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Chicago Cutlery Reviews 2021

Chicago Cutlery Reviews 2021

To own a good set of cutlery in your kitchen is an asset that you should not compromise with. This not only elevates the aesthetic of your kitchen but also amps up your cooking experience. 

If you love hosting dinner parties with friends, you will know how essential it is to have a suitable cutlery set. The charisma the Chicago cutlery possesses makes it worth the investment.

As an affordable yet classic cutlery set for the kitchen, we would recommend Chicago cutlery, which consists of knives, spoons, and forks of premium quality and at the best price in the market. Today, we’ll review the best set of cutlery from this brand and give you insights so you can decide you should invest in this brand.

The brand offers a wide range of cutlery. It comes in a block set from 11 to 21 pieces of cutlery. The review we have done here is based on material, price, quality, and feedback from thousands of consumers.

Chicago Cutlery Knife Set

Chicago Cutlery Reviews

Chicago company specializes in knives and other cooking utensils. It has been one of the best knife manufacturers and has been famous for over a decade. It offers various sets of cutlery knives which carters needs of every consumer. The blades are stainless and have a lifetime warranty. So, as a new buyer, you can trust the brand. It would take care of your broken product for a lifetime. 

It manufactures high-quality knives and offers a wide variety of knives, from steak knives to regular kitchen knives. It even has custom knives for experienced chefs. 

Best Chicago Cutlery Knife Set Reviews

1. Chicago Cutlery 19 Piece Insignia Block Set

Chicago Cutlery 19 Piece Insignia Block Set

Items In the Set:

  • 8-inch chef’s knife, 8-inch bread knife, 8-inch slicer.
  • 7inch hallo edge santoku knife.
  • 6inch boning knife.
  • 5-inch utility knife
  • A pair of shears
  • 3-inch peelers.
  • 3.5-inch parer
  • Unserrated 4.5 inch steak knives.
  • Woodblock with a built-in sharpener.
  • Bamboo cutting board.

If you like experimenting with different knives to enhance your culinary skills, you should go for this knife set. The Chicago cutlery 19 piece knife set is complete. It has everything starting from meat knife, fish knife, to veggies and cheese knife. The comprehensive collection of knives covers every kitchen task for which you may need a knife. The feature of this knife set does not stop here. It has eight steak knives, which are perfect for family gatherings. 

It comes with a wooden block to store the knives, and it must deserve a unique compliment. The design of the block is ergonomic and aesthetic. However, it is heavy and deserves a space in your kitchen top. 

Key Features:

Handle: The set of knives has a sheer stainless-steel handle. Again, you can check the link. You will see the design is ergonomic and offers a firm and natural grip. The design is classy and functional.

Weight and balance: The importance of this steel forged knife is quite heavy. The blade is balanced with a bolster in the middle. 

Durability: The knife is durable as it is forged from high-carbon steel. High carbon content in steel makes the knife easy to sharp and corrosion-resistant.

Sharpness: The knife is too sharp. It is made from exclusive Taper Grind edge technology. 


  • It has the most important knives.
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a built-in sharpener.
  • Wooden cutting board with the set.


  • Slip-on hand when the hands are greasy.
  • Slots are not well designed.
  • The knife is not dishwasher safe.

2. Chicago Avondale 

Chicago Avondale

Items In the Set:

  • 8-inch bread knife
  • 4.5-inch Serrated utility knife.
  • Eight pieces of 4.5-inch Steak knife.
  • 3.5-inch Parer knife
  • 8-inch chef knife
  • Wooden block
  • Sharpening steel.
  • Kitchen shears

The Avondale Review is a classic cutlery set. The design of this knife set looks marvelous, and the knives cut extremely sharp under any situation. This knife set is affordable than other renowned brands in the market. We liked the product as the design is fuss-free and has a modern approach to a collection of knives. It is forged out from steel which has high carbon content. This is why the knives are stainless, corrosion-resistant, and hold the edge well. The knife is formidable enough to withstand external shocks and can give sharp cuts without getting daily, even after day-to-day use.

Key Features:

Handle: The handle of the knife is made from PVC, and it offers a firm grip. You can chop, mince and dice without feeding fatigue from holding the knife. The handle has an ergonomic design, and the black color and matt texture make it eye-pleasing. 

Weight: The weight of an individual knife is light. The weight of the knife is 7.36 ounces. It means you can enjoy cutting without cramping your fingers.

Durability: The knife is forged out of high carbon steel, which means it is highly durable and retains its edge well.

Sharpness: The knife is sharp enough to make precise cuts quickly. 


  • Aesthetically appealing look.
  • High carbon steel that resists blunt force.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • The joints of the knife are sharp and strong.


  • Prone to rust and stains.
  • It does not contain every knife model.

3. Chicago Traditional Walnut Traditional Steak Knife

Chicago Traditional Walnut Traditional Steak Knife

Items In the Set:

  • It consists of 4 pieces of Walnut Steak knife. 

A functional set of 4 steak knives with a wooden handle is a must-buy from Chicago cutlery. The knife set has Ergonomic Fibroc Pro Handle. The steak knife resembles the design of a steak knife from Switzerland manufactured in 1884. It is sharpened with exclusive Taper Grind edge technology. This knife is easy to sharpen as it is forged out from high carbon steel. It has a traditional look, and the design is perfect for chopping vegetables and meat. 

Key Features:

Handle: The knife handle is cut out from walnut wood. If you want a knife with a firm grip and thin handle, then this is the one. You can easily chop the vegetables with safety as you swing the knife. 

Weight: The weight of the knife is 3.75 ounces. It is lightweight than other knives. The fit and finish of this knife are different from other knives. 

