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Ontario RTAK II Review

Ontario RTAK II Review

The Ontario RTAK II by the Ontario Knife Company is a superior fixed blade survival knife that is designed to be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of constant use. Survival knives are generally longer than other types of knives since they are designed for heavier jobs such as cutting and shaping poles for makeshift shelters or cutting a piece of wood to create an improvised spear. The best survival knives are also usually made with carbon steel that has a powder coating to prevent corrosion. Carbon steel is easier to maintain in the field while holding its edge longer than other grades of steel.

ON8628 Ontario RTAK-II

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About the Ontario Knife Company

Despite its name, the Ontario Knife Company was actually founded in Ontario County in New York in 1889. Its founders, Charles Albert Brace, William B. Ensworth, and William Maudsley started out by making knives on a waterpower-operated grindstone and selling them on pushcart to neighboring counties. By 1902, the growing company had relocated to its current home in Franklinville. At present, it has gained a reputation as one of the most innovative knife manufacturers in the industry, and its high-quality knives have become standard issue for the US markets as well as being popular among outdoorsmen and culinary professionals. Its product line ranges from the famed Old Hickory Kitchen Cutlery to its Sci-Med Instruments for scientific and technical uses.

Outstanding Features of the Ontario RTAK II

The Ontario RTAK II is a 17-inch plain edge blade designed by Jeff Randall, founder of the professional survival training team Randall’s Adventure and Training. Its outstanding features include:

  1. Ten-inch drop point blade made of 5160 carbon steel, a tough metal alloy that is the most popular used in knives since it holds its edge very well. The blade also has a green textured powder coating to prevent it from rusting while giving it a non-reflective finish.
  2. The six-inch handle is made of canvas micarta, a popular material used in knife handles that get a lot of hard use. The micarta provides a smooth but strong grip that also does not get too slick when wet so that you can continue to have a firm grip on it. The handle also features a hole on the pommel that you can tie a lanyard to.
  3. The nylon sheath is compatible with MOLLE systems and comes with an integrated utility pouch for keeping your necessities handy. It comes with a variety of straps and clasps so that you can attach it to virtually anything from belts to vests and rucksacks.

Customer Reviews

On Amazon, the Ontario RTAK II has an average rating of 4.5 stars out of five, with an overwhelming majority of reviewers giving it a five-star ranking. Reviewers cited the knife’s high utility during camping trips as it easily chops wood for making fire and setting up shelters. In addition, the knife is versatile enough for a variety of uses, including as a machete. The only downside that they cited with this knife is that it is rather long and heavy, but if you have it, you can leave your camping hatchet behind to reduce the amount of weight you have to carry around.


The No products found. is a highly-functional knife that is also versatile enough to be used for a variety of jobs. Compared with other knives in its class, it is relatively affordable so you won’t hesitate to use it for rough work. The Ontario RTAK II is tough enough to take it and continue to provide high performance. The rating for the Ontario RTAK II is four and a half stars and it is a great survival knife.



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