hardy vs. State in 1992 found that a knife inside of a vehicle is not concealed if the knife and sheath are visible from the outside. Having a knife in the vehicle usually counts as having a concealed weapon but, if it is visible through the windows, it is not concealed.

What does this all mean? It means that you should stick to a plain 4-inch pocket knife, multi-tool, or box cutter. Any other type of knife can be illegal.

Ballistic Knife Ban

Fla. Stat. § 790.225 (2012)

§ 790.225.  Ballistic self-propelled knives; unlawful to manufacture, sell, or possess; forfeiture; penalty

(1) It is unlawful for any person to manufacture, display, sell, own, possess, or use a ballistic self-propelled knife which is a device that propels a knifelike blade as a projectile and which physically separates the blade from the device by means of a coil spring, elastic material, or compressed gas. A ballistic self-propelled knife is declared to be a dangerous or deadly weapon and a contraband item. It shall be subject to seizure and shall be disposed of as provided in s. 790.08(1) and (6).

Ballistic knives are also illegal under federal law so it is best to stay away from them.

Conclusion on Florida Knife Laws

For the most part, Florida knife laws are easy. You can own any knife as long as it is not a ballistic knife and, if you keep your knives at home, you should be fine. You can also open carry any knife you want. You can conceal carry a knife that is considered a dangerous weapon if you have a permit to do so (see state statute F.S.A. § 790.06).Typically, you can carry concealed or open, any pocket knife with a blade under 4″ as long as your intent is not obviously malicious.   Conceal carry of most any type of knife may or may not be considered carrying a concealed weapon so watch out.

There are also local laws outside of this so look up the laws in your city as well.  Most cities in Florida have clearer guidelines on what is legal and illegal than the state law.

If you have a question, post it below. Note that this is not legal advice and I am not an attorney.  Talk to an attorney if you are looking for legal advice.

For more information on Florida’s knife laws, please consider a more in-depth resource like this:

FLORIDA FIREARMS Law, Use & Ownership 9th edition Dec 2018

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  1. I am so stoked. I came across all this stuff saying that a “concealed weapons permit” was just a concealed *firearms” permit and didn’t allow knives. This must have been some crappy legislation elsewhere — F.S.A. § 790.06 says weapons or firearms and so does my liscence! I believed that crap I saw elsewhere for months and stopped looking at good conceal knives. Ha! I feel like like the mandala effect is real because I was reading all this law about only firearms, and an attorney explaining how you can’t get a conceal weapons permit for anything but guns… must ave been another state!

  2. This article omits one very important legal factor, county and municipal ordinances. Many counties and municipalities have their own ordinances which restrict the public carry and possession of knives, both openly and concealed. And, as no 2nd Amendment lawsuits have ever been filed, with regard to ownership, possession or public carry of knives in Florida, these laws and ordinances are still on the books. So, while carrying that bowie knife on your belt might be legal in Bay County Florida, it might well be illegal to carry or possess in public, in Miami-Dade county. Some day the 2nd Amendment wienies will wake up to the fact that the 2nd Amendment is not limited to firearms and actually address the unconstitutionality of limiting ownership, ;possession and carry of knives and other weapons.

    1. idk but i thought the 2nd amendment weinies actually got the floridian politicians to get state law preemption of any local firearm ordinances that disagree with state law. that would also apply to knives and other weapons.
      granted, some idiotic judge is trying to knock the law down, it could be better defined, but at least something’s getting done.

    2. State uniform firearm law supercedes all county or municipal laws. No municipality can have a law more restrictive than state law in Florida. It may have changed but I don’t think so.

  3. I am 16 and want a karambit. I have carried a small folding pocket knife with a blade of roughly 3.5 inches for the past 3 years on bike rides and such, but I want an upgrade. To anyone that knows schrade (more particularly the Schrade SCH112) will know that it definitely doesnt fall under these guidlines in size. So my question is, does the fact that I am a minor affect my parameters, and how would I have to carry it since it is a fixed, double sided karambit and is 5.2 inches? I know it isn’t precieved as a necessarily “realistic edc” but I want to and my parents are fine with it, but how would I need to carry it, and if I ever was unfortunate enough to need to use it, would I be in the legal right to use it against someone that has a gun for example? (I know you shouldnt attempt to fight a gun with a knife, but for example if I was in the right for using lethal force, would a knife blade of that length be legal to use in my possession?

  4. It could be argued that a switch blade, in a closed position, is in fact NOT a knife until it is opened. It could also be argued that a person with one arm should not and could not be held by the same rules as it usually takes two hands to open a knife.
    “Definition of knife. (Entry 1 of 2) 1a : a cutting instrument consisting of a sharp blade fastened to a handle. b : a weapon or tool resembling a knife. 2 : a sharp cutting blade or tool in a machine.”

    A switchblade is NOT a knife, until it is open and a blade is then present.

    1. That’s just dumb. So is a car not a car when it’s inside the garage? Is my gun not a gun when it’s inside my safe?

    2. So is a ballistic knife an OTF, a flipper assisted? Layman’s terms would help.

  5. I have 3 throwing knives that are in a pouch the handle is 3 1/2 inches, and the blade is 3 3/8 inches would I need a license to carry them, or do I not need to worry about it? I’m 20 years old and don’t really trust anyone that well, since I just moved to Florida.

    1. Sorry that you do not trust anyone since moving to Florida, but if you are actually confronted by a bad guy, it may not serve your best interest in pulling a throwing knife to defend yourself. The old adage ‘Never bring a knife to a gunfight’ comes to mind.

  6. The clearwater florida. library said I can not wear the knife I was wearing on my belt a few question. 1. no signs anywhere in the library claiming this. The date is sept. 24 of 2019 that it was an issue. 2. I have always worn a knife prior to this point in the library on an almost daily basis for 7 years. 3. My shirt partially hangs over the knife but yet the security guard said something because he saw it, so I am guessing this may become illegal. 3. The library is a “public place” and Florida has never considered this question before. I am considering a declaratory relief so I do not get arrested at the federal level. it is on its face a second amendment violation.

    1. Institutions, businesses and other buildings open to the public may instill their own rules of carrying what they deem ‘weapons’ on or in their premises. In your case, the security guard may have taken the liberty of expressing his own personal concern over your belted knife and may not be the house rules of the library. Since most public institutions are now very wary of active shooters, the rules have changed whether written or assumed.

    2. Putting your shirt over top of knife is concealing

  7. can a convicted felon open carry a karambit knife in the state of Florida?

    1. Did you ever get an answer lol I came here to see if I could carry my karambit also

  8. I have a walking stick that has a spike in it, not a sword. No edges at all, just a pointed end. Is this legal to carry in Florida without a concealed carry permit ?? It does not seem to fit the Florida definition of a ” sword cane “. Or the dictionary definition of a sword.

  9. Hey, I’m going to be in Pensacola, Florida for a few years and have two knives that I designed for defense. Both are modern Japanese tanto designs but the first has a 7 inch blade and 4.5 inch handle, and the second has a 3 inch blade and 4 inch handle. Does this mean I can open carry both and conceal carry the smaller one? Both are fixed blades and have a sheath.

    The Impaler

    1. Open carry the first and conceal carry the second in accordance with the statue, BUT your intent can com into question. Meaning what is your reason for carrying the knives. Laws can be funny when you get stopped or in court.

    2. Yes. That is correct. You can open carry pretty much anything. To carry concealed it should be under a 4″ blade. The law does not specify other than “common pocket knife”, which is generally regarded as anything under 4″. My buddy in the Escambia police department said as long as you aren’t committing an crime with the knife and don’t have a long rap sheet you are ok.

