Best Pocket Knife For A Woman in 2021

A pocket knife is pretty much one of the best tools for women to have. It is because they are pretty much concerned about their safety needs at all times. Even though there is a humble crowd trying to make a statement of safety & security for women, there is still a need to be concerned for their well-being. It is because trouble and chaos come with no invitations. 

A pocket knife is a tool that can help a woman save their lives in the most crucial situations. Even if someone is trying to rob them or is stuck in some tangling situations, a pocket knife will help her try to come out of a situation. One of the best products in the lot is Buck Knives 284 Deer Skull Pink Pocket Knife for women. 

I am the best person to review this topic. It is because I am a woman too, and my experience says that pocket knives are really essential for us. They provide that extra bit of confidence while walking down the lane all alone. Not just that but, pocket knives for women are more helpful in most of the other things such as camping, adventure outings, and others. 

This article intends to give you complete details on the 10 best pocket knives for women, with their pros and cons. Apart from that, this article is also a buying guide for you before deciding on buying the best pocket knives for women.

Here Are The Best Knives For Women – Tried & Tested

1. Buck Knives 284 Deer Skull Pink Pocket Knife

Buck Knives 284 Deer Skull Pink Pocket Knife

The Buck Knives 284 Deer Skull Pink Pocket Knife is one of the best overall pocket knives of all. It is a very compact, lightweight, and cheap option for women to carry around with them.

Price: The price of this pocket knife is $24.99. 

Key Specifications:

It comes with stainless steel blades that are durable, rust-resistant, and strong. In addition, it comes with a nail notch that allows it to open and close easily. Moreover, it also comes with a lock mechanism that is embedded over the handle. 

The handle also consists of finger swells, allowing ladies to grip it easily and get optimal control while using it. Hence, safety is ultimately increased! 


  • It comes with a good grip which offers superior handling. 
  • It has a hole in the handle, for attaching it with some key ring. 
  • The company is offering a forever warranty upon its pocket knives for women. 


  • The stock for this pink-style pocket knife by Buck lasts only for a short time span. 

2. Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S 7.1in S.S. Folding Knife-Outdoor, Tactical, Survival, And EDC

Smith & Wesson Extreme

Women who are fond of adventure & action are pretty much concerned about getting the best tools to support their trip. And this is the best tool that cannot be left behind on such adventure trips. If not that, then this knife can be a real lifesaver in case of emergencies around women.

Price: The price for this folding knife with a sharp blade is a mere $10.50, which is a very cheap amount for such a brilliant pocket knife. 

Key Specifications:

This tactical knife doesn’t look too girly but is really one of the best pocket knives for women. Despite the rugged look of the Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S 7.1in, a pocket knife, it becomes an optimal pick for women, as it is easy to use. 

You can get this EDC pocket knife in a size of 7.1 inches, and it has a carbon steel blade. However, if you want to truly make it pocket, it is better to count on a smaller blade shape, just like this pocket knife has. The smaller blade shape will fit in your pockets more deeply without letting you experience crunch in space. 

It comes with a non-slip handle to allow safety and confidence. The matte-black color of this EDC knife is what adds an appeal to this folding knife. 


  • It comes with a quick and easy access blade. 
  • There is a liner lock security to ensure that the blade won’t slip and ensures a smooth handling. 
  • It has a finger flipper for better grip of this pocket knife with a sharp blade. 


  • The built quality of the handle is not that good in comparison to other products in this list. It might be a cost-cutting factor. 

3. Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife Pink Camo

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife Pink Camo

If you are looking for some cute knives, then this Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife is the best in the lot. It is a multi-function knife that is pretty much a suitable option for women. 

Price: The price for this tool is $20.99, which is pretty much reasonable for multi-function pocket knives like this. 

Key Specifications:

This model of women’s pocket knives has seven functions. It comes with a 1.25-inch blade, screwdriver, keyring, nail file, scissors, tweezers, and toothpick as well. The blade is made up of stainless steel. 

