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The US Constitution follows a principal known as Federalism. For that reason, governmental powers within the US are split into three different levels: federal, state, and local. Each area of government can (and do) enact their own layer of knife laws. Therefore, one must be knowledgeable of federal, state, and local knife laws in the jurisdiction(s) he/she resides and travels within to be sure he/she is not breaking a law. KnifeUp is committed to providing reliable, accurate, thorough, and timely knife law information. Unlike other knife law sources online, KnifeUp’s articles contain citations to the law and cases as well as quotes from the legislature. In addition to that, KnifeUp’s articles are updated frequently. We try to keep up with the latest legislative rulings. We are also one of the only places online that feature municipal knife laws. If you are searching for knife laws for your area (or an areas you are traveling to or through), use the search feature below. Make sure to read the state’s knife laws as well as the municipal’s knife laws. Note that this is not legal advice, KnifeUp is not your attorney, and that you should talk to a real attorney for legal advice.