Cold Steel SK-5 Review

January 19, 2020
SK-5 Bowie Knife

The Natchez Bowie knife got its name from the small town of Natchez in Mississippi, and its fame came from the number of people who chose to use this particular style of fighting knives. Cold Steel managed to emulate the same kind of fierceness that the original Bowie knives had and added a couple of modern features and turned it into the perfect knife. It can stab through thick materials, it can slice through anything, and its weight makes it easy to cleave and chop through anything that comes in its path.

About Cold Steel

Cold Steel has been in the business of producing high-quality knives for all purposes for more than thirty years now, and ever since they started, they have been pioneering innovations in the knife industry. One of the things that they introduced into the world of knife making is the use of Japanese-style blade forging, which made for blades that are hard enough to hold a very sharp and durable cutting edge. If you are a fan of action movies, then you might have seen some of their products on the big screen. This not only proves that Cold Steel knives are functional; they can also be considered as works of art.

Features of the Cold Steel SK-5 Natchez Bowie

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The Natchez bowie knife features an incredibly long 11 ¾-inch blade. This may be too long for most survival purposes but it does provide good reach and leverage when used in fighting, and it can also be quite a good hunting knife as well. The blade is already extremely sharp when you take it out of the box; you can actually use it to shave if you’re man enough.

The SK-5 steel used in the making of the blade has a high carbon content. This makes for an extremely hard and strong knife. You can bet that the edge of the Cold Steel SK-5 Natchez bowie knife will not get dull that easily, not even after a particularly trying excursion in the woods for survival training.

The Secure-Ex sheath that comes with all Cold Steel SK-5 bowie knives provides a snug and safe way to carry the knife around. When the knife is sheathed, you will need to give the knife a good tug if you want to pull it out. This means that children have to try really hard just to get it out, so you can be sure that they will be safe. Still, it’s much more advisable to keep this knife well beyond your children’s reach.

What Other People Think of It

There seem to be some mixed reviews about the Cold Steel SK-5 Natchez bowie knives. There are people who really love it but there are those who believe that it could’ve been better. One of the things that people like about the knife is how perfectly balanced it feels when you hold it in your hands; the weight distribution between the blade and the hilt is near perfect according to some users. However, there are also some who are a bit put off by their orders. Some complain that the handle does not fit perfectly with the blade and that it actually wiggles. Some people also say that the Secure-Ex sheath scratches the blade too much.

Natchez Bowie in SK-5,Faux Cocobolo hndle

Conclusion and Rating

The Cold Steel SK-5 Natchez Bowie Knife gets a respectable 4.0/5 because even though it looks great, it is far from the perfect fighting knife that the original Bowie knives are. On the other hand, it is actually a great deal for the price. The SK-5 Natchez may be one of the best fighting knives around, but as far as survival knives go, it is not extraordinarily special.


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