Watch Two Russians Fight It Out With a Knife and Shovel

When someone cuts you off on the road, what do you do? I often just let it go because, where I live, most drivers are nice. In the final days of 2013, a new YouTube video emerged that quickly got hundreds of thousands of views. The video was taken from a Russian dash cam where two cars are chasing each other down a road. One car rams the other causing it to spin into a ditch. The driver who rammed the other car gets out with a knife in hand and the driver of the car in the ditch gets out with a shovel in hand. Hilarity ensues with the shovel-wielding man smacking some sense into the knife-wielding man.

Go to the 3-minute mark to watch the good part. Click “read more” to watch more awesome videos from Russia.


Here is a classic Russian road rage street fight video.

In this video, a son watches his dad beat up another guy.

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  1. I wish it were this harmless. We had what looks like a road rage incident Saturday night at 3Mi marker on I81 here in PA. One driver was run off the road and shot to death. It’s even on the FoxNews website:

    Penn State Police have little info or have not released all that they do know yet and are looking for a small class pickup like a Ranger. Scary crap if you have a family!

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