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Best American-Made Knives

Best American Made Knives

In this day and age, there are not too many knife brands manufactured in America. Good thing there is Cold Steel, a company that prides itself in the manufacture of high-quality knife products for decades now.

Cold Steel Knives are American Knives

Cold Steel knives are generally considered to be the best knives made in America today. The company is acknowledged as the leader in the industry because their knives are well-known for their delicate craftsmanship, high-quality materials, functionality, and intricate designs. Thus, Cold Steel knives are preferred by most people in law enforcement and the military. These knives are in fact the highest rated knives for this purpose among all US-made knife brands that are available on the market today. Following are some of the reasons why:

  • Function In terms of functionality, Cold Steel knives are known to perform well even under the harshest and most extreme conditions and environments, and are tough enough to be relied on even in life and death situations. State troopers, sheriffs, and police officers all over the country make sure to keep one handy when they deal with potentially violent and dangerous criminals.

Although ideal for use as weapons, Cold Steel knives are also useful for daily household applications as well. Whether of the fixed-blade or folding type, these knives can be used for food preparation (slicing, chopping, and peeling fruits and vegetables), cutting through rope and other fibrous materials, for opening boxes, and many others.

  • Wide Variety of Cold Steel Knives – Cold Steel manufactures a wide variety of knives for various purposes and applications. The most popular types include the Voyager Tanto, Karambit Stainless Steel, Triple Action Doubles, Navel Dirk, Ultimate Hunter, Caledonian Edge, Moro Barong, Napoleon, Two Handed Great Sword, Urban Dart, Sure Flight Thrower, Black Bear Classics, and Vietnam Tomahawk, among many others. Each of these types is designed with specific applications in mind, but each one is made with the same high-quality standards that Cold Steel is known for. This is why the company remains ahead of the competition.
  • Made of High-Quality Materials – Cold Steel knives are manufactured in the US out of stainless steel and carbon cutlery. Handles and grips have a nice, natural feel, are very comfortable, and can handle edges well. Finding a knife that grips well and fits like a natural extension of the hand is very important, especially for police officers in emergency situations when the functionality of a knife may be required. You can find a Cold Steel knife that is of the right size and weight for your particular needs and preferences.


Some Things to Consider Before Buying

If you are planning on buying your own Cold Steel knife, make sure that you are over 18 years old as most states prohibit selling these types of knives to minors. This is mainly because these tools are very sharp and can be very dangerous if not handled properly. Utmost care and alertness must be observed when using Cold Steel knives.

In some states, the mere possession of some types of knives such as automatic folding knives is considered illegal for non-law enforcement and military personnel. So before buying a particular type of blade, make sure to check or research on the pertinent laws prevailing in your state first to avoid possible problems in the future.

Where to Buy Cold Steel Knives

You can buy Cold Steel products from the company’s official website or from the various accredited dealers and resellers both off and online. You can also get a lot of useful information about Cold Steel knives here at KnifeUp.  In the top right corner, you’ll find our “Search” tool.  Type in “cold steel”, press enter and you’ll find a number of articles and reviews we’ve written on these impressive blades. This article is a great one to start with!  KnifeUp has a wide selection of machete, balisong, balisong trainer, and pocket knife reviews that can assist you as well.

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  • Mike U says:

    I own many Cold Steel knives and other implements. I started buying their products many years ago when they were indeed made in the USA or in Japan. They are high quality items to be sure. However, for some years now Cold Steel has been manufacturing knives and other items in Tawain and China. These items are not of the same quality as older items that were made in America or Japan. Literally all of their knives are now made in Tawain. Lynn Thompson write an article back in the early 90’s wherein he stated how cheaply made knives from Tawain and China and Pakistan were dangerous to use as they were made with inferior materials and craftmanship. He declared that his company did not then nor ever would manufacture Cold Steel products over seas in places like Tawain and China. He has certainly broke his promise. And even though he manufactures his products in these places at I am sure a large reduction in exspense, he charges exuberant prices for these inferior products. Lynn Thompson shouild be in politics as he flips his stance just as readily.

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