ESEE 6P Survival Knife Review

June 11, 2019

The ESEE 6P is a person’s best friend when that person is out on a camping trip or has gone fishing. This knife would cleanly cut one’s freshly-caught fish on a fishing trip and this knife would cut through the bone (with precision) of any game the person on a hunting trip would have caught. In general, the ESEE 6P is one of the better hunting knives out there and it is manufactured by Randall’s Adventure and Training which specializes in knives of all purposes from outdoor to the military to the kitchen.

About Randall’s Adventure and Training

Survival Micarta Handle

Randall’s Adventure and Training is a subsidiary of TransEquatorial Solutions, Inc. Randall’s has been designing and manufacturing durable gear and field knives especially for law enforcement, the military, backpackers, and adventurers. The company is also the only knife maker that hires full-time trainers and adventurers tasked with developing and testing products and conducting training that works in far-off wilderness environments.

ESEE 6P Features

The ESEE 6P has an overall knife length of 11.75 inches and its blade width is 1.56 inches. The knife’s length makes it advantageous when it comes to manipulating raw meat like filleting fish or skinning game. The cutting edge has a length of 5.75 inches and the overall blade’s length is 6.50 inches. The knife weighs 12 ounces which makes the knife easy to manipulate. The ESEE 6P features a full flat grind and a drop point blade and the blade’s maximum thickness is .188 inches.

The ESEE 6P blade is made of 55-57 Rc. 1095 carbon steel and its linen micarta handles are removable. Its rounded pommel has a provision for a lanyard and it comes with a molded sheath with clip plate. The sheath is fully ambidextrous.

While the 1095 steel is perfect for heavy-duty professional cutlery, the steel is likely to rust if not cared for properly – especially around the laser engraving and on the cutting edge. The user is responsible for keeping the blade properly cleaned and lubricated and it is recommended the user applies a dry film rust inhibitor onto the blade.

ESEE 6P Reviews

One ESEE 6P review has positive things to say about this knife. It says the knife is a great and sharp tool and the flat grind takes a few passes to make the blade sharp. The user did not have any rust-related issues as he applied marine-grade “Tuff Cloth.” He’s been using the knife in wet tactical environments. The only negative issue in the ESEE 6P review is the micarta scales on the handle. The user did not find the micarta ergonomic, but he replaced it with TKC G-scales which improved greatly the comfort level.

Another ESEE 6P review states the knife is excellent for extreme duty. The steel stays strong for a long time even if the knife is used to chop through oak branches. The drawbacks are that the steel used is not stainless and the micarta handle can get uncomfortable. As for the steel blade, this can be remedied by applying rust inhibitor.


The ESEE 6P survival knife is one of the prettiest knives because of its excellent and functional design. Its substantial 6 ½-inch blade length is sufficiently light in order for users to deftly chop wood and precisely slice meat. The flat ground bevel combined with the straight and long edge and the excellent sweep make the ESEE 6P a perfect mix between a “chopper” and a hunting knife. While this knife is good for hunting, it is better used as a processor of meats than for actual survival uses. In all, this ESEE 6P review gives a rating of 8.5/10 for the roughness of the micarta handle.


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  1. Better for processing meat than as an actual survival knife?!!! Really?!!! Wow, you really don’t understand survival k Ives apparently!!! You just lost all credibility!!! 6.5 inch blade 3/16ths of an inch thick 1095 high carbon steel with a badass spring temper and the best warranty in the business and hundreds of reviews with video proof of absolute abuse and no I’ll effects make this one of the better survival knives a person can buy

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