How to Adjust a Bayonet to fit Perfectly

April 2, 2020
ontario knife company bayonet

One of our “guys” here at Knife Up had the opportunity to travel to Franklinville, NY to check out a true American Institution.  At least that’s how he sees it, and from what he reported, it looks like I won’t be the first to disagree with him.  The company he visited is the Ontario Knife Company.  Take a wild guess how old the company is!  Well, let’s just say it was founded in 1889!  The fact that it’s not only still around, but that it’s making knives that consistently rank amongst the world’s finest, is a real testimony to the staying power and quality of the company.

Military Quality

Because the Ontario Knife Company (OKC) has been supplying the US military with knives and tools for years, they kind of know what they’re doing with steel!  They make the majority of their knives in their Franklinville facility, but just as a bit of a sidetrack, I need to give full disclosure!  SOME of their folding knives are not made in their own factory but in a high-quality Taiwanese manufacturing facility.  Regardless of where they are made, the OKC backs their knives with their warranty and their name.  From what we’ve seen, that’s good enough for most normal people!  Whether it’s made in Taiwan or the USA, you’re getting a knife that one of the world’s premier knife makers stands fully behind.

Bayonets Please!

Okay, enough of a tangent, let’s get down to business!  Rick from OKC told us that many gun enthusiasts love the AR-15 rifle, and many collectors own at least a replica, to which they’d like to attach a bayonet. OKC makes an excellent bayonet knife, and the best thing is that it can be used as a regular survival knife in addition to a deadly bayonet. However, many gun owners run into problems attaching the knife to a gun barrel since the attachments on both the knife and the gun need to fit perfectly to each device.  Here’s a video explaining how to do it if you find your knife handle is not the correct length.

Bayonet Adapter

Triple R Products is the name of the company that offers the best adapter/extender for your AR-15. Here’s a good place to start your research, and you can always contact Triple R for further details.

Thanks for checking out this article, and be sure to check the latest bayonets available from Ontario Knife Company.  They’ve been supplying the US military for many years so you know they know how to make the right stuff!  Here’s a list of excellent bayonet knives made specifically for one main purpose (though they do have more versatility than just hanging off the end of your barrel!)

1.   Ontario Knife Company, M9 Bayonet and Scabbard

M9 Bayonet and Scabbard

2.  Ontario 490 M9 Bayonet System

Ontario 490 M9 Bayonet System

3.  Ontario Knife Company - OKC3S MARINE BAYONET


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