Addicted to Extreme Knives? You’re Not Alone

Okay, if you’ve been living under a rock since 1971 you may not know this, but otherwise, you’ll be totally aware that along with cool knives, there’s a culture.  What does that mean?  Well, it means that you are part of an international community of people that love knives for the sake of knives.  It’s kinda like the Harley Davidson sub-culture.  You know the kind right?  The Harley dude is usually a bit hefty around the waist, often has white hair with scruff of one length or another.  He’s also got a full suit of leather clothes and protective outer-gear.  Bandanas, as well as visor-less helmets (usually that look like Nazi stormtrooper headgear), are typical too!  I could go on, but you get the picture.  They don’t wear business suits and have a clean-cut, freshly-shaved look!

Knife enthusiasts are not as easy to pick out of a crowd.  They span the gamut of looks, races and genders, but there’s no mistaking that they LOVE their knives.  I happen to be one of those, but here’s my dirty, little secret;  I don’t do a heck of a lot with my knives.  I take them with me on wilderness canoe trips, but that’s about it.  The reason I buy them is because I just …. LIKE THEM!  I like how they feel, how they look, and even how they sound.  I’m talking about the higher-end, pricier makes and models that make the un-initiated “regular person” look at me like I’m a psychotic serial killer who wants the latest killing tool.  They have no idea of the reality of the situation!!

I’m a bit of a collector, and to satisfy my collector’s urges, I really like to have at least one ridiculously expensive knife in my collection.  It’s often a conversation starter, and even a conversation ender (and sustainer!).  To that end, here’s a look at a few of the very cool knives that you could call “extreme” if only because of the extreme price!  But cool they are my friends!

MicroTech Jagdkommando


Jagdkommando Special Forces Knife

This curiosity is named after the Elite Special Op forces of Austria.  The knife itself is made from solid billet, which means that it is machined out of a solid piece of high-quality steel.  It is not cast (melted and poured into a shape), or forged (heated a smashed into a shape).  It is precision-engineered by starting with a solid metal piece, and then removing any steel that does not look like the final product!

Mini Jagdkommando OD Green Tactical Knife with sheath

It’s crafted from either Titanium or Stainless Steel, and it has THREE blades, or “tri-blade”.  I’m really hoping no one wants this knife to use offensively on any living creature, but I wouldn’t be beyond using it if necessary to defend myself or my family!  The really crazy/unique/awesome/scary/illegal thing about this knife is that the tri-blade design is actually banned by the Geneva convention rules for war!  The wounds would be so horrific that for survivors, it would be difficult to heal and would cause excessive suffering!  Let’s keep it away from chests, shall we?

It comes with a sheath as expected, but this ain’t no normal sheath!  It’s a hard-coated tube into which you actually SCREW the knife itself.  The waffle-patterned handle completes the very intimidating and awe-inspiring presence of this knife.

This is not exactly a knife that you would use for the most part in any sort of survival or hunting context.  In fact, more than anything, I’d suggest this is a collector’s piece that would be passed from father to son for generations.  Amazon has a mini Jagdkommando, but seriously, I’m not sure anyone would afford the full-size version if you check out the price of the small one!


MicroTech Marfione

For those purists out there, you’ll know that Tony Marfione not only runs Microtech, but he’s a passionate collector and knife enthusiast.  I guess you kinda have to be if you own an elite knife-making company!  Famed Japanese knife-maker Koji Hara is no small influencer of Tony Marfione.  In fact, Tony is a fan of Koji’s and they’ve put their heads together to create a unique an eye-catching creation that might be the envy of nearly any and every collector.


Enter, THE CLOSER.  The closer is a work of art with a Titanium frame and Koji’s famous bamboo motif.  The blade uses a system of bearing made of ceramic which allows a user to easily open and close the blade with the thumb or a flick of the wrist.  The blade is hand ground stainless steel with 2-toned tumbled bronze finishing.  The handle has a bamboo motif also with 2-tone bronze finishing.  The pocket clip is made from Titanium and uses a silicone bearing for optimum efficiency and retention.

It comes with an outer box with a carbon fiber look, a nylon pouch with unique dagger zipper pull, a velcro patch (metal dagger) and a certificate.  Oh, and if you have over $1K to spend on a gorgeous piece of deadly art, this may be the knife for you!

It’s 5.8 oz in weight, and the blade is 3-7/8 inches long.


Other Insane Knives (that I would beg, borrow and maybe steal for!)


Marfione Custom MFC396D Custom Sigil Folding Knife 3.88″ Blade Titanium Folder with Damascus Steel



Giant Microtech Marfione Custom Halo V OTF Knife Automatic

… For the low, low price of only $9,750.00

Giant Microtech Marfione Custom Halo V OTF Knife Automatic – 32-1/2 inches long!!!

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  1. Am a serious “collector” but not of the “fancies”. Have several folders and a few fixed blades, one monster I reworked in a tigerwood reclaimed silver and turtle shell grip that stays in m truck as a “work” knife. Its a big clip point bowie with no makers mark discernsble, a little pitting but that just adds class, imho. Fond of the carbon blades,got no use for the “lazy mans” stainless.

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