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List of Abandoned Places in Oregon

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Oregon is just South of Canada on the West Coast.  Well, actually, it’s just below Washington State, which is just South of Canada. It has a total land area of 98,381 square miles. That’s huge! For doomsday preppers, these abandoned locations are perfect for several reasons. This article will focus on finding the perfect abandoned places in Oregon, and utilizing the same for different purposes.

Where to Look and What to Look for?

Depending on your specific needs, you have several key areas to traverse. Oregon has sandy deserts, extremely cold and hot climates, etc. So take your pick.

First, you should shy away from populous areas. This means you steer clear of the Western parts of the state. Your most probable destination is the Central and Eastern parts of Oregon. If you prefer a hot climate, go to places near Pendleton. If you want cold climates, then go to places near Seneca.


Prepping is all about preparation (Duh!). You want a deserted area which can serve as your weekend getaway to practice your individual and group drills, preferably a place without prying eyes to ridicule you. This means moving from place to place depending on the type of training you need to perform, i.e. desert survival, cold climate survival, drills.

Tip: If you are going to be carrying firearms in abandoned places in Oregon, be very sure about the gun laws within the community you are going through as well as your destination. Bring the necessary permits. And for crying out loud, avoid live ammo in the chambers! By the way, knives may also require licenses and permits, depending on the municipality so be warned, i.e. concealed knives!

Abandoned Houses

When you do find an abandoned house or shelter, be sure it is ABANDONED. Tip: if you see a sign that says; private property, no trespassing, then do not perform your drills there. And never ever damage anything within the property. You subject yourself to civil and criminal liability if you do so! Not to mention an angry mob of locals.

Caves and Rock Formations

When you find promising caves and natural shelters, tread carefully. Do not all go in and explore immediately. A couple of expert spelunkers should be with you, so make them explore the caves first! And be sure to be properly equipped. Do not rush. These caves have been there for so long, they are not going to disappear anytime soon.

First, check for structural integrity. Second, check for local and wild inhabitants. Third, be very careful that you do not destroy heritage sites or artifacts! By the way, a large amount of bat droppings with no visible animal track means the local wildlife knows it’s not safe there. Why? Simple, bat droppings carry diseases that can make you very sick and very fast!


Unless you have an expert with you, it is highly advised you do not venture into a mine! There are several reasons for this. First, it was abandoned for a reason! And chances are structural integrity was one of those reasons. Second, mines may have toxic compounds or gases that are noxious or even flammable. Even the surrounding area is suspect.

Tip: If you find one mine shaft, then you better call for an immediate halt! One shaft means other shafts’ chances are in the area. Some of those are concealed by foliage, debris and vegetation! The least thing you want is for one of your members, or worst for a lonely you, to fall inside.

In Closing

With the precautions out of the way and everything checks positive, then you have just found one of the best abandoned places in Oregon to set up shop! Mark the place and see if you can build inside. This can be the perfect place to serve as a main camp, satellite camp, or training grounds. Check out KnifeUp’s guide to the best machete, the best survival knife, and the best hunting knife.


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