  10. Hi. I am going to Panama Florida for vacation. I want to wade and swim close to shore. I have the small version Kbar fixed on a neoprene dive knife rig that goes on the lower leg. My question is: if I only carry the dive rig when wading or shallow water swimming, will that conform to the open carry in appropriate situations?? Everything in the ocean has TEETH ir a STINGER or STINGERS. The mini Kbar is just for peace of mind. Thanks

    1. Just looking at the law, it says “You can open carry any knife.” A knife in a sheath on your leg is open carry, and for the purposes you describe it should be fine. Necessary caveat: I am not a lawyer or LEO, just someone who’s studying these laws for my own edification.

  11. I’m a 17 y/o living in Tennessee. Can I openly carry a 5 in. blade on my person?

    1. Going to Orlando Fl in a week, staying for 14 days. A regular folder with a 3.5-4″ blade is legal to carry in your pocket?

  12. So can I carry my bowie with a 7ish inch blade in the sheath, on my belt out in public?…

    1. Can I carry open or conceal a 3.25 inch push dagger in Florida ?

  13. I have a few Japanese Sushi Knives. They are very long, and very sharp. They are placed in wooden SAYA cases for protection. Can I transport them in my car to my friend’s house if I were to prepare a sushi meal at their location, without fear of getting arrested?

    1. Officially I can’t tell you any advice, but unofficially, I’d go for it (you can hide the knife and be sure it’s in a case if it will make you feel better). In this case, INTENT is important, and it would appear that your intent to prepare sushi is not evil!

    2. Just drive sensibly, and you have no worry of even getting pulled over.

  14. So if i have a Bowie knife for hunting can i still have it on my person since im using it for a utility?

    I’m from Jacksonville Florida.

  15. I recently bought a neck knife. It’s a fixed handle with about a 2.5 inch blade and a squirrel tail tang that fits around my finger. It fits snugly into a leather sheath to be worn around the neck and all but the edge of the curled tang is visible. I bought it for walking alone at night (I’m a 20 year old female) and was planning on just keeping it in my purse and wear it around my neck if I had to walk to my car at night. Does this count as a pocket knife? And can I legally walk with it around my neck outside my shirt in public without a permit?

    1. *all but the curled edge of the tang is concealed
      Sorry about that

    2. I carry my Kershaw neck knife every day in open view and have never been questioned about it. I have stopped and talked with police officers and they never even gave it a second look. I do take it off when entering school property, the bank, the library, the courthouse or any place that forbids it or may cause alarm among the public.

  16. Can i carry an OTF knife in my pocket if the blade is under 4 inches?

  17. If I have a knife sheathed, but strapped along the back side of my belt, horizontally, but with my shirt covering it, is it concealed carry? I mean, it could take a breeaze to blow my shirt a bit and see there’s a knife sheathed.

    It’s also a 4.5 inch blade.

    1. Personally, I would say that is concealed. I have a CCL, an carry a sidearm at the 5 0clock position wtih a gerber prodigy riding scout style on my back 6 oclock position, an where a very loose light wieght button up fishing shirt untucked an unbuttoned and am fully legal with concealed carry license

  18. Can I carry my 12 in ka Bar in a car in Florida?, I am a minor and I know I can open carry it in a sheath but being in a car, i dont know what qualifies as being concealed

    1. This article says that if it is visible through a window it is not considered concealed carry, and therefore safe. I have always kept knives in my center console but as i dont have a permit i will no longer be doing this until i am of age to obtain one. Just to be sure, i would recommend the same for you.

      I’m only 18 myself and have no info on the subject besides this article so take what i say as you will.

    2. Is it illegal to conceal carry a sheathed hatchet in the state of Florida?

    3. You should be completely fine cuz I do it all the time on my hip. As long as it is in its sheath and buckled there shouldn’t be a problem

    4. I have a Tom brown tracker and I’m going to Panama city beach, can I wear this horizontally on my belt if my shirt is not covering it?

    1. You’d be totally in the clear with a CC. Not sure, but I think you MIGHT be good to go even without a CC. The laws that mention sword canes (FL statute 790.10 & 790.115) talk about reckless use and careless display of sword canes (brandishing it menacingly or carelessly while NOT engaging in the act of self defense) or having them at a school or school sponsored event, so it appears that a sword cane is permitted as long as it isn’t being used irresponsibly. HOWEVER, 790.001 defines a concealed weapon as any weapon that is concealed from normal sight of another person. Technically that could apply to a sword cane since the sword may be considered “concealed” within the cane rather than properly sheathed within it. The reverse is also true because Florida law allows open carry on all knives and you are openly carrying it within its proper sheath, without attempt at concealment AND sword canes are totally legal to own. YMMV. It really depends on if the cop/judge/jury is a jerk/lib-tard/snowflake. Get a CC and be done with the worry!

    2. You can carry any concealed blade with your permit, and open carry one even without a permit, so I would say that yes, a cane sword is fine, because if it is considered open carry, you’re fine, and if it’s considered concealed, your permit allows such.

  19. We have at least one coyote on our condo’s community property. It has been sighted Several times and photographed, so there is no question it’s been here several months. We have a 9lb dog we walk three times a day, including early AM and PM, when coyotes tend to look for food. We’re extremely fearful our dog could be attacked, as such attacks are increasing and dogs even on leash are being killed or torn away from the owner. We bought a machete and have been carrying it unsheathed and in plain view of the world. The only intended use is on a coyote that makes or attempts to make contact with our dog.

    One of our neighbors reported us to animal control and to the manager of our homeowners’ association. Animal control told them to notify the local police. Our association manager assumes we will be contacted by the police. We are on excellent terms with all our neighbors and whenever anyone has seen us with machete in hand, we have explained why.

    From everything I’ve read above, and my own reading of the law, we are committing no offense. Do you agree?

    1. Hi Zerrielle (cool name!);
      Technically, it appears you are in the good. However, anyone who ever carries a machete in any state will undoubtedly eventually (if not immediately) get some resistance if they carry it in such a way that the public sees it. I doubt you’ll get charged, but you’ll continue to have problems (if only a nasty stare) if you continue to carry it. As a friendly suggestion, I’d suggest doing any one of the following instead:

      1 – carry a common pocket knife (like a Spyderco or Ontario Knife Co. folder with a 4-inch blade concealed). It’ll do a heck of a lot of damage to a coyote!

      2 – carry a small canister of either pepper spray or bear spray which will DEFINITELY stop a wild coyote attack but it won’t cause carnage, physical contact, lots of physical effort, danger to the user, or resistance from nosy neighbors or the public.

      Those are just my thoughts!

    2. Definitely cool name. Anyhow, I seriously recommend that you get a concealed carry permit, and carry a handgun to defend your dog with. This will also help you stay clear from the dangerous and possibly rabid coyote you may encounter, allowing you to shoot it from a distance. If this is not an option, you should buy a powerful BB or pellet gun, perhaps a smaller concealable PCP powered one which can kill a coyote, or even a decent CO2 pellet pistol of at least 400 FPS which will likely injure and at least deter the wild animal. Or just go Neanderthal and carry some rocks. But I know, that’s not as exciting as open-carrying a machete 🙂

    3. I would carry the machete on your side in a sheath. If you spot the cayote you can take it out. But I wouldn’t carry a machete in in my hand in plain site. No cop is going to have a problem with you carrying a machete in a sheath on your belt. Your neighbors can go fly a kite. I live in Panama City, Florida and opted to have my own property where I can do whatever I want as long as I am not harming anyone without having a HOA looking over my shoulder. A neighbor reported you to animal control and the HOA. Nice neighbor. I guess animal control because he thinks cayotes are protected by law. Or maybe he thought you were taking your dog out for execution.