These types of knives come with a lifetime guarantee for any kind of defect in its blade, application, or workmanship. This tool has a measurement of 2.25 inches and weighs just 0.74 ounces. 

Hence, that makes it a compact & lightweight pocket tool. The blade length is 1.5 inches, which is sufficient for getting the job done. 


  • It has a pretty funky design, which makes it favorable for women. 
  • You get different colors and designs for this model of pocket knives. 
  • It is a multi-functional tool for the best of assistance in all situations. 


  • The blades are difficult to access. 

4. Wild Turkey Handmade Rainbow Frame With Black Overlay With Elk Cutout Knife

Wild Turkey Handmade Rainbow Frame

The length of this Wild Turkey Handmade Rainbow Pocket Knife is 2.5 inches. It is one of the best pocket knives for ladies to carry around. It is not just good in terms of looks but has long-lasting blade material for serving all of the applications.

Price: This folding knife weighs four ounces, and the price for it is $14.99. The price is fairly reasonable and affordable. 

Key Specifications:

It has straight-edge blades that replicate a rainbow effect all across it. The handle of this pocket knife consists of a pocket clip & lanyard hole. Moreover, it also has a lock mechanism for holding the blades in place. 


  • The design is super attractive.
  • In addition, the handle is shaped to give a better grip. 
  • Unfortunately, there are few attachment options available with this model of pocket knives. 


  • The specifications are somewhat less, as compared to the price tag.

5. Box Cutter Keychain Letter Opener

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Box Cutter Keychain Letter Opener Pocket Keychain Portable Multifunctional Tool is a different kind of high-quality pocket knife that has pretty much a different kind of appeal. It is perfectly meant for women’s security and is optimal to serve the purpose. The handle of this pocket knife is in the shape of a key to disguise it in times of self-defense.

Price: The price for this product is $10.99, which is a cheap price that you will be paying for the sake of your safety. 

Key Specifications:

The blade length of this pocket knife is 2.1 inches, and when the blades are closed, the length of this tool is around 2.8 inches. Not just self-defense, but this tool is an ideal pick for opening boxes, cutting strings, and other purposes. 

This pocket knife is entirely made up of stainless steel, and its blade is made up of a plain edge. The durability is unchallenged and works just fine for all applications. You can also attach this to any of your keychains to make it look like an actual key.  


  • It is a multi-functional pocket knife. 
  • There are color options available. 
  • The design is compact and easy to carry around. 


  • The blades are not razor-sharp in this model of folding knives. 

6. Femme Fatale Ladies’ Pocket Knife ‘Every Rose Has A Thorn’

Femme Fatale Ladies’ Pocket Knife ‘Every Rose Has A Thorn’

Individuals often look for a women’s pocket knife that actually has the colors and glam, matching the choice of ladies. This Femme Fatale Ladies’ pocket knife has all of the features that any practical pocket knife has.

Individuals often look for a women’s pocket knife that actually has the colors and glam, matching the choice of ladies. This Femme Fatale Ladies’ pocket knife has all of the features that any practical pocket knife has. 

Price: The price for this amazing self-defense and utility knife is $11.99 only. This folding blade knife is cheap and outstanding. 

Key Specifications:

The look and shade of this pocket knife are pretty much appealing to the eyes. It comes with a drop point type of blade, which is of length-3.25 inches. The total length of this woman’s pocket knife is 7.25 inches. 

This model has shaped pocket knife handles! Hence, it makes it comfortable for the ladies to use it with a good grip. In addition, you get a pocket clip over the handle for fixing attachments. 


  • The design is outstanding and is one of a kind. 
  • The blade steel is durable and long-lasting. 
  • You get a finger guard and titanium finish as add-on specs. 


  • There are no cons to this great knife. 

