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15 Best Pocket Knives Under 30 in 2021

15 Best Pocket Knives Under 30 in 2021

With time, the folding knife has emerged as a crucial thing in people’s EDC kits. This is because the EDC knife or everyday carry knife is quite compact and durable. Besides, these folding knives are functional enough to be used for different tasks. For example, cutting rope, slicing, and more.

Some people think that they will need a lot of money to buy the best EDC knife. This is not the fact. There are many options from some famous brands if you are looking for an inexpensive best EDC knife. In fact, you can get the best EDC knife under USD 30 with excellent quality and good stainless steel.

That means it is quite easy to get a folding knife that will perfectly suit your daily requirements. However, to get the best results, you need to choose the best EDC knives that are tough, small, and can easily handle large as well as small tasks.

Well, building a perfect everyday carry ensemble may take your money and time. But buying the best EDC knives doesn’t require half of your monthly budget. So to help you out in this, I have listed down the Best Pocket Knives Under 30 that you can try out now.

Here Are The Best Pocket Knives Under 30 – Tried & Tested

#1 CRKT 6450S Drifter Knife

Price:- USD 33

When closed, the total length of the knife will be just 3.66 inches. That means it perfectly fits into your pocket, boot’s shaft, and packs. Besides, it also comes with 2.88 inches of stainless steel blade when you open the knife. Its handy thumb stud makes it quite comfortable to handle. The blade and handles are created to last for years, and the frame lock offers maximum safety. It comes with a satin blade finish that you can customize with a monogram or laser. 


  • It comes with a reversible pocket clip.
  • The blade length is good.
  • It can be customized.


  • You may find it a little difficult to open.
  • It requires regular maintenance.

#2 Spyderco Grasshopper Folding Knife

Price:- USD 25

The knife is small, but it is razor-sharp and well-crafted. You will find this ideal for everyday carry. In fact, you can also bring this knife to your office without being detected by anyone. Using its 2.3-inch-long stainless-steel blade, you can do most of the tasks.  The closed length is 2.77 inches, making it the best knife to conceal for everyday carry knives. The company generally makes large knives, but the Grasshopper model will perfectly fit your budget. This is one of the best and budget EDC knives. 


  • It is fully functional and offers a razor-sharp edge.
  • It comes with a 3Cr13 stainless steel plain edge blade.
  • The knife is easy to carry.


  • The blade may lose the sharpness quickly.
  • You may face some drift while using.

#3 Kershaw Chill Knife

Price:- USD 29

Are you looking for a 3.1 inches non-reflective coated, bead-blasted finish and razor-sharp blade knife? Well, you can always trust Kershaw’s chill pocket knife. This EDC knife is wear-resistance as well as corrosion-resistant. The knife comes with a G-10 lightweight handle and textured grip. It feels very comfortable and secure to hold. Besides, it has a secure locking system and a flipper to offer your faster blade deployment. You will find this as a perfect option. You can also go for the Kershaw cryo model that also comes under budget. 


  • Comes with 8Cr13MoV stainless steel.
  • You can carry this EDC knife in your purse, jacket, bag, backpack, and more.
  • It can be used for cutting the cord, opening boxes, stripping wire, and more.


  • The blade may dull faster.

#4 Ontario RAT II Folding Knife

Price:- USD 39

If you are a big fan of pocket knives, then you should not miss the opportunity to buy the RAT II knife at USD 39. As Ontario rat is small in size, you can use it for everyday carry. Made with quality, you will never face any issue with its D2 blade. The pocket clips have a four-way position so that they can be comfortably used by lefties. Besides, the EDC knife offers easy access in the office or the job site. It is made by a reputed Ontario knife company and is a great knife for all. 


  • It has easy deployment functionality.
  • The handle is non-slippery.
  • It is a perfect multipurpose knife.


  • The handle is made of fiberglass.

#5 Gerber Kettlebell

Price:- USD 30

Even though its squat profile, the Gerber Kettlebell can be a perfect choice for accomplishing everyday tasks and for your EDC kit. This small EDC knife has a 7Cr17Mo steel fine-edged blade that is carefully punctured by the dual thumb studs. It is easy to open, and its robust frame lock system makes it safe to use. The knife’s handle is made of anodized aluminum, and for added control, it has dual fingers and a curvy choil.


  • Comes with a frame lock.
  • Aluminum handle feels and looks sturdy and durable.


  • You will get a limited warranty with this.

#6 Spyderco Byrd Finch Pocket Knife

Price:- USD 27

At only 2.4 oz weight, this knife from Byrd is specially designed for users looking for a safe-to-use and the best EDC knife. It comes with a unique comet-hole design that makes it easy to open. The handle is made of woven glass fiber that is non-slip. There is no teeth or serrations, and the smooth blade can carry out most the cutting and slicing task comfortably. On the other hand, the unique skeletonized stainless-steel liners give it a unique look. 


  • Comes with flat bevels ground.
  • It has 8Cr13MoV high-quality blade.
  • Durable and robust construction.


  • The fiberglass handle may not last for long.

#7 CJRB Small Feldspar Pocket Knife

Price:- USD 34.99

The Feldspar model from CJRB is known for its great value for money and incredibly sharp edge. The sleek design is not just tactical but also provides the users with best-in-class cutting and slicing performance. The knife’s blade is made of high-quality D2 tool steel. This reversible deep carry pocket clip enables the users to carry this comfortably, and its liner lock can easily hold all the things in place. Its high flat grind makes sure the blade edge can stay sharp, and the spine remains durable. It will cost you just USD 34.99.


