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Tom Brown Tracker 2 Review

Tom Brown Tracker 2 Review

Lots of Tom Brown Tracker 2 review articles are currently out on the internet, providing users with a good way to evaluate this particular blade. The model comes from TOPS Knives, a known manufacturer of different cutlery. This article will discuss TOPS Knives, features of the Brown Tracker 2, and user ratings.

About TOPS Knives

Tops Knives Tom Brown Tracker T-2 Fixed Blade Knife

TOPS Knives has been operating in the industry for years and is fittingly considered one of the top choices when buying an outdoor blade. According to their website, all TOPS knives have been designed by people that have had experience in the military, outdoor activities, and martial arts. Today, there are multiple TOPS knives being used outdoors including this particular model.

Product Features

The Tom Brown Tracker 2 comes with different features to make things easier for the user in survival situations. The following are some of the pluses of this particular model.

  • Design – the design of this particular knife isn’t really popular and may be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on your preferences. The blade is slim from the handle and then immediately widens to the point, creating a rather unconventional shape.
  • Blade – the blade is a plain edge type with a length of 3.5 inches. It is made from 109 high carbon alloys and offers excellent durability for many users. The sharpness of the blade is also impressive, allowing users to cut through rope, chop through meat, and slice through rubber. Woodcutting with the use of this blade can be a bit slower, though, due to the different design of the material. The shorter length of the blade also requires better precision when chopping.
  • Handle – the handle provides the necessary weight to keep this knife balanced. The Tom Brown Tracker 2 handle comes with deep grooves to improve the grip of the handler, increasing the safety of its use. The handle is made from black linen and works well even when used by someone with sweaty palms.
  • Blade Tip – a big plus for this knife is the tip. Although the blade shape is different, it does create a wider tip which makes for easy prying. Users will have no problem using it for opening bottles or boxes as the blade will surely not splinter.
  • Serrated Edge – aside from the main blade, the serrated edge of the knife works very well. Note though that the wire cutter may not work for larger types. Owners are advised to maintain the blade with oil to prevent rusting since this is always a possibility with steel blades.
  • Sheath – the sheath is a Kydex type and very good-looking. Note though that the sheath is basically a protection but doesn’t keep the blade in. Hence, the knife can fall off if the sheath is only strapped instead of being kept in a backpack or in your pocket.
  • Price – the model currently sells for $188 which makes it a bit more expensive than other brands on the market today.

Tom Brown Tracker 2 Reviews from Users

Those who bought the product are quite happy with the results they got with the model. Some have noted that the design is far from agreeable and initially stopped them from making the purchase. After using the item outdoors, however, it managed to perform beautifully. Like most TOPS knives, the product is a little more expensive than others in the market today.

Tom Brown Tracker 2 Conclusion

All in all, the Tom Brown Tracker 2 knife gets a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 based on the features and feedback of the users. The innovative design of the blade combined with the handle gives it a charming design that appeals to the lovers of the outdoors. The knife is currently available online and can be bought at a lower price.



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