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4 Easy Butterfly Knife Tricks for Beginners

4 Easy Butterfly Knife Tricks for Beginners

A Butterfly Knife is really just another name for a Balisong.  If you’re wondering exactly what a balisong it, feel free to check out our article which answers that question.  The butterfly knife is one of the stealthiest weapons out there. A popular type of concealed weapon, it’s very effective if one learns how to use it the right way. Its deadliness, as well as its history with crime, led this weapon to be banned in many countries worldwide but some people use these knives as a means for doing some tricks. Learning butterfly knife tricks can be a fun activity for everyone. What are some of the tricks in the book, and how can someone learn them?

What is a Balisong Knife?

An expert flipper
An expert flipper.

The butterfly knife is a folding bladed weapon that can be concealed when not in use. Its ability to be concealed is what makes it such a valuable weapon for some people. When stowed, not only is the blade concealed in such a way that it prevents its wielder from being cut, but it is also concealed in such a way that it’s very stealthy. Combine it with a relatively simple engaging mechanism, and this becomes a favorite for both self-defense enthusiasts and those with murderous intents. However, it’s this same unique structure that makes it a very compelling tool for use in various knife tricks.

Butterfly Knife Tricks List

Because of the way it is constructed, a lot of tricks can be performed with the use of the butterfly knife. There are some established tricks that should always look awesome when performed the right way. But there are also some tricks that can be created with the help of some imagination from the knife’s wielder. Here are just some of the most popular butterfly knife tricks that can be learned by anyone interested to try it.

  • Flick opening– This is one of the more basic tricks in the book, and this is one trick that should be up in any butterfly knife enthusiast. To do this, the wrist is flicked to send the bite handle (where the blade is stored) away. Simultaneously, the safe handle is spun. By this time, the bite handle and the back of the blade are at the back of your hand. By flicking your wrist back, the bite handle goes back to the front. This places the knife in its open position.
  • Flick closing– Think of it as the complete opposite of the flick open maneuver. You start with the knife in its open position. Flick the bite handle up into your palm. It’s important to keep your palm open as it would allow both the blade and handle to line back to its closed position.
  • Pinwheel– Among the advanced butterfly knife tricks, this is among the most favored by both knife tricksters and their fans. In its starting position, the knife is held in a horizontal position, with the tang pins pointed in the same direction as your thumb. Hold the safe handle then drop the bite handle. Flip the bite handle around, and as you do this, shift your grip so that the bite handle is held upwards. The bite handle would then snap to its closed position.
  • Aerial tricks– There are different aerial butterfly knife tricks that you can try, including the popular Y2K aerial trick. But just like any aerial knife trick, it takes a lot of experience, confidence, and practice before you can perfect this. In fact, a lot of enthusiasts recommend people who are dabbling with aerial tricks to use fake knives first to master the technique.

There are so many butterfly knife tricks that any committed enthusiast can learn. But the tricky part is actually starting your own training. Take note that safety always comes first. As such, master first the fundamental tricks and wear protective equipment such as gloves and steel-toe boots while training. Or you can just use a balisong trainer to protect your hands.



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