  20. Multi-part question:

    – Would a 2.5 inch push dagger be legal in FL?
    – If a concealed carry permit for a firearm covers concealed knives, does this apply to Alabama permits – AL & FL have reciprocity with each other
    – Would a 4.1 inch folding knife with fully serrated blade be legal if concealed, with AL concealed carry permit?

  21. I teach realtors firearm safety. I want to provide them with as much information as possible on what they can carry to protect themselves when doing these very dangerous jobs where they meet strangers at vacant properties. What would be the law on carrying this type of knife, which looks like a writing pen.

    1. Technically, you could probably get away with it, but there’s always a gray area that any officer needs to assess and make a judgment call. If you look and act harmless enough and you’re not near a school or public building, etc. then you should be fine. Even though it may not be illegal in the books, there is a chance you’ll get hassled with an automatic knife, and the knife may be confiscated though you may not be charged. There are a slew of various scenarios that could unfold with an auto knife. I’d stick with a manual flipper with a bias to close (detent) and just carry it with the clip visible in my pocket. That’s about the safest situation where you won’t be freaking out wondering if the cops will make a scene with you and steal your $100 knife!

    2. From what I just read….and my understanding take on this:
      1: blade has to be plain edged under 4″
      2: it doesn’t state type of knife manual, assist opening, auto, or fixed blade. Just cant be left open. Which brings to question on fixed blade.
      3: depending on what it is used for what can change it from being a tool or weapon. Ect, opened to open a box, a knife is a tool. If drawn in defense or in offense it is now a weapon.
      4: has to be in plain sight….not hidden from sight.
      This is my take on this law… not a lawyer or LEO

  22. What about a trench knife? I know brass knuckles are illegal in Florida but what if they are attached to a knife?

    1. Hey Pat;
      From what I understand, metal knuckles are illegal in most states, but when they’re attached to a knife it only makes the situation worse, not better. That means that in any state where metal knuckles are illegal, a trench knife would be even more illegal! (you know what I mean!).

  23. I have a fixed blade knife with a blade length of 2.6″. It’s not ballistic and I bought it primarily for personal security while out in public. Am I allowed to conceal carry this without a permit?

    1. Doubtful. If it’s a fixed blade then it doesn’t fall into the “common pocket knife” category. Open carry it all day long, just don’t stick it in your pocket! As with just about ANYTHING, it’s best to stick with what’s “tried and true” otherwise you may end up in court having to defend your right to carry a knife to protect yourself. Florida is a “must issue” state for concealed carry, so why not just put in the application and not have to worry about it? This opens up a door for many conceal-carry possibilities.

    1. Yes. Prior to 2004, it was a grey area, but it was clarified and automatic knives are legal to carry in Florida.

  24. If i am reading correctly, it seems that if i have a concealed weapons permit there is no limit on size of knife as long as it is not a ballistic knife? In your non-attorney opinion…

    1. Hey Eric;
      It would appear that you’re correct. However, I would add this: if you have to ask this question, you may need further “official” advice since individual police officers have some discretion to be lenient or to pursue charges depending on how they interpret your intent while you carry your Samurai sword or other crazy weapon (even with a permit).

    2. Looks like it to me, if you have a gun permit, then treat it like a gun… but not sure if that applies to swords and axes. But 12″ Bowie should be safe I’m guessing?

  25. I just bought a Stilleto button activated switch blade, can I carry it in my pocket?

    1. Hey Levi;
      In theory, YES. However, police officers do have the ability to question you and even confiscate the knife and even arrest you if they have any reason to believe you’re not totally harmless. If you’re carrying at a local or state fair with lots of people and kids, you may be questioned/confronted on that regardless of what the law says. I’d carefullychoose my timing and locations to carry any knife that looks like it can kill someone fairly easily! That’s my two cents!

  26. Hi, I have a question regarding a sword. I have a replica broadsword that is 47″ in length. It is an unsharpened replica that I intend to use as a part of a Halloween knight costume. Can I open carry this sword to various venues in town (costume contests) or will it get confiscated by the police?

    1. Swords are sometimes a gray area with regards to Police. I know in several states where there are sword conventions like medieval festivals, Police will make sure swords outside the gate of the convention are packaged properly and bound in such a way that they can’t be easily drawn and used, etc. and then the swords must be transported to a secure location (ie. your home) immediately. My best advice would be to try to get a plastic replica if at all possible so you can actually enjoy yourself instead of looking over your shoulder for a cop!

  27. What is the definition of “concealed”? Is this like in a pocket where you cant see it, a shirt over a belt knife or neck knife, or like a boot knife?

    1. Hey Danielle;
      Because I’m not a lawyer, I’m not allowed to give you any “official” advice (only a lawyer in Florida can tell you for sure), but my thoughts are this; The statutes on each state’s website doesn’t really define the term concealed. Realistically, it would mean “not visible to bystanders if they look right at you”, or something like that. The idea is that if you can walk into a bar and no one knows you have a weapon, then it’s concealed, and you could sneak up on someone and jab ’em. If, on the other hand, everyone sees that big steel hanging from your belt, then it’s not concealed, and others can take appropriate action to either leave or defend themselves. That’s the only reason I can see for any knife carry law that says “carry any huge weapon you want as long as everyone can see it, but don’t you dare try to hide a little jackknife in your pocket!” That’s basically what all 50 states are saying in all their knife carry laws. That’s my opinion!
      Thanks for asking,

  28. What about a knife in a fishing tackle box?

    What do they consider a sword. It is not relay a knife but it is over 4 inches…..Plus, hard to conceal unless it is in a car.

    1. Whether or not you’ll get in trouble for carrying any knife has a lot to do with the officer. The context in which you’re carrying will be important. If you’re in a fishing boat casting in the weeds or even traveling with your boat, you’ll never get in trouble for having a fillet or pocket or hunting knife in your tackle box, but if you get a nasty officer looking to pick a fight, you never know – lots of gray areas unfortunately.

  29. I have 4 1/2 inch fixed blade knife with a cover and i am 17 . I carry it with me non concealed but my shirt covers most of the cover, but it is still visible. Is this still legal or should i tuck my shirt behind the knife?

    1. If it’s just a shirt then yes, you’re 100% fine. But since you’re under the age of 18 I don’t suggest having a fixed blade at that length only because some counties (I.e. Pasco and Hernando where I live) might get you into a bit of trouble if you don’t have a good reason to have it. At 17 I’d carry a simple cheap folder for work and such. Also check for “additional features” such as serrations or a heavy metal grip, that would be considered a minor with a deadly weapon. Hope this helps!

  30. I keep a folding work-knife in the side pocket of my truck (for a few months I had actually forgotten I had it in the other pocket until I was looking for something else… now I’m keeping it for ‘just in case’/emergencies/to open packets when I’m at lunch /etc )

    I can’t quite remember the length… can’t be more than four inches if that.

    In the photo it’s the top one on the stand above the rainbow/dragon knife.

    1. is it considered concealed where it is / if it were in the console or glove box?


    2. Is it a good idea to tell an officer **if** I were to be stopped for any reason that I am a collector and there is one in the pocket or better to fain innocence were it to come to that?

