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Boker Magnum Elk Hunter Review

Boker Magnum Elk Hunter Review

Survivalists yearn for a new knife once in a while, and in case you want to give a good knife to a guy like that, you might want to give him a Magnum Elk. It is plausible that many survivalists do not have the Magnum Elk in their survival stash. It is mainly because it is more suited to be called as a hunter or utility knife. Nevertheless, any knife is a survival knife once the need for it arises. If you want to know if this product is worth your money, then continue reading the rest of this Boker Magnum Elk Hunter review.


Boker Magnum 02GL683 Elk Hunter Knife with 4 1/3 in. Steel Blade, Brown

Böker sells and manufactures this knife. This company is based in Solingen, Germany, and it is known as a good source of hunting knives and pocketknives. Before it became a knife producer, it was known as a sword and blade maker during the 17th century. As of now, Böker still produces swords together with straight razors, kitchen knives, and fixed blade knives.

However, even though that company is based in Germany (They also have offices and factories in Mexico, New York, and Canada.), most of the Magnum Elk Hunter knives that they sell come from their plant in China.


Weight: 5.5 ounces

440 Stainless Steel Blade: This blade material makes the knife resistant to rust. However, its drawback is that the blade can immediately lose its sharpness when used frequently. If one will go out with this knife, it is essential that he bring a whetstone with him.

4 1/3 Inches Blade Length: The length of this knife limits its uses. Nevertheless, it makes it better in doing small utilitarian tasks that require precision.

Blade Construction: Drop Point, Hollow Ground Blade with Top Swage Edge. The top swage edge reduces blade weight. It makes the blade a bit more balanced while the hollow ground construction makes the blade good for cutting. The drop point characteristic makes the knife ideal for hunting purposes.

Lanyard Hole with a Brass Ring: It is located at the bottom of the knife.

Finger Guard: Since the blade is short, using it for difficult tasks may require additional force from its user. Exerting more effort in using a knife may cause some accidents, such as the hand slipping towards the blade. Fortunately, the finger guard is there to prevent such accidents.

Finger Groove: It adds comfort and additional grip to the handle.

Rosewood/Root Wood Combination Handle: Rosewood is in the finger guard which is attached to the tang with a brass pin, and root wood is used for the entire handle which is attached by two silver pins to the tang. This wood combination does not really add any particular function, but it makes the knife aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, the handle is slightly curved, and that makes it comfortable to hold.

Dark Brown Leather Sheath: Good stitch all around the leather sheath with a few rivets around it. It is thin and a bit stiff.

Belt Loop: Of course, utility or survival knife sheaths should always come with a belt loop.

Button Lock: The button lock wraps the knife handle and effectively secures the finger guard. That makes it impossible to pull the knife out since the button lock strap blocks the finger guard from coming out. The lock has a good snap on it.

Full Tang Blade: One of the most important characteristics of a good survival knife is full tang construction. A full tang can give the knife user good control over it, and the possibility of the blade breaking or the handle getting detached from the blade is very low. Also, since the knife is full tang, replacing its handle is easy.

The latest model!

The Elk Hunter Special is a slightly modified and updated version of the Elk Hunter and it’s available right now (who knows for how long?)  Check it out!

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Feedback and Comments from Users and Other Reviews

Its price and versatility make the knife popular among its users. With a quality inexpensive blade like this, most of them buy this with their budgets in mind.


In terms of survival knives, the Magnum Elk hunter deserves a rating of 3.5 out of 5.0 stars. However, when it is compared against other utility or hunting knives, it gets a score of 4.2 out of 5.0.


See the latest prices and do more research on Amazon!  It’s not a lot of money you’ll spend, but just the same, it’s good practice to research as much as possible!  



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