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The 10 Most Awesome Knives

The 10 Most Awesome Knives

Some knives are made for utility. Others are made just to be badass. In this article, we will talk about those badass knives. They might not serve a real purpose (or they might) but, no matter what, they are damn cool.

10. The Kabar USMC

The Kabar USMC

The knife is the most popular combat knife around. It has proven itself during WWII, Korea, Vietnam, OIF1 and OIF2. Grandfathers have passed it down to their sons and grandsons. It is made of incredibly solid carbon steel. You can even do stuff like open cans with it (but you are not supposed to). Kabar also makes great machetes.

9. U.S. Army Officer Saber Sword (replica)

U.S. Army Officer Saber Sword (replica)

This 36-inch Army Officer Ceremonial Saber is made of 440 Stainless steel (a pretty decent steel for blades that are not just ceremonial replicas, but daily working knives!).  It’s a quarter-inch short of 30 inches and the blade is “somewhat” or “slightly” sharpened to have an authentic feel, but not be incredibly dangerous.  It features acid-carved engraving.  The scabbard is a steel tube with 2 steel suspension rings and a carrying bag.

All around, this is a fun and interesting tool for any sword collector and it’s part of a rich American historical narrative.  It’s a great item for any Americana collection!

8. The Ultimate 3-in-1 Titanium Camping Tool

The Ultimate 3-in-1 Titanium Camping Tool

This isn’t really a knife but it is great for camping. Knife, fork, and spoon all in one. The only problem is that you can’t use the knife to cut steaks. But, if you got a Kabar, that should be no problem. This is as nifty as balisongs.

It only weighs 24 grams or 0.8 oz. One side is a spoon while the other side is a fork with a serrated edge to be used as a knife. Light and Strong Titanium Spork for camping, lunch, office, hiking, outdoors, home, dinner and more.  It’s made using a non-corrosive, non-rusting, biocompatible titanium material means that your meals taste like how they should without any metallic or plastic taste.  Personally, I just like to touch Titanium utensils.  They have a futuristic, light and high-end feel to them no matter what they are.

They are indeed 100% Titanium with a sand-blasted surface to enhance grip.  1-3 wipes with a chamois cloth (or your fingers) after meal will sufficiently clean it, and the thin profile makes it disappear effectively in both weight and bulk until you need it again.  There’s a carry pouch included as well.

7. The Hobo Knife

The Hobo Knife

A modification of the regular pocket knife, the hobo knife features a bottle opener, fork, and spoon. It fits in your pocket and is great if you need to carry all your belonging in a backpack.  This Pennsylvania-made knife is no low/mid-grade tool for $15.  This is a high-end piece of engineering that is quite suitable as a generational gift with meaning for just the right person.

The Case Amber Bone Hobo is a part of the Amber Bone SS Family. The Case Amber Bone color and peach seed jig are signatures of the Case brand and the true heart of the Case line. The Tru-Sharp surgical steel blades will add good looks and reliable function. This pocket knife features a clip point blade, Fork blade, and spoon perfect for on the go or outdoor dining. Open it and the handle splits apart into a separate knife, fork, and spoon. Slide the handle together and it folds up like a standard Pocket knife. The Clip blade is commonly used as a multi-purpose blade and is preferred for its versatility.

The fork blade is used as a utensil for eating and it has a cap lifter feature for opening bottles. The spoon is also used as a utensil for eating and it has a cap lifter for opening bottles.

This knife is constructed with Case Tru-Sharp Stainless Steel which is a special high-carbon steel that helps the blades hold an edge longer than conventional steel. It also offers extraordinary blade strength and corrosion resistance. The durable folding knife is perfect for on the go or outdoor dining. Just toss in a backpack or glove compartment and you are set. Comes conveniently packaged in a box. As mentioned earlier, it’s made in Bradford, PA, USA from domestic and imported materials.

6. The Key Knife

The Key Knife

These small knives are the exact same size as a key. They even fit on a key chain perfectly. It is great if you need to sneak a knife into a place you are not supposed to. It is also great if you are a magician.  This SOG is made from 5Cr13MoV steel and it’s the first Key Knife from SOG with a lockback. It opens using the nail nick and securely locks with the lock back mechanism. The key-shaped and sized design makes this an ideal choice for key-chain carry. With the Key Knife you will have the utility of a knife when you need it.

5.  M48 Cyclone Fixed Blade Knife with Custom Vortec Sheath

M48 Cyclone Fixed Blade Knife with Custom Vortec Sheath

You have never seen anything that compares to United Cutlery’s new M48 Cyclone Fixed Blade Knife! This crazy, aggressive-looking knife is illegal in a couple of states (I think Mass. and NJ).  It’s made with a full 8” of cast 2Cr13 stainless steel, and the blade has been crafted into a spiraling design, using temperatures up to 1,030 degrees, which gives it a 48HC. that’s on the soft end of the scale for “good knives” but more than hard enough to look super-intimidating and cause some serious damage.

The three spiraling cutting edges come down to an incredibly sharp piercing point. As with all M48 knives, the glass-fiber-reinforced nylon handle gives you a strong and secure grip. The Cyclone also features a solid stainless steel hand guard and skull crusher pommel. The blade slides into a custom Vortec belt sheath that fits like a glove and is virtually indestructible. The fixed blade is 13 1/2” in overall length. 8” cast 2Cr13 stainless steel blade with incredibly sharp piercing point.

It features a glass fiber-reinforced nylon handle, a skull crusher pommel, stainless steel handguard and a very cool Vortec TPR belt sheath.

4. Laguiole Honoré Durand Folding Pocket Knife

Laguiole Honoré Durand Folding Pocket Knife

I’m not sure how many of you will have heard of the name “Laguiole en Aubrac”, but I can assure you, it is one of the very few names between Venus and Mars that carries some weight by virtue of the name itself.  That’s why a small pocket knife can cost over $300!  Normally sold by only select, upper-crust retailers, this one knife is available on Amazon for a limited time.  This knife features a snakewood handle and a Sandvik 14C28N Steel Blade.

Beginning in 1829 when the first blacksmith opened a shop in this iconic region of France, the name “Laguiole en Aubrac” has been held in VERY high regard for the quality of its blades.

You can read all about the legendary name and quality that surrounds the name here.

3. Mantis Knife Garbanzo Utility Knife

Mantis Knife Garbanzo Utility Knife

This Mantis knife is technically a utility knife, but it works quite well as a karambit thank you very much!  It looks tiny, but I assure you the quality is stellar.  This is the newest generation of the Mantis utility knife line and it’s fabricated with legendary M-vX steel, and is finished with a bead-blasted look and a black oxide coated pivot ring.  The knife folds up and the center ring clips over a separate belt clip.  Here’s a very helpful video to see what your investment will get you!

2.  No products found.

No products found.

No products found. No products found.

This knife/multitool has 19 functions! Fully opened, it looks like a small robot. It has wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters, a crimp, and even a bottle opener when you are done with your project. It is great for people who work with electronics. It has pretty decent ratings from 4 stars from over 1700 reviewers.

1.  The Ex Knife

The Ex Knife

This fun (and yet disturbing) knife set was featured on The Simpsons. It has a cool design and is available in red, black, and chrome. If you want a cool knife set for the kitchen, consider this. It is available on Amazonfor and has a 3-star review (3.2 out of 5.0 stars actually).



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