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Zelite Knives Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Zelite Knives Review: Is It Worth Buying?

The knife market is becoming harder to navigate by the day. Many brands boast quality knives. But how about Zelite knives?

Zelite offers a vast array of specialized knives. However, the Zelite Infinity Chef’s Knife is by far the most reliable one you can own.

This recommendation is a product of years of using and exploring different exotic and native brand knives.

In this Zelite knives review, we’ll talk through the Zelite Infinity Chef’s Knife and all its relevant details to guide you in making the right decision. So, stick around!

Who Is Zelite?

These days, there are many different brands, styles, and designs of knives on the market. During one of your knife shopping expeditions, you may have come across Zelite knives.

knives for home cooks

Zelite is a family-owned knife producer specializing in uniquely crafted knives for home cooks and professional chefs. Since launching in 2015, Zelite has grown to become one of the most easily recognizable knife brands on the market. 

Best known for its chef’s knives, Zelite has a collection of other outstanding kitchen knives. These are made from imported German and Japanese steel, depending on the type of knife.

The knives Zelite makes are known to have enduring edge retention, exceptional execution, and excellent stability. Even better, they come at unbeatable prices. That’s why Zelite knives are often a go-to for people looking for high-quality without having to pay exorbitant amounts. 

Furthermore, Zelite designs are so distinctive that it’s nearly impossible to confuse them with other brands. 

For example, if you line up a Zelite knife with other brands like J.A. Henckels, Wüsthof, and Shun, you would still be able to recognize it even if its branding were taken off. This is because Zelite knives are often branded with attractive patterns, shapes, and gorgeous craftsmanship. 

Aside from getting the finest knives at great prices, Zelite also offers a limited warranty for the lifetime of its first owner.

Overview of Zelite Infinity Chef’s Knife

Zelite Infinity Chef’s Knife

Having a reliable knife set in your kitchen is no doubt a great idea. But from other knife reviews and recommendations, you’ll learn that having a chef’s knife is a worthy idea, too.

The 8-inch Zelite Infinity Chef’s Knife Alpha Royal Series would be the one if you were to choose only one knife for your kitchen. This is because of its adaptability to different functions.

The Zelite Infinity knife is a contemporary kitchen knife that both professionals and amateurs can use. It cuts like slicing right through hot butter.

Plus, there’s a rocker to the blade, which reduces fatigue in your wrists, quickens cuts and slices, and lessens the likelihood of injury.

Like other superior Japanese models, the Zelite Infinity Chef’s Knife is forged from trusted materials. Using effective processes which cut down manufacturing costs, you end up getting high-quality knives at reasonable prices.

Why I Recommend the Zelite Infinity Chef’s Knife

Having explored a wide range of Japanese knives and from years of using most of these knives, the Zelite Infinity Chef’s Knife comes highly recommended, regardless of user expertise.

On days when you can’t afford the luxury of changing knives, the Zelite Infinity Chef’s Knife would be your number one alternative. 

The blade construction, the knife handle, the control, beauty, and balance that come with the knife are major factors that have influenced our resolve.

Moving forward, we’re going to thoroughly examine these elements.

The Zelite Infinity chef’s blade comprises 67 layers of carbon-rich stainless steel on top of ample Japanese Takefu VG-10 super steel.

VG-10 super steel has a carbon content of 1%, 15% Chromium, 0.2 Vanadium, 1.5 Cobalt, and 1% Molybdenum. VG-10 steel is made by Tafeku Special Steel Corporation located in Fukui, Japan.

The addition of Chromium, Vanadium, Carbon, Molybdenum, and Cobalt makes the blade rust and corrosion-resistant.

Nickel, silicon, and manganese are also added to increase the blade’s flexibility, as knives with high carbon content tend to be very fragile.

Plus, the blade has an eye-catching Tsunami Rose Damascus pattern gracing its exterior. This pattern is a product of different overlayed steel layers merged with a liquid-nitrogen tempering procedure.

This leaves you with a durable razor-sharp edge for all your cutting needs. The process also gives the blade non-stick properties, eliminating the extra task of getting food slices off your knife.