  • The blade has a long-lasting and very sharp edge.
  • The handle is made of G-10 material.
  • It boasts a deep carry clip, and the lanyard hole is ideal for 550 paracords.


  • Some users find the handle a little uncomfortable to hold.

#8 Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops

Price:- USD 19

When it comes to buying a durable pocket knife, you will never go wrong with this. It weighs just 3.5 ounces, and with its 3.1-inch-long blade, you can comfortably carry out your daily task. 

The blade is made of oxide high carbon stainless steel. To offer you a durable feeling, aluminum is used for the handle. This knife really offers some amazing features, for example, ambidextrous thumb knobs, finger flippers, and more.


  • Looks super sturdy and built to last for years.
  • Comes with the liner lock security feature.
  • Most affordable ED knife.


  • The blade may dull off faster compared to other blades.

#9 CIVIVI Badlands Pocket Knife

Price:- USD 39.95

The unique micarta handle on the Badlands model gives it a classic look. Besides, it also contributes better durability to the scales. The flipper action is very smooth, all thanks to the ball bearing system located in the pivot.  The handle is made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon.  


  • It is resistant to corrosion.
  • Durable 9CR18MoV steel is used for the blade.
  • 3.25-inch blade length.


  • The thumb stud could be a little better.

#10 Kershaw Filter Folding Pocket Knife

Price:- USD 30.4

This knife from the well-known brand Kershaw is what you were looking for. Using its 3.2-inch blade, it will be easier for you to complete your daily tasks. It comes with a deep-carry pocket clip to offer a comfortable and discreet carry facility. To facilitate one-handed operation, it has a SpeedSafe assisted opening system. When looking for the best budget pocket knives, you can opt for this product. 


  • Comes with a durable frame lock.
  • Facilitates secure operation.
  • Perfect for garages, backcountry, warehouses, and construction sites.


  • The alloy steel-made blade may lose sharpness quickly.

 11. Leatherman Skeletool KB

Price: USD 23

The Skeletool KB is known for its high-performance, lightweight, and rugged structure. In addition, the multi-tool functionality has impressed all the users. Besides, it comes with a 2.6-inch drop point blade that is made of 420HC stainless steel. On the other hand, the handle is made from anodized aluminum.


  • It is lightweight yet durable.
  • Very comfortable to use.
  • Build for durability and quality.


  • Pocket clip is missing in this knife.

#12 Gerber Paraframe I

Price:- USD 22.99

Sometimes, a beater and lightweight blade can work great for EDC abuse. And Gerber Paraframe can do that for you. This plain edge, bare-bones, and stainless-steel-made cutter can be a perfect EDC knife. The design is minimalist, but to take the overall look to the next level, it comes with a unique open framing to show off the innards. 


  • Comes with a frame-lock system.
  • Pocket clip looks super sturdy.
  • Serrated blade works smoothly.


  • The open-frame structure can hamper its overall durability.

#13 SOG Escape FL

Price:- USD 26.81

With a unique stance and a secure frame-lock, this all-metal construction and the folding blade are modern-day cutters.When the environment demands a downward cutting force, the modified Wharncliffe blade with a rounded back and a sharp cutting edge will never fail to impress you. The length of the blade is 3-inches. 


  • Comes with a stainless-steel blade.
  • Easy to open and use.
  • The knife has an FL liner lock.


  • The steel quality is not up to the mark.

#14 Buck 285 Bantam BLW Folding Knife

Price:- USD 19.95

This new model comes with a sleek design and has useful features. From the wide sloping edge to the tip of the durable blade, the Bantam BLW is here to meet everyday demands. It has an ETP handle that offers a well-balanced grip. The price of this product is USD 19.95. The overall length is good. 


  • Comes with a lanyard hole for comfortable use.
  • Positive locking system.
  • 420HC stainless steel blade.


  • Users may face issues while opening it.

#15 Cold Steel Tuff Lite

Price:- USD 28.14

Looking for a good quality compact knife? Cold Steel Tuff Lite is a lightweight, robust and small knife. Due to its small size, you can easily carry it in your belt, pocket, and pouch. Cold steel pro lite has a Wharncliffe style blade that is 2.50-inch long, and its amazing sharpness can offer your precious cutting or slicing experience. The cold steel pro lite is a perfect utility knife for all users. 


  • Sturdy design and comfortable grip.
  • Easy to handle and comes with an easy opening feature. 
  • Made from Japanese stainless steel, and you can re-sharpen it


  • Some users may find the blade’s overall length a little small.

Buying Guide

Some Major Things To Consider While Buying EDC Knives

  • Weight and size- Choose a knife that is lightweight and compact. A good knife can be about 3.25 oz in weight.
  • Blade shape and length- Go for a knife that has a blade between 2.5-inch to 3.5-inch. This is enough to handle all the major tasks. Also, consider the open length of the knives. 
  • Blade steel- The steel type can affect the blade’s cutting performance, corrosion resistance, edge retention, and more. Go for stainless steel blade for the best performance and to carry out multiple tasks. 
  • Locking system- Always buy a knife that has a lock mechanism so that you can use it safely while doing rigorous cutting tasks.
  • The material used in handle- Without a perfect handle, you can’t use the knife comfortably. And as per the experts, G10 is a perfect material that is lightweight and offers a good grip. So all outdoor enthusiasts should consider this factor.


Now that you know about the best EDC knives and what factors you need to consider while buying one, you can now easily choose the right one for you. All the products listed above are good and can effectively meet your requirements. The best part is that all these everyday carry pocket knives come under USD 30. 

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