Alternative Camping Shelters : Floating, Rooftop, Inflatables!

hanging tent

There are an overwhelming number of camping tents on the market nowadays. They vary in weight, size, and shape to accommodate a variety of camping needs and something can fit nearly everyone’s wish list.  Typically, the lighter the tent, the more expensive it is.  Also, the more extreme the camping conditions, the more cash you’ll … Read more

The Best Throwing Knives

Best throwing knives

Are you looking for the best throwing knife around? Well, wait no more because we just reviewed 3 top-selling throwing knives and our findings will shock you. (Yes, you wouldn’t believe what dirt we uncovered). I know there are lots of choices out there for throwing knives and, with this guide, you’ll find your perfect throwing buddy no matter how tall, large, or old you are.

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Best Survival Knife

outdoor survival knife

If you are shopping for the best survival knife on the market, following these simple tips will help you find the best knife and save money. Survival knives range in price, quality, and effectiveness; therefore, getting the best knife truly matters. This KnifeUp guide will walk you through what you should look for in a survival knife as well as the top 10 best survival knives on the market.

Unlike other reviews online, this one features a mixture of first-hand reviews as well as aggregated reviews from across the web so that you get a fair idea of what the consensus on a knife is without much research. There is a lot of marketing and hype in the knife market and this article will help you slice through which survival knife is truly the best and which one is just shameless puffery. Finally, the article ends with a recommendation for general survival situations. Read on my friend!

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CRKT Ultima Review

However, in our attempt to help you maximize the efficiency of your research, we’ve gone ahead and researched a VERY good alternative and our best recommendation for a CRKT Ultima alternative. Introducing the Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Serrated Edge tactical knife.  It’s almost exactly the same size and length as the Ultima.  It’s also full … Read more

Balisong Knives Reviewed

Best Balisong knives

Are you looking for an awesome Balisong knife to flip? Look no further, we reviewed 3 top-selling Balisong knives and, guess what, price does not equal quality!

Balisongs, also called butterfly knives, are a type of traditional Filipino knife that originated in a town called Balisong. In fact, that town still produces Balisong knives today. The legality of these things are sort of questionable but you can buy butterfly knives online with no problem (if you know where to look ;)).

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How Good is the Carter Trinity Folding Knife?

carter trinity knife

The from the Ontario Knife Company, stands as one of the best every day carry knives most people could ever want.  Let me tell you why? For 2018, The Ontario Knife Company (OKC) has collaborated with Robert Carter to create a very affordable, consumer-oriented, and useful EDC (every day carry) pocket knife called the Trinity.  … Read more

Cold Steel True Flight Thrower Review

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]hrowing knives are cool, right? Specifically weighted and designed to be accurately and effectively thrown, they are a distinct and separate category from regular knives.  Knife throwing is a great activity that develops hand/eye coordination and accuracy. And let’s just admit it, as a kid you likely thought about throwing a knife at a target or … Read more