7. Cupid Heart Ladies Rainbow Pocket Knife

Cupid Heart Ladies Rainbow Pocket Knife

If you are looking for a cheap and elegant pocket knife, this Cupid Heart Ladies Rainbow is ideal. Hence, the design is mostly for the girls, as they like such funky appeals.

Price: The price for this amazing pink knife is $14.48. You have to pay a nominal price for availing of such a compact, cute and efficient tool of this knife culture. 

Key Specifications:

It comes with a 3-inch blade, and the overall size of this knife is 7 inches. The stainless blade steel is highly durable and doesn’t lose its sharpness so soon. 

There are safety features added to the ergonomic handle of this knife. In addition, the gripping, liner lock, and other such design inclusions make this small knife stand out in the crowd. 

The ergonomic handle of this knife has a ‘LOVE’ design engraved in text over it. The open blade mechanism is pretty much safe, even with its small size. 


  • It comes with a reversible pocket clip. 
  • The blade of this knife is corrosion resistant. 
  • It comes with a liner lock for added safety. 


  • The keychain linking loop is pretty small for bigger chains to link to it. 

8. MOSSY OAK Mini Folding Pocket Knife, Stainless Steel Blade- Drop Point- EDC Multi-tool

MOSSY OAK Mini Folding Pocket Knife

The Mossy Oak Pink Camo is the best pocket knife in terms of look and application. You don’t have to pay a hefty amount to get this pocket knife in your small pocket space. Every girl can now feel safe and camp-ready!

Price: The price for this model of cutting-edge & attractive pocket knives is $9.99. 

Key Specifications:

The blade length of this mossy pocket knife is 2-½ inches. It comes with a drop point blade that is made up of stainless steel. 

Amongst the blade shapes of all of the above pocket knives, the style of this blade is outstanding. The blade of the mossy oak pink camo knife is edgy, small, and has a carbon black shade to make it elegant. There are color options available with most pocket knives of this brand. 

The stylish handle has a clip point for accessories. It is so compact that it will fit in your pants pockets seamlessly. This EDC folding knife has the amazing sharpness that will act not just for self-defense but can be an optional adventure tool. In case of food emergencies, you can also use it for slicing tomatoes without hampering their sharpness. 


  • The knife’s handle is very comfortable to grip on. 
  • It is made up of high-quality steel that supports corrosion resistance. 
  • It has a loop to attach this knife with a key chain for easy carrying around.


  • There are no cons to this product, as it is best in its price range. 

9. Spyderco Dragonfly 2 Lightweight Signature Folding Knife

Spyderco Dragonfly 2 Lightweight Signature Folding Knife

It is one of the most expensive and the best pocket knives of all time. This Spyderco Dragonfly knife product comes with a serrated edge that makes it highly functional. It is not just a self-defense tool for ladies, but it is also an all-around camping and adventure tool.

Price: You need to pay $77 to own this Spyderco pocket knife. The price is high, but the specs truly justify the rates. Hence, you can count on it as the best pocket knife for women. 

Key Specifications:

The handle of this new generation Spyderco pocket knife is made up of Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon. The blade has a sharp edge and is made up of stainless steel. You get around five color options with this model. 

The serrated blades have the potential to slice down almost any robust object. You can use it for your self-defense, camping, adventure trips, and even for normal box openings. The diverse applications are making it a good pocket knife that justifies the high price. 


  • It comes with an ergonomic handle with a tip lock, bi-directional texturing, and other features. 
  • The blade is free from all kinds of corrosion. 
  • You get a locking mechanism to hold onto the blade when it is closed and prevent it from accidental openings. 
  • It has the smoothest blade open mechanism. 


  • The only reason it is in the 9th number is for its price. People prefer products with low prices more often. Apart from that, it has no such cons. 

10. Browning Prism II Knife

Browning Prism II Knife

The Browning Prism II Knife is one of the most smart-looking foldable knives that comes with a safety lock.  It is amongst the larger knife categories. Amongst all of the knives, the design of this model is pretty much standard and nominal.

