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SOG Force Review

SOG Force Review
Sogo Force

Unfortunately the SOG Force has been discontinued, but if you’d like to know our view on it (maybe you have a used one or are considering getting one), please read on!

If you’d like to see our best recommendation for a SOG Force alternative, it’s the Schrade Frontier 13 inch High Carbon Steel Fixed Blade Knife with a 7 inch Drop Point Blade and TPE Handle for Outdoor Utility, Survival and Camping. 

It features a full tang, 1095 carbon fixed blade with a drop point design for durability.  The handle is super comfortable thermoplastic elastomer which is incredibly durable, and there’s even gimping along the top of the handle for added grip.  Not only does it come with a polyester belt sheath, but in the sheath is a Ferro rod and a sharpening stone.

There’s an integrated finger choil for still more added grip for either whittling or using force.

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The SOG Force is an outstanding fixed-blade survival knife that provides great functionality in a variety of survival situations. A survival knife is designed to perform an assortment of tasks that are essential to staying alive in potentially life-threatening situations such as creating traps, dressing game, making an improvised shelter, and generating fires. They are intended to take the place of other tools such as hatchets so that you can limit the amount of gear you need to carry. In addition to functionality, the best survival knives are also very durable, holding their sharp edge even after days of rough use.

SOG Specialty Knives Profile

SOG Force Fixed Blade SE38-N - Black TiNi 6

SOG was founded in 1986 by Spencer Frazer, a knife designer who wanted to create a replica of the SOG Bowie knife that was designed and carried by operators of the US Military Assistance Command-Vietnam (MACV). From his initial goal of creating replicas of the standard MACV knife, Frazer eventually started to branch out to create a wide variety of knives and multi-tools. SOG’s achievements include creating the first sculptural faceted folding knife (the Tomcat) as well as the second to manufacture a folding multi-tool (the Paratool). Its line of outstanding knives has made fans of a wide variety of professionals in fields such as the armed forces, law enforcement, and manufacturing as well as knife enthusiasts who just want a superior multi-tool or knife for everyday use.

SOG Force Outstanding Features

The SOG Force is an eleven-inch knife with a six-inch blade with a black TINI finish to reduce reflectivity. Its outstanding features include:

  • 0.24-inch blade with thick profile and minimal grind profile to maximize its strength and make it all but unbreakable. The blade also features a drop point design to give it a stronger point, as well as having a straight cutting edge with no serrations. The blade is made of AUS-8 stainless steel which is made in Taiwan and features outstanding toughness in addition to excellent edge-holding capability. It is also a full tang, which allows it to be used as an impromptu hammer.
  • The nylon handle is glass-reinforced for extra strength with a hardness of RC 57-58. It is also contoured with diagonal checkering that provides a tighter grip with reduced slippage, making it easier to use for long-term tasks. The pommel also features a lanyard hole that you can tie the included nylon lanyard to for comfortable carrying. The handle is also directly over-molded above the blade, allowing it to be attached with no screws or bolts.
  • The included black sheath is made of ballistic nylon and is Molle-compatible so that you can attach it to Molle gear such as backpacks. It has a hook-and-snap closure to keep the knife securely in the sheath to ensure the safety of the user.

Customer Reviews

The SOG Force has an average rating of 4.6 stars out of five, with the majority of reviews giving it a five-star rating. The reviewers praised the knife’s high level of craftsmanship as well as the sharpness of the blade. In addition, they also liked the high functionality of the blade as well as the simplicity of its design, which emphasized its utility, as well as its stoutness and durability, which ensured that it would give them years of outstanding use.


The SOG Force is a superior knife for outdoorsmen and survivalists who want a knife that will deliver superior performance while having the versatility to perform a wide assortment of diverse tasks. It is also relatively affordable for a knife of this type, giving it good value for money. This knife is rated five stars.



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