HandleZelite Knives Review

The last thing any cook would want is a sore wrist. It makes cooking more of a burden rather than something you should enjoy. 

With that in mind, Zelite has made its Alpha Royal Series Infinity Chef’s Knife full tang. With the full tang construction, you can apply more force without worrying about the knife snapping or straining your wrists.

The Zelite Infinity knife handle gives you a firm feel without feeling too heavy. In addition, the rounded handle fits right into your palm, giving you a comfortable and tight grip.

The knife has a military-style G10 black handle with three rivets firmly in place. The rivets make the handle stronger and don’t conduct or distribute heat.

Finally, the handle has a solid bolster that guides your finger away from the edge and gives the knife the stability necessary for the best performance.

Control, Beauty, and Balance

Two significant features determine the control and balance that come with a knife: The angle of the sides of the blade and the design of the handle. 

The Alpha Royal Series knife pairs a well-rounded triple-riveted handle with a 12-degree sharpened blade to give maximum control to whoever may be behind the knife.

The tempered bolster and full tang blade provide you with just the right amount of thrust. You wouldn’t have to fall back on the weight of the knife, and your wrists won’t tire out easily from lifting the blade because it weighs an average of 8 ounces.

Apart from being a master executioner, the Alpha Royal Series Zelite Infinity knife is a work of art. A careful and comprehensive look at the design reveals that it borrowed different techniques and styles from multiple backgrounds.

For example, you can recognize the military-grade G10 black handle, the 12 degrees sharpened blade, which is a common attribute of Asian knives, and the solid Western design of the knife in general.

Let’s not forget the VG-10 Japanese Tafeku steel it’s made of and the detailed Tsunami Rose Damascus pattern on the blade. 

It’s a masterpiece you would want to own or collect.

Key Features of Zelite Infinity Chef’s Knife

Let’s have a look at the best features the Zelite Infinity Chef’s Knife is known for:

  • Knife dimensions: 12.9 × 0.9 × 1.8 inches
  • Knife weight: 8 ounces
  • Blade material: Japanese Damascus VG-10 super steel
  • Handle type: G10 military-grade handle
  • Handle color: Black
  • Edge angle: 12 degrees double-edged 
  • Rockwell Hardness Rating: 61 (The best chef knives have a Rockwell Hardness Rating of 60 or above)


  • 12-degree blade angle for top tier sharpness
  • The triple-riveted full-tang handle makes it hard-wearing
  • Reduced wrist fatigue and maximum control from the balance the bolster gives 
  • Liquid nitrogen tempering process for increased strength and resistance to wear
  • Comes with captivating packaging, which makes it a great gift idea
  • The intricate Tsunami Rose Damascus pattern adds a traditional touch to the knife
  • When time’s tight, it’s an excellent alternative for your knife set
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Has a large Zelite logo imprinted on the side, which tends to overshadow the beauty of the knife


Where Are Zelite Knives Made?

The knives are made in a state-of-the-art factory in Yangjiang, China. However, the Japanese VG-10 super steel is imported directly from Tafeku in Japan. In addition, some types of steel are imported from Germany, based on the kind of knife being manufactured. 

The manufacturing is done in China to leverage the reduced costs of the Chinese labor market while still using the best materials possible. That’s how the company can offer best-class knives at relatively budget-friendly prices. 

Are Zelite Knives Worth the Money?

They certainly are. Most Japanese knives aren’t budget-friendly, but with the reduced manufacturing costs, Zelite can provide knives at affordable prices.


In totality, the Zelite Infinity Chef’s Knife delivers an impressive performance that cuts across all departments.

Whether you’re an amateur, a collector, or a restaurateur, the Alpha Royal Series Zelite Infinity Chef’s Knife comes highly endorsed and is one of our most preferred knives. It’s also comfortable and budget-friendly.

The little details make all the difference for this knife: the rocker to the blade, the intricate Tsunami Rose Damascus pattern, and the bold ergonomically designed handle.
You can also check out other knife reviews before making your decision, such as the Victorinox kitchen knives review.


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