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How to Ship a Knife


Knives can be difficult to ship. The maker will usually offer a guarantee for your knife but it may still get lost in the United States Postal Service. When you ship your knife be sure that you have a way to track your knife’s path to its destination. This will prevent a loss if the mail carrier is at fault. When shipping knives you should always insure the package for the value of the knife.

USPS Sucks for Knives

Don't use USPS to ship knives, use FEDEX or UPS.
Don’t use USPS to ship knives, use FedEx or UPS.

Many shippers have found that the United States Postal Service is unreliable when it comes to shipping knives. There is no implicit exemption for knives but reviews online have stated that USPS tends to lose knife shipments. This is why most choose to ship with FedEx or UPS so that they can track their package. It is important to disclose the contents of the package when you are shipping a knife. FedEx gives a detailed inventory on an individual basis. The type of the shipment must be known before the shipping charges can be figured out.

How to Package a Knife Shipment

The knife in question should be secured within the box that you are using to ship it in. Many times bubble wrap and packing peanuts are helpful in securing your shipment. There is a big advantage to using FedEx. They have a variety of services available at your disposal. A few of the services include arranged delivery, specific delivery times, and Saturday delivery. This can make it very easy to follow your package for tracking purposes. If the package is missed they will hold it for you for a specified amount of time until you are able to pick it up. FedEx gives the receiver the ability to allow anyone to sign for the package. They even make sure that the person is over the age of 21 who receives the package. (Best tactical tomahawk).

Shipping Knives on Flights

If you are out of the country when you purchase your knife, you can bring it home with you even with the strict rules on airlines since the 9/11 tragedy. The best way to get your knife home is to put it in your checked luggage. Do not try to bring it with you in your carry-on luggage. You will lose your knife if you do this. You will be able to bring your knife home with you if you pack it in your checked luggage. (This balisong knife rocks and it is not a Benchmade).


FedEx and UPS offer services that the USPS does not. This is why it is necessary to ship all of your knives through FedEx or UPS. They will accommodate any special instructions as well. These are well-known companies that specialize in shipping items like knives. You will be able to know where your package is at any given moment if you use FedEx or UPS. (Top 3 machetes that you’ve never heard of ).

Shipping knives can be a challenge. You only need to understand that knives are a weapon and treated differently than a regular package. With the tracking methods and special instructions value to FedEx and UPS, you will find that shipping your knife will be worry-free. Make sure that your knife gets to its destination and ship it through FedEx or UPS as opposed to the USPS. This is the best way to ship a knife.


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