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Ka-Bar USMC Review

Ka-Bar USMC Review

A survival knife is an essential tool for every camper, hunter, hiker, sports enthusiast, soldier, or park or forest ranger. This tool serves many purposes whenever a person is in the wilderness. Few of those uses are woodcutting, skinning, trapping, and self-defense. When everything goes wrong and an individual is stuck in a deserted location, he will need to make use of a survival knife to stay alive, and in case he forgot to bring one or the one he has is poorly made, his survival rate becomes very slim. Anyway, if you want to know more, check the Ka-Bar USMC (United States Marine Corps) review below.


KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife

For your information, the Ka-Bar is one of the most popular, historical, and reliable survival knives in the world. The first manufacturer of this knife was Union Cutlery Co., which is now named KA-BAR Knives, Inc.

Brief History

During the war, the US Marines had a rough time with their military issue knives. The knives they were using were excellent weapons, but they were unreliable survivable tools and were also expensive to manufacture. Due to that, the Marines worked with Union Cutlery, Inc. to develop an inexpensive survival knife that can work both as a field tool and as a hand-to-hand combat weapon. After a few years, the Ka-Bar USMC survival knife was developed.


The Ka-Bar USMC survival knife does not boast many unique features. However, it excels in reliability. Nevertheless, simple functions were added to the original knife design.

  • Hardened Leather Handle: provides good grip to its users. Even though it does not have finger contours, the handle makes the knife versatile. Its users can hold this knife in any position at any time with ease.
  • Full Tang Build: assures the users that this knife is made for heavy-duty work. It also provides the user with a nice feel to the knife.
  • Seven-Inch Blade: Short enough to be lightweight, long enough to chop wood and endure batoning. By the way, the knife weighs a pound.
  • Sharpened Blade: It is capable of slicing paper with no effort. It can even swiftly cut a plastic bottle in half. Its blade’s point can penetrate hard plastic.
  • Blade Indentation near the Spine: helps its users to thrust the game animal, combat and hunting wise. Blood will flow through it, and this makes it possible for less messy stabs.
  • Simplistic Leather Sheath: is provided with the knife when bought. It does not have any complicated locks or anything. The leather is nicely strewn, and it has a cool-looking globe, eagle, and anchor—the US Marine Corps logo—embossed on it. Aside from that, it has a sturdy belt loop, and the button lock at the end of sheath secures the knife tightly.
  • Dripping Hole in Leather Sheath: allows liquid to pass through it when the blade is wet. That effectively dries the sheath and knife faster. Due to that, mold formation inside the sheath is not very likely.
  • Serrated Edge: The blade design is usually simplistic, but some variations of the knife have serrations on it.

Feedback from Users

This knife is well-received by people. They commend this knife to all survival enthusiasts and to first-time campers and hunters as well. According to them, the Ka-Bar USMC is the most-well-rounded knife in the market. Due to its reliability, it will become everybody’s lifesaver when he or she gets into a very sticky situation in the wilderness.


It deserves a 5 out of 5 rating. However, just to be reserved about its score, it will be provided with a 4.5 out of 5. Definitely, the Ka-Bar USMC is a must buy, either as a tool or a collector’s item.


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