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Survival Gear List – Equipping Yourself for Natural Disasters


The questionnaireA good survival kit intended for natural disasters is something that consists of a complement of basic supplies and tools prepared and organized in advance with accessibility in mind. Available in various sizes, the survival kit must have something we can immediately turn to when we have to protect ourselves from harsh outdoor elements, keep us warm, when we want first aid, and many more. Well-stocked natural disaster kits are designed to save lives during any crisis. While relief agencies are content in recommending that we keep food, water, and other essential supply good for three days worth, most survival experts and enthusiasts insist that we take our preparations a step further. Here’s a good list of survival gears complete with their analogies and uses during emergencies. This way, should disaster strike, and you are too panicked to think clearly (especially when you have no more time to think), you wouldn’t have to.

  1. Since everyone’s already got food and water in mind, why don’t we start with a survival knife? If you already walked into survival situations before, then you wouldn’t react as to why this is top of the list. You need the survival knife to do the following: preparing a shelter, cleaning game and other foodstuffs, opening food rations, starting a fire, and even self-defense. The knife is without a doubt the most important tool ever devised. Having a knife on your hand allows you to fashion out other useful tools needed in survival mode, like a hammer, water stills (you can do this with plastic bottles), an ax, and many more. The survival knife is always that one tool you will ever need to turn any survival situations into your favor, allowing you to adapt to your surroundings well. With only one knife, you can easily find food and water and scrounge the landscape for anything to eat.
  2. The first aid kit. Before the coming of modern medicines, minor wounds always lead to deaths more often than anyone would have imagined. The wars in the past were always highlighted with massive deaths not from the bullets, artillery fire, or actual combat trauma, but from sickness and infections in the battlefield, including the military’s general inability to treat minor injuries. A well-stocked first aid kit (especially if it includes antibiotics, infection-fighting supplies, etc) in your time facing natural disasters changes all that. Small injuries are known to spell the difference between life and death when in survival mode; your ability to take care of such injuries using your first aid kit is what carries you through at the end of the day. Do not go anywhere without it.
  3. A handgun. Note that bringing a handgun with you in survival mode is nothing fancy. Not only must you survive by having enough food, water, first aid, and other supplies to last the conditions set about by natural disaster, you also need good protection against wild animals in the outdoors preying on you, and from other individuals bent on taking advantage of you and whatever you have. While you are able to kill your attackers with it, you can also do a couple of important things with it, like shooting outdoor locks to gain access on the other side of doors, kill animals, etc.

Choosing a gun for general purposes can be a tough challenge. You are better off with two important choices: such as quantity (this refers to the number of bullets your gun can shoot at the shortest time possible), or stopping power (there are some tight situations when you need a gun’s stopping power over how many bullets it can spit out).

These three items are the most important basics in a good survival gear list. Do not ever go out without them.


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