Sk-5 High Carbon Steel Blades

February 18, 2013
Sk-5 High Carbon Steel Blades

There are many forms of steel that knives and tools are made with. The sk-5 high carbon steel blade is of the highest quality for making blades. It is the Japanese equivalent to American 1080. It is hard steel that makes it create high quality blades and tools. Sk5 high carbon steel gives a knife the ability to cut through practically anything. It is very tough steel. It has a hardness of Rc 65. It produces a mixture of carbon rich martinsite with a few un-dissolved carbides. This steel is essential to creating the perfect blades for your use. The extra carbide will increase the abrasion resistance and lets the steel attain an ideal balance of good blade toughness. It also gives excellent edge binding ability.

Where SK-5 HC Originates

The sk-5 high carbon steel can be found most abundantly in Japan. It is of very high quality. It is used to make a variety of hand tools as well. The chisel is one of those hand tools that are made out of sk-5 high carbon steel. Wood cutting saws can also be made using this steel. It has stood the test of time and has proven to be of the highest quality.

SK-5 For Knives

A knife made out of sk-5 high carbon steel is the best knife for the money that you will pay for. It has a broad clip point of the blade, which make it extremely resistant to bending or breaking. This is due to the fact that the tip is larger close to the point. However, the tip is not blunt or dull. It is actually razor sharp, it offers immediate penetration. Blades have a concave edge. A blade made out of this steel is sharp enough to shave the hair off of your arm. You can count on its integrity. (The top 3 best machetes).


Sk-5 high carbon steel is made with 0.75% to 0.85% and 0.60% to 0.90% manganese. The strength is Rc 65 and makes a mixture of carbon rich manganese. The increased carbon increases abrasion resistance and permits the steel to achieve a perfect balance of very good blade toughness and excellent edge holding ability. (Dive knives review).


Sk-5 high carbon steel is a very effective steel to make any object that needs an element of integrity and strength. It creates blades and tools that cannot be matched. This steel is a very good example of how making blades and tools right should be. (Balisong Knives Guide). It is very strong and does not allow for abrasion when you use your sk-5 high carbon steel blades. It is the steel to beat in the market of steel. You will be satisfied with the items you purchase that are made of this steel. You are buying the best steel on the market when you purchase a tool or blade made out of sk-5 high carbon steel. It will give you the best results. Once you have purchased your item you will be able to complete any task that you want to use your new blade or tool. If you want the best steel available for your tools and blades, buy them made with sk-5 high carbon steel. (Best bowie knives).

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