    Thank you.

    1. Hey Lizz;
      As per usual, I’m not allowed to give you “official” advice on this (ultimately you can get answers from a legal professional in Florida), but I can tell you that details concerning what is a “pocket knife” are a bit vague. If your knife falls into that category (I guess according to the officer who may pull you over), then you’re better off. If your knife fits the description of a more aggressive “combat style” blade, you could be in more trouble. I’m not even sure you’d get a straight answer if you went to the police station and showed them the knife and asked those exact questions! I wish I could help more, but those are just my 2 cents.

    1. Hey Sean;
      Officially I can’t give you info since I’m not a lawyer, and so your only actionable info should come from a legal professional in the state of Florida. Having said that, it looks like any knife is legal if open carried (I guess so people can see you’re armed and can prepare themselves accordingly – whatever that might be!). However, as with all states, a police officer can question you and take further action if he has any concerns about public safety. Carrying a military knife with a 7-inch blade might just bring you that kind of attention! That’s my 2 cents.

  31. i am 17 and have this knife –
    it comes with a pouch that attaches to a belt .can i have the pouch on my belt and carry the knife with me when i go out .i have it for self protection and emergencies . i am home schooled so school is not included in going out.if it matters im in gainesville florida.
    by going out i mean going in the woods and down dirt roads for photos of my truck and going up to the store .also just driving around.

    1. Hey Shaun;
      Thanks for the question. Although I’m not a lawyer and ultimately, you can only get official counsel from a lawyer in Florida, my thoughts are this: If you’re under 18, I’d be very careful. If you don’t mingle in public, you should be okay, but officially you should not carry any type of knife. If you must, I’d stick to a knife with a 3 inch or shorter blade and not a tactical (aggressive, black, serrated, etc.) knife. Get a folding pocket knife that looks as harmless as possible, and stay away from public areas. AND, don’t conceal.
      You can also read Frank’s comment below!
      Take care bro! My kids are homeschooled too!

  32. First of to all the 15 and 16 year old guys on here, my advice is that you just keep your knives at home if in doubt. Also consider that if all you really want is to have a knife in case of an emergency like someone is tangled in some rope or their face is wrapped in plastic, or you need to cut a seat belt or similar situation, then consider getting a small pocket knife or neck knife with a short blade under 3 inches, maybe even 2″ or less.
    The less tactical and threatening the knife, the less people will care and it’ll be less noticeable yet not illegal just residing in a pocket.

    I know it sucks that some people can wear or carry Gerber LMF 2’s or SOG SEAL’s or even a common machete and whatever folders they want inside their pockets or clipped on the hem or on their belts. It’s always hard to accept these contradictions as to what can be sold, what citizens can purchase, but only keep at home or train with at a martial arts club, dojo, self defense studio, or use in competition.

    I own a variety of blades yet all I ever carry is a compact Gerber Scout and my Kershaw Shuffle or maybe one of several Schrades. I do have a CRKT Hammond, but it’s a large folder and I have yet to carry it, but I do plan to create a couple of EDC bags and “bug out bags” into which I could certainly use and pack some of my folders and fixed blades, but the question plagues me if being low key will make it cool with local cops or if they see that as carrying concealed weapons.

    Pardon me for typing so much, but this brings up another point. If we knife carrying citizens keep our knives under cover so as not to look “armed” or to elicit concern and to go about our business as gentlemen not looking for trouble or to create fear then should our actions be seen as non-threatening and thus legal? If I attach a knife to my belt, wear around my neck, or attach on the outside of a bag then it’s obvious I am not intending to cover and conceal thus hiding it from anyone including law enforcement. Yet one stupid pansy crusader can act like a sissy and be a little snitch and create trouble. And then what happens to one of us depends on the police who either understand what we are doing or might run us in to demonstrate to the “snitching coward” that the situation was handled.

  33. “You can conceal carry a knife that is not considered a dangerous weapon if you have a permit to do so.”

    Should this read “…knife that IS considered….” ?

    A concealed weapon permit allows you to carry dangerous/deadly weapons unless otherwise specifically prohibited, such as ballistic knives, for example.

    1. Hey J;
      Thanks for checking us out! The answer to your question is NO, the statement is correct as written (though because of your question, we updated the answer to be a little more clear). If you get a permit, you can conceal carry nearly any knife that is not on the dangerous weapons list. Without a permit, you can still carry them, but they must be visible. You can, however, conceal carry anything in your private residence (as we understand it). Be sure to check with a Florida paralegal or lawyer to confirm anything you read on our site – even though we do our very best to be current and accurate. We’re still humans here at knifeup and we’ve been known to make mistakes!

  34. I am 16. I want to conceal carry a fixed Gerber knife with a 4 inch blade. The blade does not fold. Can a minor legally carry this knife in Florida?

    1. Hey Matt;
      From what I can tell, it looks like nearly any knife is not allowed to be concealed. The exception is if you have a permit, but you’d have to research the details on this.

  35. Schools have separate rules; students have no right to carry weapons. Teachers with guns are controversial enough.

  36. Hi I’m a 15 year old with a rather wide ranged collection of weaponry and I am interested in buying a karambit, I live in Florida of course but am not sure if I myself am allowed to purchase one. Help?

    1. I carry a folding karambit and I am 16. The law says if it folds in the handle then you can carry it

  37. Question : I live in Florida & I carry a common pocket knife to school because I go to a very very violent school , & I have it for protection when I walk home , if I get found with it on School Campus Will I be charged ?? Or can I just tell the cop lady at my school it’s under 4 inches (which it is) & she would let it go or will I be charged for bringing it on school campus?? Thanks ????????

    1. You WILL get in very much trouble for bringing any sort of knife to school. Although there are laws in Florida that let you carry a knife. the Student Code of Conduct found in every public school in Florida bans weapons of any type. It doesn’t matter how rough your school is.

    2. No no no no no, no matter what, its illegal to carry any type of knife or blade or weapon at any school

  38. As a teen, my mentally and physically abusive dad had me arrested after I couldn’t take the abuse anymore and charged him. The cop asked what was in my pocket. I had a 3 inch pocket knife that I used when I helped my dad around the house on the days he didn’t drink and was a decent guy. Cop told me he should also charge me for carrying a concealed weapon, but he “let it slide”. This being in 2000. Managed to get into the Air Force. Found out while deployed, us airmen couldn’t deploy having a pocket knife longer than 2 inches. We were supposed to have been protected by the Army. That didn’t work. Got service connected disabled, went to the Florida VA hospital, got stopped by security but allowed to pass because my multitool pliers I had from service was underneath 3 inches.

  39. I live in Pensacola I ride on eglin afb reservation on my Kawasaki enduro, not asking about military or base laws, but when I am on the way to eglin on public roads can I open carry making sure my shirt and jacket is behind the sheath fully exposing the knife. More exactly the sog seal team elite. It’s a big knife about size of kabar but more stabby looking. It’s in a kidex sheath the sheath is held by my belt. I go into the middle of nowhere solo, in banjo territory if ya get me, I’m covered in expensive gear, I would look like I have alot to lose, eglin has strict laws about guns on the reservation so I don’t even try to get into that, so I carry this knife strictly for protection, it looks serious even in the sheath, its plain as day on me, hoping folks that see me as prey think again, ive ran into people that had not a dollar to there name out there (bums) and im playing by the rules ill hang out anywhere i want and ill fight to the death before they get my gear that ive worked so hard to get.I am currently carrying this knife every ride. I’ve heard cops opinions on the matter and they say I’m fine but I need the facts.

