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ESEE Junglas Survival Fixed Blade Knife

This is one creatively-named implement!  The Junglas is actually pronounced “HOON-GLASS” (but with a Latin American accent).  Its name is derived from the Colombian Police called “JUNGLA” or Compaía Jungla Antinarcóticos special operations forces.  The original intent was to create a knife that was kind of a machete and kind of a fixed blade knife that was a bit more wieldy than a machete.  It was truly a jungle tool used by counter-narcotics operatives.  It’s still used for this purpose but also for regular woodsmen and collectors like you and me!

Most survival knives in the market are either compact and multi-purpose or large and aggressive. The ESEE Junglas Survival Knife is no shy survival knife. It is large, long, and visibly sharp. It is a 16.5-inch chopping knife meant to guide its owner through thick foliage. It even provides a great fighting chance against the wilderness. This article will review the ESEE Junglas as well as mention what other reviewers online have stated about the knife.



Esee Knives is a US manufacturing company known to make very sturdy and reliable survival knives. The company is known for its quality blades and their unique story beginning in the Amazon jungle!


The Junglas’ dimensions are as follows: it is 16.5 inches in total length with the blade stretching to 10.375 inches. The blade is made of 1095 carbon steel and is around 0.17 inches thick. Its design is in a drop point and a flat grind and a black, textured, powder-coated steel on the blade. It features a canvas micarta scaled handle with a lanyard hole.  The whole deal weighs in at 23 ounces and comes with a Kydex sheath and removable handles.  The one thing we really like is the fact that the blade is actually longer than the handle (like a machete).  All too many knives have longer handles than blades and while I know there are very good reasons for it, we’ve not big fans of the look!



ESEE ESJUNGLAS-BRK Junglas Knife, Black

The Junglas in all its glory


Firstly, the blade is quite pointy but the edge is extremely sharp and perfectly sized for hacking thick wood. It won’t work great with carving, peeling, and chopping small to regular sized fruits. It is too big to control for that so it is best to use it on much larger fruits and more exacting outdoor work. It is, after all, not a kitchen knife.  It is a full tang blade and I mean REALLY a full tang with no skeleton.

esee warranty

Don’t forget Esee’s killer guarantee. It’s really second to none!


The blade is made of corrosion-prone steel. It does have a specialized coating to prevent that, but it might not last as long as the knife’s life span. On the other hand, the carbon steel is easy to re-sharpen provided that it is given extra special care.  You’ll have to give the blade a bit more attention with a lubricant/protector like TUFF-CLOTH.



As a survival knife, the JUNGLAS  is great for facing the wilderness and chopping off obstacles. It’s not ideal for combat since the weight won’t provide much control except for hacking immobile objects. All in all, this knife rates at 8.8/10 on average.

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