Price: The price for this product is $24.99 and is available in three different colors. The price might vary for different colors. 

Key Specifications:

The purpose of the safety locking mechanism is to prevent accidental opening of the blade while it is still in your pocket. In addition, it has metallic handles to add more gripping comfort for women who would love to carry it. The blade has a straight edge and is made up of high-quality steel. 


  • You get a safety lock to prevent accidental cuts. 
  • You have thumb grooves to get a better grip over the knife. The non-slip grip is the selling USP.


  • It is not accountable to be called a smaller knife. It is of moderate size and has a pretty much standard appeal. 

Also read our post on best pocket knives under $30 if you want a cheaper pocket knives.

Why Do I Need A Pocket Knife?

You need a pocket knife for your safety concerns! Being a lady, you need to go through several hardships that are not acceptable but do exist in mankind. So, it is always recommended to stay prepared for all situations in life. 

Self-defense is just one of the several applications that women must use it for! There are many women out there who intend to prefer adventure and trekking as passion. And to help it, a pocket knife is pretty much crucial! 

Getting the right knife is an important decision that one must make while heading out on an adventure trip. 

There might be numerous needs at the campsites, and without the right cutting tool, it will be pretty much difficult to survive the complications. So, an everyday carry is pretty much essential when it comes to day-to-day trekking, hiking, camping, or other adventure trips. 

In addition to that, safety is always a priority! Moreover, most pocket knives come with a bottle opener, tweezers, and other such tools. All of these tools also come in handy, with just a single pocket tool. 

Different Types Of Pocket Knives For Women

There are basically three types of pocket knives for women that are pretty diverse in terms of their blade styles, tough materials, and other such properties. The types are:

1. Fixed Blade

The knife blade is fixed in these types of blades that have no folding mechanism with it. Along with that, it means that the knife is ready to use right from the moment you take it to hand. 

You need to take a protective sheath for carrying this knife with you safely. It is not recommended for everyday carry! 

2. Folding Knife

This knife type is fold-worthy and is more compact to be stored easily. In addition, such pocket knives come with a slip joint/mechanism to hold the blades in place to avoid accidental openings. 

These types of pocket knives fit properly in the palms of your hands. And one can use these knives with utmost ease, as most foldable knives come with thumb studs. 

A thumb stud is pretty much important to allow your palm to grip with the handle. And when the knife pops open, this grip prevents the blade from bouncing off your hands. 

3. Swiss Army Knives

The swiss army knives mostly made up of carbon steel blades, are also foldable. They have handles that fit well to the palm. But such knives are mostly packed with features and tools for multi-use. 

They might have a bottle opener, small scissors, a filing tool, and others. Hence, these types of knives are pretty much versatile for a person to select. 

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Pocket Knives For Women

1. Blades Material And Blade Shape

You need to check the length and material of the blades first. If you need a compact version, go for a smaller blade shape, and if you need a large knife, go for the bigger options. You should also consider whether the blades are replaceable or not. 

2. Handles Material 

The next thing is the handle material! You need to check if the handle is robust and comfortable to grip on. It should fit perfectly to your palm to give you a strong grip for using it. The blades should have good edge retention and must be corrosion resistant. 

3. Locking Mechanisms 

This is an important consideration because, without such locks, the blade might pop up when it is in your pocket. So, look for knives that have locked within them. 

4. Opening Mechanisms

The opening style of the blade also matters, as not all styles are suitable and acceptable. Therefore, check this aspect as well! The opening mechanism should be satisfying and quick! 

5. Safety

Safety mechanisms such as attachment clips, rolling holes, and other such measures are necessary. It is to let a rookie person use the knives carefully without injuring herself.  

6. Price

The final consideration is price, which is completely yours to decide! You need to pick your budget and pick the one from the above list that meets your requirement. 

Final Words

Apart from just these factors, you also need to get an idea of knife laws in your state or country. With it, you can be sure not to do any illegal practices by using these pocket knives.

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