  40. The “masters” (the Jewish masonic elite of power) want to put us to live with blacks (a violent race) and want to stole us the self defence right… while they live in their all Jewish neighbourhoods.
    Did you know, that here in eeuu the only group that have right to live isolated from other groups is the jews?

  41. You left out the most important part of F.S. Ch. 790.225.

    Switchblades are legal, exempted from the prohibition.

    (2) This section shall not apply to:
    (a) Any device from which a knifelike blade opens, where such blade remains physically integrated with the device when open.

    I’d say that was a pretty important omission.

  42. I am a nationally certified, state licenced emt and I’m also currently enrolled in a Fire Academy, due to the nature of my career field I often Cary a tactical type rescue knife on and off the job. It is assisted opening and has finger/thumb tabs, a window breaker, seat belt cutter and 3 1/2 inch blade. I usually keep it clipped in my pocket. Alot of the time my shirt will cover it if I’m off the job. Will I get into any sort of legal trouble for caring this and if so will explaining my situation to the officer help. Thanks

    1. I think this is covered in main post – just don’t conceal it.
      But in your line of work you’re in contact with LE all the time, just ask a few of them & get their opinion.

  43. I am a 15 year old male. I often ride my bike around town and to the grocery store, mall, restaurant, etc. I am considering getting a 3′ Karambit with a folding blade (for defensive and utility purposes, as I often ride down trails). I am also planning on getting a car soon which may increase the need for proper protection. If I carry this in public (closed and clipped onto the inside of my pocket, clip visible from outside of pocket) is it legal? Thanks!

    1. since it has a pocket clip that will show along with any part of the knife that is above the clip your perfectly fine, and if your ever stopped by an officer id stick with sayin its for utility uses. I carry several knives on me at all times and have even open carried a few in busy areas without being stopped.

  44. Maybe I missed it but what is the status of automatic knives? I Did not see them addressed above.

  45. Knife laws should have a premption clause like firearms. A hodgepodge of local laws can make anyone traveling with a blade in their pocket an instant criminal.

  46. May I carry a concealed trainer balisong around? A balisong trainer has absolutely no blade and I’m not sure if it even counts as a weapon. It can’t really hurt anyone and can basically be classified as a metal toy. Plz help I’m going on a vacation soon.

    1. Hey there. I’m still a bit confused on the law when it comes to open carry of a knife. Can I open carry (EDC) a fixed blade on my belt in a sheath. More specifically can I open carry while I am NOT going hunting or fishing?

  47. If you have a ccw permit is there any additional leeway or different restrictions towards the ability to carry a concealed knife in Florida? Such as size or fixed blade?

    1. I’d like an answer to this as well. I’ll keep reading and hope its answered somewhere.

  48. So… what can I literally just walk around with a knife say 7″ in hand or should it be in a sheath ? What if I have it in my bag not exactly easily accessible since I’d hafta take my bag off and look for it furthermore what about like swords or long blades and such ? Like the long blades used for cutting down bamboo or weeds and such, technically not meant for bodily harm bu not exactly utility use either so ? Like in all seriousness I’m asking I’m planning on moving there but not really in the mood to just throw out all my knives and blades and such. Also it didn’t really specify age requirements so can I just hand my 15 year old a tactical knife ? If not then what age and again, where would it be legal for me to carry it, i.e., in hand, halfway in shoe or boot, sheathed partway, pocket, bag, straps, belt, in pants, etc.?

    1. It should be in its sheath. If its in your hand and someone thinks you are upset, angry, threatening, etc. then you are in violation of Florida law, because of the perception of danger that you are creating.

    2. Ooh okay thanks yeah because I was wondering whether or not that was legal or if I would end up having to give up my blades or something

    3. As for giving your tactical knife to your son… if he his your son, or some legal variation on that theme, you should be ok. However, if he is not your son, and you are not the child’s guardian or something like that, then it is a violation, because of his age.

  49. what is the difference between concealed vs open?
    Does a folding knife in pocket with visible clip constitute concealed or open?

  50. I am a 13 year old considering buying a trainer balisong. it just has a rounded, dull , flat metal piece. am I allowed ti keep it at home?

    1. Trainer blades are essentially toys. They are not weapons because you cant cut or stab with one. They do count as imitation weapons, but laws do not really apply to them.

    2. imitation weapons get covered if used in a crime, and if someone would threaten another with it like a convenience store clerk they might get shot just like a realistic toy gun

    3. Balisong are legal in Florida. Your parents my have a different perspective on your having a balisong, even a training version. I do not think you are allowed to buy it. Your parent can give you one. If anyone else does, they violated the law.

  51. I am curious as to if I need a concealed weapons permit to carry brass knuckles, butterfly knives, switchblades and throwing stars in the state of Florida? I have visited many websites and have not found the information that solidifies my answer one way or the other. If there are any law-enforcement officers out there who know the answer, I would certainly appreciate any feedback you can provide.

    1. Brass knuckles – no
      butterfly knives (balisong) – yes
      switchblades – depends on the exact knife. I don’t know which you are thinking
      throwing stars – can not be carried concealed. I would limit them to your private property of martial arts training facility.

    2. Rick said “throwing stars – can not be carried concealed”, does that mean I can’t get them shipped to my house (as they would be concealed in a package) ? I am asking because I asked my friend in japan if she can ship throwing stars to me in FL. I want to make sure that I can get them by mail, and that it is all legal.
      Note: I am not interested in using them as weapons, I would like to have them just as a souvenir from Japan.
      Thank you

  52. You know; it’s a damn shame what I’M READING HERE. We have to snivel like dogs to see what the masters i.e., FEDERAL STATE AND MUNICIPAL DICKHEADS considers what’s okay or not. and then word it so they can do what ever suits their fancy. This is 100% bs. I enlisted in the army in 1970 to protect this kind of stinking, WORSE THAN COMMUNISM; government? I don’t think so.

    Carry what hell you need to for what ever reason to cut what ever? The questions will always remain the same; Is this legal is that legal today what about tomorrow what about next week. F. THAT! This whole country is operating; ILLEGAL and by liars and scumbags; and some STINKING SOB or fat slob is going to dictate what the hell I can carry? if the law makers e.g., little HITLER /MRers weren’t such scumbags they wouldn’t need to worry about who’s carrying what. They’re job it to administer the gd finances and keep the infrastructure from failing not end up as RAT BASTARD DICTATORS MAKING LAW and debt as their legacy. BESIDES; A 2″ box cutter BLADE CAN CARVE UP ANY size ass.

    What about the 2nd amendment? Since when does a municiple court dictate and override the gd constitution? You sheep; just keep asking. THE LORD AND MASSA WHAT YOUS IS ALLOWED TO DO. DA MASSA will decide to lets you chillin out to play or carry a knife gun or toothpick. As long as you act and beg like dogs you’re going to be treated like dogs. The thing is; the MASSA’s be thinking I is da dog too. ” NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN” IS ABSOLUTELY, GOD DAMN RIGHT!

    1. WELL SAID.Sheeple will always look to whoever is in charge,trusting that they have our ‘best interests’ at heart and would never lie to them.They will not listen to a word that I say they just smile and get that ‘you’re a tin foil hat wearer’ aren’t you?I just keep trying to pound it in their heads Hey sheeple LISTEN to what this guy is preaching he hit the nail on the head with that short comment.Check out some of the videos on youtube with a open mind if they are too far out ,don’t worry, watch something else.Waking up to this kind of truth takes time start small and just let the info sink in.Because most of the claims on alternative media,have the in your face proof for these claims and if not, watch something else.The trick is if it’s not for you DON’T say anything just leave and for God’s sake DON’T be a TROLL no one likes or thinks that it’s funny,unless it’s another troll and in that case you both go somewhere.That’s it I just wanted to say great comment I am with you 200% Keep trying to spread the truth and Peace Out!

