N690 Steel Properties

The N690 Cobalt Stainless Steel is made in Austria by a company known for making steel that can be made into sharp knives and surgical instruments. This steel is very similar to 440C steel, and it has 1.07% carbon content. N440C steel has a carbon content ranging from .95 – 1.07 percent. The N690 is a high end stainless steel with an alloy that is common in many good knives. It is a durable knife steel that is wear resistant. It is also very hard steel.

This steel contains the important martensitic chromium steel with cobalt, molybdenum and vanadium. This steel can be hardened to a very desirable hardness levels. The surface finish is fine ground or polished.

How N690 Compares

N690 is sometimes compared to 440C steel. Many knife makers do not believe that 440C is a the best steel for comparison to the N690. The 440C steel is a high-chromium stainless steel. Knives made of 440C steel are easy to resharpen, and it is an excellent steel for its price and performance. (See the top 3 dive knives).

The N690 is a good steel and it is very similar to the VG10 from. One prominent knife maker gave the steel a variety of knife makers’ tests. The results were good. They now have access to large sheets. Knife makers consider the VG10 from Japan to be a better steel for comparison than the 440C. Its overall performance and ability to hold an edge is superior. (Read our machete review).

Manufacturing N690 Steel

The N690 grade of steel is produced by a small Austrian steel plant that also provides steel for surgical instruments. The Austrian Bohler Company says that the N690 can be made into hardened cutting tools with excellent edge-holding property, such as knife blades. (See how Balisong Knives are rated).


The N690 steel is so good for making knifes that one prominent knife manufacturer use only N690 steel. This steel has the right carbon content and the right cobalt content. An Austrian steel manufacturer, who is the current source for N690, is considered to be a worldwide leader in their production of N690 steel. Their steel composition is as follows: carbon 1.07%, chromium 17%, cobalt 1.5%, manganese .40%, molybdenum 1.10%, silicon .40% and vanadium .10%. The key to the hardness of N690 is the addition of cobalt in the steel matrix. The cobalt creates uniformity in the structure within the steel. The value of cobalt in a knife blade is it produces a fine edge with excellent edge retention.

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  1. Boker is the knife maker this article is referring to but won’t name. Higher end Boker knives are some of the best knives made in my humble opinion. My blade for my Titan Defender is made from cannons from WWII though, not N690. My Boker Merlin is N690 and is terrific after 8 years of use.
    I’ve had no issues with either unless you include having to tighten the titanium torx screws on my clip of the Titan.

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    1. Is this an autotranslation? The syntax keeps changing, yet never is right.

  3. 20 degrees should be fine, as long as the edge isn’t abused. A 15 degree angle is normally used on stuff like kitchen use knives, some japanese style knives, and other fine use knives.

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