Durability: The knife is forged out from high carbon steel. It is high in hardness which means the knife won’t get dull even after day-to-day use. 

Sharpness: The sharpness of the knife is extremely well. It holds its edge well and goes on for years without getting dull. The Taper Grind edge technology is for optimum sharpness and edge retention and offers easier knife resharpening.


  • The knife is lightweight and easy to sharpen.
  • It is better than serrated knives.
  • It is forged out from High carbon steel
  • It offers a lifetime warranty.


  • The edge is coarse and uneven.

4. Chicago Cutlery Pro Hold Dual Knife Block Set

Chicago Cutlery Pro Hold Dual Knife Block Set

Items In the Set:

  • 8-inch knife
  • 6-inch parers
  • Steak knife
  • Wooden board
  • Serrated knife

The Chicago pro holds dual knife block set is the premium knife that you must have in your kitchen. It is a knife set with several features. First, the knife set has a non-stick coating which prevents the food from sticking on the blade. 

This helps in preventing corrosion and damage to the knife. The best feature of the knife is you won’t have to invest hours in scrubbing off sticky plant grease from cutting Jackfruit or banana.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about slippery handles as ProHold dual offers comfortable and confident grip. 

Key Features:

Handle: It is the knife for your ambitious cooking projects. Naturally, you would love the comfortable grip, and the slip-resistant texture makes it non-slippery. In addition, the knife has a super black non-stick coating, so it ensures superior grip for fast cutting.

Weight: The weight of the knives is 8 ounces. The premium knives are heavier than others from Chicago cutlery. 

Durability: The knife is durable, as it is forged out from High carbon steel. Moreover, the ProHold makes them less prone to damage.

Sharpness: The knives make easy and accurate cuts, as the knife is extremely sharp.


  • It has a ProHold handle which offers a better grip.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and extremely easy to handle.
  • The knife is sharp and gives quick cuts.


  • It is not for everyday use.
  • The coating can get damaged with time. 

5. Chicago Cutlery Essential 15Pc Knife Block

Chicago Cutlery Essential 15Pc Knife Block

Items In the Set:

  • Steak knife
  • Parers set of two
  • Chefs’ knife
  • Wooden block

This knife is the best option for those who are looking for the cheapest cutlery set from Chicago cutlery. The knife is not the best when it comes to quality, but it surely does decent work for everyday kitchen use.

Key Features:

Handle: The set of knives has a plastic handle, which is easy to grip. 

Weight: The knife’s weight is 6 ounces, which means it is heavy than usual knives. 

Durability: According to us, it is not known for its durability. The knife is not high-quality, so that it can break or chip off in the long run.

Sharpness: The edge is sharp and can make precise cuts quickly. So, if you want to experiment in your kitchen with new dishes, look for this knife.


  • Affordable for a large set of Chicago cutlery knives.
  • It has a great classic look.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • The knives are of low quality.
  • It does not have stamped blade.
  • Not for heavy-duty.

6. The Chicago Cutlery DesignPro 13 Piece Knife Set

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Items In the Set:

  • 8″ chef knife
  • 8’bread knife
  • 5″ utility
  • 2-3″ Peeler
  • Shears
  • Sharpner tool
  • Six 4-¼” steak knives
  • Two Parers.

It is a knife that is great for beginner and seasoned chefs. The knife offers optimal positioning, stable grip, and has superior handles. The ergonomic design ensures you won’t get injured while cooking delicious food in the kitchen. 

Key Features:

Handles: The handle of the knife is sleek and contemporary. It is made for the comfort of cooking. In addition, the knife is aesthetically pleasing in looks and holds the handle well. 

Durability: The knife is durable. It is for professionals, so you can rough use the knife without worrying about the damage. 

Weight: The set of knives is light and easy to cut. The lightweight cuts are quicker than any other knife. 

Sharpness: It is extremely sharp. The knife is easy to shape. So, if your knife gets du over time, you can easily share it with the built-in sharpener.


  • Easy, Safe, and Ergonomic handling
  • The design is modern and contemporary.
  • It is made for rough use. It has Japanese stainless steel.


  • The low number of steak knives

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Chicago Cutlery Knives Dishwasher Safe?

No, the Chicago cutlery knives are not dishwasher safe. Putting it on heat and detergent are abrasive. When you put the knife in this condition, it is prone to damage. 

Furthermore, the Chicago Cutlery knife with non-stick coating gets damaged and gets scratched. Instead of putting it in the dishwasher, you can use soap and water to clean the Chicago cutlery knives.

Where Are Chicago Cutlery Knives Made?

No, the name of the Chicago Cutlery does not mean it is manufactured in the U.S.A. The main manufacturing unit of the knives is set in China. However, the Chicago knives started at the Chicago stockyard in 1930. The knife is set in the U.S, but due to cost-cutting, it is manufactured mostly in China.

Can I Replace One Piece of The Chicago Cutlery Set?

Yes, you can replace one piece of the Chicago cutlery set. You can replace any product within a purchase of 90 days. You can replace the product online or visit the store to exchange or replace the knife you want to replace.

Do These Knives Come with A Warranty?

Yes, they come with a lifetime warranty. 

Which Is the Best Way of Cleaning These Knives?

Clean the knives with your hands using soap and water. Take some amount of soap, soak the knife in water. Then, scrub it with a soft sponge and clean it again in running water. 

Conclusion :- Chicago Cutlery Reviews

The Chicago cutlery knives are functional and aesthetically good-looking. They are innovatively designed with High carbon steel and Japanese steel. The stainless steel blades are easy to sharpen, and they hold their edge well. We have recommended the best knives from cutlery Chicago based for every need. 

We have listed down the pros and cons, so you can make a conscious choice whether or not you need the knives from cutlery Chicago.


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