    2. I could not of said it any better myself.

  53. I’m about to move to Florida in a few months and have 2 katana swords. I prefer them over owning a gun for protection. My question is this, what is Florida’s law over swords? Will I have to register them or something?

    1. Absolutely not. There is no law regarding swords in your home. You’re fine.

  54. I have a large buck knife. Am I able to care it on my waist inside a sheath. (the blade is larger than 4 inches) I didn’t know if the sheath made a difference or not

  55. I am a FL CCW permit holder, right now I have a survivor’s knife ( I think it has an around 10″ blade, serrated top and some accesories inside the handle, thread, needles, matches and things of such nature) in its sheath in the “storage” space of my car door. Is it legal for me to carry it that way? I never have it on my, it always stays inside my car….

  56. I’ve got an “American Patriot” pocket knife;
    I have two questions. First, Would it be considered illegal to carry it in Florida since it does have a few accessories?(locking mechanism and the two parts on the bottom of the handle)
    Second, It IS made in China but the metal >seems< pretty good. Is it cheap chinese crap or should I look for something better knife-wise?

    1. I would expect it would be considered a utility knife, if it was a square tip, instead of a pointed tip.
      If you are diving with it then it would not be concealed and not an issue.

  57. I have a Cold Steel Perfect Balance throwing knife with its own sheath. Is this considered a concealed weapon and can I be punished by law if I keep it under the passenger seat of my car in the event that I need to defend myself from someone trying to hijack my car, or if I keep it there if I need to break a window to rescue a pet or child from another person’s car? Can I carry it in my purse while it is in the sheath?

    1. In your car is fine. Florida has a “stand your ground” law. Look it up if you are not familiar. Basically it allows a person to defend one’s own life against threat or perceived threat. That law states that you do not have to retreat if faced with an imminent and immediate threat of serious bodily harm or death. But now if you break a car window to rescue someone’s dog or pet, that can be breaking the law, regardless if you think you are right. It’s still someone else’s property and they can charge you for breaking and entering a vehicle. Sounds stupid, but it can and has happened before.

    2. The more applicable law is the Castle doctrine… the car is an extension of your home.
      If you rescue someone or some pet, the way you describe, be prepared for some jail time… just in case.
      Your better course of action is 911 and seeking the owner. Blow your horn, have the store manager use their PA system, etc.

  58. So if you carry a knife under 4 inches without too many of the extra features and carrying it clipped on your pocket so they can see it be considered illegal?

    1. I am not a lawyer but my interpretation, for me, is that if they can see the belt/pocket clip, it is not concealed (as long as I do not try to cover it up). For me, I understand that to mean it is legal (assuming this website is accurate in its presentation of open carry. )
      Will each cop know that??? If you are in doubt, printout the relevant section of the law, from the state of Florida website, and put it in your wallet, and copy it as a document to your phone.

    1. is wen u crry all pces opn instd off clsd.

  59. can i open carry an ak-47 on my hip with a laucher,scope,bayonet,100 round mag, on full auto? pls hlp

    1. You can open carry any legal firearm without a license, but only if you are fishing, hunting or camping or going to or returning from any of these activities.

    2. No. Plus, it better have an ATF tax stamp regarding the full auto. Even if you do, hunting with full auto will get FWC on you like white on rice. Unless made before 1986, you won’t be able to get a tax stamp.

    3. no open carry of firearms in fl unless hunting or fishing and directly to and from and i would not make any stops and fed legal on auto

    4. Full autos are illegal anyways

  60. I was wondering about a 3inch butterfly or balisong knife. In the closed position is it legal to carry without a license to?

    1. only iff u tll peple u hass itt n u,, thk u hve 2 tll evrybdy u m33t.

  61. I own a mtech mx-8054 its a 6″ blade, I’m wondering if its legal to carry, but like put it in a bag or something.

  62. I usually have a knife I’ve measured to be 3.5 in. long with a seatbelt cutter and a glass breaking point on the end. When I’m in my car I have it in either the cup holder between the two front seats, in the hand grip on the door, or the area at the bottom where napkins or other small things can be kept for organizational purposes. I’m not positive that my methods are legal so where could/would I go to confirm or deny this?

    1. Hi I am a police officer and I just want to let you know that yes if your knife is in the cup holder you are fine. We as officers are able to see it through your window. But if you do get pulled over what you need to do is as soon as you roll down your window put both hands on your steering wheel and tell the officer you have a knife in the cup holder and ask him/her how they would like to proceed

    2. Does the common pocket knife law remain the same if it is an assisted opening knife?

    3. Officer Dunning, The article talks about concealed weapons (including knives) but does not make a
      distinction between Concealed Weapon Permit Holders and those who do not
      have a permit. Can you give clarification on what knives are legal for a concealed weapon permit holder to carry? Can you have anything other than a ballistic knife as long as it’s concealed, or does it have to be open carried? Any input would be appreciated. I’d rather not find out the answer to my question by way of being put in cuffs.

  63. Hi

    I am looking in to knives as a Collector and utility purpose.
    I only plan on using say a Laguna and or a Swiss Army outside of my house but
    for other knives such as Folders with Damascus blades and Auto I will keep at home.

    My question is: Is it ok to own a tactical knife such as a S&W and Also a stilleto style Swichblade?



  64. I would like to know the specifics for Kabar TDI knife. It is solid blade knife approx 2-3″ blade that is carried in a sheath mounted on your belt , hung around the neck or around the ankle.
    Still confused about the interpretation and the law.

    Thank you

  65. How does this impact people who wear a knife as part of a regalia, national costume, etc?
    For example.. I’m Scots, and, if I dress “full formal”, I wear a short, non- folding blade tucked in my sock. Traditionally, you put it there so it’s on display, as a courtesy… But I was told I needed a CC permit to wear it in a public park….

    1. The CC to wear in a public park is not accurate.
      790.10 Improper exhibition of dangerous weapons or firearms.—If
      any person having or carrying any dirk, sword, sword cane, firearm,
      electric weapon or device, or other weapon shall, in the presence of one
      or more persons, exhibit the same in a rude, careless, angry, or
      threatening manner, not in necessary self-defense, the person so
      offending shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree,
      punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.
      History.—s. 1, ch. 4532, 1897; GS 3272; RGS 5105; CGL 7207; s. 5, ch. 69-306; s. 743, ch. 71-136; s. 2, ch. 76-165; s. 174, ch. 91-224.

  66. Is it legal to carry a Bear Grylls Ultra Compact Fixed Blade Knife in a sheath around my neck.

  67. “Well if I ever go on vacation to Florida again I am going to make sure I get a letter from the local police Dept ok’ing the exact type of knife I will be carrying and the method or methods in which I will be carrying it.” – Jason

    That sounds like a great idea. I’ve asked a few cops what the law was regarding guns in the car, but I never thought about getting a statement in writing so I have proof of what was said. I didn’t know I could do that! I guess I should do that too.

  68. So you’ve stated you can open carry just about any knife. Does that mean I can carry a Karambit as long as the finger loop is visible, or it is clipped to my pants? What about if it it is clipped to my pants, but I happen to wear a long shirt that happens to cover the clip (as most shirts normally do that)?

