How Good is 440A Steel?

440A steel is a steel in the 440 family. The others include 440B, 440C, and the less common 440F. All the 440 steels are considered truly stainless, but 440A has the highest corrosion resistance of all because it contains the least amount of carbon.

How to Make a Knife Lanyard from Paracord

Learn how to make an awesome knife lanyard from paracord. Paracord is a lightweight nylon rope that was originally used in the suspension lines of parachutes.  It’s also known as 550 cord, which means it has a minimum breaking strength of 550 pounds.  It is often used by the military and campers and has even been used in space by astronauts …

What is L6 Steel?

While steel might look all the same to the untrained eye, there are a number of significant differences between the various types of steel used to make tough implements. How they are used in knives, swords and other tools will greatly impact the tool’s performance and reliability. For companies that want to create long-lasting blades that will get the job done …

Ceramic Knives vs. Steel Knives

A ceramic knife is made by pressing a tough ceramic powder called zirconium dioxide. The same is then forged or fired via solid state sintering. Next, the cutting surface is honed to a fine edge using a grinding wheel coated with diamond dust. The result is an extremely tough and sharp edge that outperforms steel in terms of sheer cutting …

Happy 237th Birthday USMC

The 10th of November 2015, will be the 240th birthday of the United States Marine Corps. On the 10th of November 1775, the Second Continental Congress raised the Marine Corps to serve under the Navy for the Revolutionary War. It was at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia where the first Marines were recruited for service.

What a Proper Knife Sharpening Technique Actually Looks Like

One of the most intimidating issues (it was for me) that keeps some from buying a good-quality (and sometimes very pricey) knife is the maintenance.  Specifically, the sharpening part.  I mean, what good is a great knife if and when it eventually dulls?  Surely you won’t be able to restore a sharp edge to the same level as when it …

The Best Survival Foods Ever!

It is important to prepare for disasters and emergencies by keeping a large supply of survival foods in your home. One of the most common problems in the event of a natural disaster is the low supply of food. This can be because all the roads that lead to the shopping areas are blocked or the grocery stores are running …

How To: Long Term Gasoline Storage

Natural disasters and unprecedented blackouts happen more nowadays. Because of global warming issues, these occurrences seem to grow even more inevitable each day. It becomes ideal to act accordingly by preparing for such happenings. One of the most important things to have in storage is a source of power which in this article is fuel in the form of gasoline.

The 10 Most Awesome Knives

Some knives are made for utility. Others are made just to be bad ass. In this article, we will talk about those bad ass knives. They might not serve a real purpose (or they might) but, no matter what, they are damn cool.

What is the Legality of Sword Canes?

Sword cane legality is a state and municipal issue, rather than a federal one. This means that there are different rules depending on what state you live in and what state you are travelling to (with the cane). There are also various nuances depending on your municipality. This article will discuss the basics of sword cane legality. Basic terms will …