    What about concealed carrying a folding karambit with wave-opener that has a blade length of 3″? The karambit was invented in Indonesia for utility, so even though it can be used as a weapon, it is a utility knife. In my opinion, it is the best knife available to work with.

    1. If your shirt covers it, then just like a firearm, it’s concealed. You would need a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit in that exact case.
      If you would like to get your permit, contact me thru my website

  69. You have some incorrect grammar you may want to fix:

    1. Section “What the Law Says,” Paragraph 3, it says “might of.” “Might of” doesn’t mean anything, it should say “might have.”

    2. 2nd paragraph right before “Balistic Knife Ban,” it says “if it is visible threw the windows.” “Threw” should be replaced with “through.”

  70. Can I open carry a 7 inch blade Ka-bar knife I’m a 10 year old worried about getting stabbedI live in tampa

    1. u shld plp mex tex can hlp cd row

  71. Can I open carry a 7 inch blade Ka-bar knife I’m a 10 year old worried about getting mugged I live in tampa

    1. You should rethink this, that knife will do you more harm than provide protection.

    2. True, in 21 feet a subject with deadly intent can cover that distance and stab an officer before the officer can draw and fire. Even with a shot or two that hit the subject, adrenaline and possibly drugs will maintain momentum and numb pain and you will still be stabbed. Unless The T spot of the face (brain stem) or spine, or heart is hit. We have no stab vests, the UK has stab vests since guns are banned., Ballistic projectile vests are meant to work on firearm rounds (pistol) and will not work on a knife. If the knife is already out, my weapon would be drawn as I exited and if any move in my direction was made, deadly force was would be used no question. An ASP (baton), or taser, are below the threat level. 21 feet without a weapon drawn and you will be stabbed unless unlikely back-up is around (many areas officers are alone, back is 10-20 min away). Serious, serious matter. keep them sheathed and visible over 4 inches in public unless defending or in the woods away from the public. If an officer asks you to drop or lay it down, do so. Please don’t cause difficulty and there will be problems. We all want to go home when it’s time, safe. Most officers would fear a drawn 5-7 inch knife than a pistol for numerous reasons. Getting back in the car ignition on and firing through the side window if any non-compliance or advance or “bumping” them with my car are options. Knives are SERIOUS. Krav Maga should be part of police training, disarming knives and using ASP’s (batons) in particular.

    3. Danny Crowe proved the 21 foot rule falls a little short, pun intended-
      (vs. Raylen Givens, Justified Season 5)

  72. When i go fishing and going to and back from my trip I open carry a buck knife 10″ in length and a knights arms Sr-15 E3 with 3 mags over my shoulder and ive had no problems you can legally open carry under the folowing conditions going fishing and back home, camping,hunting. Which you can open carry from knives,machetes,tomahawks,axes,rifles,shotguns,handguns.

  73. I’m 16 years old, is it illegal for me to carry a karambit that is in a sheath In plain view on my belt while I go fishing? Also is it legal for me to carry a butterfly knife sense its considered a folding knife & not a gravity knife. The blades are under 4inches with no hilt guard, notches, or serations.

  74. Why dont you idiots read the damn article???!!! All your queations are qnswered in there

  75. I got arrested a few nights ago and had a small knife in my purse, the blade is maybe two inches at most. They didn’t give it back, is that illegal to have? I was arrested for Dui.

  76. ‘Ka-Bar Original TDI Law Enforcement Serrated Knife’
    Is this One considered a Legal Carry Knife?

  77. Well if I ever go on vacation to Florida again I am going to make sure I get a letter from the local police Dept ok’ing the exact type of knife I will be carrying and the method or methods in which I will be carrying it.

    I have swam with my Glock 19 before and I would be carrying the to G19 concealed anyways BUT the reason I wanted to carry a knife wasn’t for self defense. I would want to carry the knife concealed preferably so as to not scare the morons. The Police don’t need their time wasted and I got better things to do then scare pansy liberals.

    1. Hi guys:

      I have an oddball question concerning automatic and switchblade knives.

      I was a paramedic, and Florida is criss-crossed with many canals and waterways.

      I (against policy) often carried a switchblade, as I need to hold someone’s face above water (in an overturned car in a canal), and used a switchblade because I could open it with one hand to cut seatbelts and tangled clothing. I also preferred a switchblade when I had to rappell, as I needed a one-hand opening knife to cut a rope that may have tangled my other arm or, possibly, my neck (unlikely, but possible)…..and do it in a hurry.

      Does someone with these job activities have more legal leeway when carrying switchblades for these reasons when on duty?

      I saved many lives with my cheap, flea market switchblade, but I had it on “the down-low”, as I would have been fired if I was caught with it.

      Does Florida recognize this nonweapon need of a switchblade?

  78. It looks like anti-self defence, anti-knife, lying, manipulative, scumbag politicians deliberately worded Florida’s law so that it will basically be up to the cop and the judge to decide what they arrest, charge, and convict you for.

    The laws should not be this complicated and grey.

    I’d like to carry a 4 inch Titanium Dive knife on me if I ever go on vacation to Marco Island Again. One of those would be downright useful. Looks like that may or may not be legal. Ill probably get convicted even if it is legal though!

    I wonder if having a carry permit would make the law less vague and grey.

    Freaking unconstitutional commies!!! Whoever wrote that law was a degenerate.

    1. Open carry it, in it’s sheath, not concealed.

      It makes for an active deterrent that way….
      Last time I was at Marco Island I didn’t see anything to be worried about…. but I also carry options… 🙂

  79. To Paul Burns who asked ” neighbor’s dog made a serious attempt to take my leg off when I went out for a 0500 walk here in Tallahassee, FL.”

    My opinion is you should get training, a carry permit, a Glock 19, and a good Inside the Wasteband holster. I love dogs but it sounds like that dog is dangerous and that its owner is trying to cover for it. I suggest if it seriously attacks you again and you have to defend yourself that you kill it.

  80. OK…I understand what you said but: If I do have a concealed weapons permit, I am allowed to carry an auto knife? I am a retired deputy but being a civilian confuses me now.

  81. “Under conclusion of Florida knife laws it is quotes as saying ‘ You can also open carry any knife you want’. REALLY??? I hardly think so,,,, if you look close at the Statutes of Florida, the State has a NO go on ANY ‘weapon’ in an open carry mode.”

    This does not prohibit knives:

    790.053(1: ”Except as otherwise provided by law and in subsection (2), it is unlawful for any person to openly carry on or about his or her person any firearm or electric weapon or device. It is not a violation of this section for a person licensed to carry a concealed firearm as provided in s. 790.06(1), and who is lawfully carrying a firearm in a concealed manner, to briefly and openly display the firearm to the ordinary sight of another person, unless the firearm is intentionally displayed in an angry or threatening manner, not in necessary self-defense.”

    “I was told (by LEO) NO to carrying a SMALL K Bar in a Kydex sheath on my belt (openly carried). Yet I got a GO on carrying Karambits in the pocket, knife clip exposed. Go figure.”

    Cops aren’t lawyers or judges. Sometimes they’re wrong. Sometimes they’re wrong even in situations where the law is very well defined in the statutes.

    “To search out better answers, I went imto three surrounding Counties and went to different LEO centers in each to ask,,,, I got 27 different interpertations. Point being,,,, what may seem ‘easy’ as stated above, is very confusing. Black & white would be much easier than ‘gray’. YMMV.”

    Let’s not define it any further. Right now almost anything is legal. You could literally walk down the street wearing a sword in its scabbard. As long as you use some common sense, you’ll be fine. Get ridiculous about it, and you’ll beat the rap but not the ride.

    Let’s say we start defining this. How long a knife can you carry? 6 inches? Then what about machetes? 18″? Then what happens when I’m working in my yard with a cane knife or a Kaiser blade? Doesn’t fit either definition and I go to prison.

    We’re better off in a situation where almost everything is legal to open carry.

    “And as for this mystical 4″ rule,,, can ANYBODY actually show me that in black & white print in the State of Florida Statutes?? I think not.”

    It’s not in the statutes, it’s established in case law. L. B. v. State, 700 So. 2d 370, 373

  82. I have a spring assisted pocket knife with a seatbelt cutter and glass breaker. It was intended to be used if i were to go off a bridge or have to pull someone out of a vehicle during a acident. The blade is 3.5 inches in total. 2.5 blade and 1in saw blade. I live in florida and i normaly carry on my belt thanks to a belt clip. Is this knife legal or illegal. I dont believe i did anything wrong.


    This is fine and all, but on another question of the same topic: Machetes and similar. I am from maine, going to be moving to Florida and we have no written law about not being able to carry a longer blade. I carry a machete with me when I go out walking for safety and as a potential tool. I am curious if Florida is the same as it sounds like it might be. However I would rather not think that, go walking around with my machete on my belt and get arrested for “seeming threatening” or some rubbish.

  84. Under conclusion of Florida knife laws it is quotes as saying ” You can also open carry any knife you want”. REALLY??? I hardly think so,,,, if you look close at the Statutes of Florida, the State has a NO go on ANY “weapon” in an open carry mode.

    Knives happen to be a real passion of mine, and Florida has done a POOR job of properly defining the “laws”. Much is left to personal interpetation, and that will include the LEO on the scene.

    I was told (by LEO) NO to carrying a SMALL K Bar in a Kydex sheath on my belt (openly carried). Yet I got a GO on carrying Karambits in the pocket, knife clip exposed. Go figure.

    To search out better answers, I went imto three surrounding Counties and went to different LEO centers in each to ask,,,, I got 27 different interpertations. Point being,,,, what may seem “easy” as stated above, is very confusing. Black & white would be much easier than “gray”. YMMV.

    And as for this mystical 4″ rule,,, can ANYBODY actually show me that in black & white print in the State of Florida Statutes?? I think not.

  85. Getting ready to hike thru Florida with a full framed back pack, is having a Bowie in the pack considered concealed carry? Any input would be appreciated.

  86. I have a rescue / divers knife attached to my canoeing life vest. I am planning a paddling trip in FL. Should I ditch the knife?

  87. Am I allowed to openly carry a 14 inch bowie knife on my belt if I am on my property ?

    1. Spring assist is legal.
      Full automatic is only legal if you are in law enforcement.

  88. Does Florida have a preemption law with knives? Can local communities and counties make more stringent regulations? I have read in places that people say Miami-Dade County has stricter knife laws, but I can not find them in print any where.

  89. I have a punch dagger and the blade is about 4 invhes. There is a lock you press on the bottom that can make it from a regular looking knife to the knife perpindicularly to the handle so you can hold it in your fist easily. It dosent close, it goes into a sheath. I put the sheat on the inside of my shorts so it cant be seen but you can still see the metal clip on the outside but my shirt usually covers it. Is this legal? If not what charges could i face for it?

  90. Can a belt loop fixed blade be partially covered by a jacket or vest?
    And what if your not from this state can you still carry a 4″ fixed blade in a sheath attached to your belt?

  91. I live in florida and im a felon. I was wondering if I could carry my 4″ gerber knife in my pocket?

    1. Check with your parole officer. I would expect that would be a violation.

  92. I live in a semirural area and do long walks with my dog every day. I always carry my Ka-Bar on my belt. Sometimes it’s in open carry mode and sometimes my shirt covers a portion of it. I’ve never had any problems with law enforcement or anyone else.

  93. I was wondering what are the legal knives you can have cause I’m a hunter and would like to know more about the state rules on hunting knives.

  94. Is it legal to carry a kbar in a sheath thats attached to my belt loop?

  95. Is a real filet knife legal to carry it on me and in my truck. I live in florida. Thanxs

  96. As easy as it is to get a concealed carry license in Florida, I don’t know why everyone does not have one. I am assuming, since it does not say otherwise, that just about any knife except a ballistic knife could be carried concealed with the license. However, I prefer my .45 GAP Glock 39!! That way there is no chance of showing up with a knife at a gun fight!!

  97. Can I legally have a Kabar (7″ fixed blade tactical) mounted in plain view on the upper fork of my motorcycle, in a sheath?

  98. I have never had any problem in FL with a 7″- 10″ bladed fillet knife, carried openly, or just tossed on the dash. These are cheap, very sharp, lightweight knives. There’s nowhere in the state that isn’t near water, and the police don’t seem to freak out upon seeing one. which they might do with combat/tactical fixed blade knives.
    I’ve been stopped with a machete laying in plain view in the passenger floorboard, which was ignored while they took my EDC “for our protection” and returned it unloaded!
    Both are usually considered ‘tools’, and not a concern to law enforcement.
    However be very careful about ‘threatening motions’!

  99. Is it legal to openly carry a belt knife or a big knife on your belt to ensure no one in your family gets hurt im 20 and live in tampa and scared to walk down my street

  100. Hi I’m 18 and I go walking around a lot, and living in Miami it isn’t the safest thing to do honestly. Sometimes I have to bus home really late too and it gets kind of scary. I’m always worried about some guy trying to draw a knife on me or something to mug me. I wanted to know that would it be illegal to conceal a like 3″ bladed dagger, with a sheathe in my pants pocket or something like this? It doesn’t fold so it doesn’t count as a pocket knife but at the same time it’s a small blade so I’m not sure. Thanks.

  101. do i need a licence to carry a knife in fla ( like to drive a car)

  102. I am 19 years old and currently own 2 knives, both of which have switches on them. Would they be classified as a “ballistic” due to the switch or are they illegal to carry in the state of Florida in general?

    1. it depends, if the blade launches out off the handle then it is a ballistic knife and fully illegal. but if the blade swings out to the side from the handle then it is an assisted opening or automatic knife. if the blade comes straight up out of the handle and is not a utility knife then it is a switchblade and can be considered illegal depending on where you are. im not really sure considering my buddy and I have walked right past police cars with the cops in them decked out with our survival gear like axes, hatchets, 6 inch fixed blades and like 2 folding knives in our pockets and like camo and everything and they didn’t so much as look at us sideways so really it depends on what you are doing and what the cop is like

  103. A neighbor’s dog made a serious attempt to take my leg off when I went out for a 0500 walk here in Tallahassee, FL. When the police arrived the dog was back in its fenced yard, and no one would answer the door. The police said that since they did not witness the attack, all they could do is attach a warning to the door, unless I want to make a formal complaint and be ready to go to court. The dog was vicious, and could do serious damage to someone. Any problem with me carrying a machete? Or an African tribal knife I have that is about 18″ long? Spear? I don’t have a concealed weapon permit so do not want to carry a gun.

    1. Assisted are legal. Full automatic are only legal for law enforcement. My thought is that if the clip is visible, then its not concealed. If its not concealed then its open carry. If the clip is covered by something, so you can’t see it, then its concealed and it better be compliant, or you’ll need a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit.

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