Throwing Tomahawk Ultimate Buying Guide [Top 3 Picks]

Man throwing a tomahawk

Are you looking for a good throwing tomahawk? Throwing a tomahawk is very fun, even more fun than throwing a knife. It gives you the same rush of throwing a knife, but with more power. When you hear the “thud” the tomahawk makes as it hits its target, it feels stronger and louder than the “thud” from a knife. This article will discuss what you should look for in a throwing tomahawk, three best-selling tomahawks that you can use for throwing, and a buying recommendation.

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Buck 285 Bantam BLW Mossy Oak Pink Camo Pocket Knife

WHY PINK? [dropcap]S[/dropcap]o glad you asked!  I’ve asked myself that question a number of times as I noticed more and more excellent PINK knives from America’s top companies like Spyderco, Ontario Knife Co., Buck, Kershaw, etc.  What’s the deal?  I asked that question to Ontario Knife’s marketing director Matt recently, and the answer was something … Read more

Review: Zero Tolerance 0566BW Hinderer Folder BlackWash Knife with SpeedSafe

Zero Tolerance is a name that for those in the know, has a ring of ultra-high quality that is surely second to no other.  If you check out their website, you’ll see that most knives settle in around the $275 – $300 range!  That’s some major coin!  Why the fuss?  Well, there’s a reason!  Let’s … Read more

Best Pink Pocket Knife for EDC [The 3 Top-Selling]

Pink pocket knife

Are you looking for a pink pocket knife for EDC (everyday carry)? Or just a pink knife that you can use to cut open boxes at work? I know that KnifeUp and many other survival review sites are geared for men but, for this article, I’ll focus on what many ladies are looking for.  In our culture of blended genders and unisex everything, I think I’ll buck the political correctness trend and say something that will ROCK YOUR WORLD!  READY!? ….. men and women are different!  AHHHH, I said it!!  Will this site be shut down now??  

There are many knives out there that are colored pink but honestly, many of them won’t stand up to long-term use. Cheap ones will last a few weeks to a few months before they’ll fall apart. Do yourself a favor and invest in a mid-level knife that’ll last for a few years. It’ll be sharper, easier to use, and, most importantly, safer. A dull blade is dangerous–ask any cook.

This guide will discuss the 3 top-selling pink pocket knives for females and make a recommendation as to which one you should get. These are all high quality, big brand knives that you can use for ages. If you are going to get a pink pocket knife for your girlfriend, I’m sure you don’t want to give her crap ;-).

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Camillus Carnivore Machete Review

The is the envy of many outdoor enthusiasts. This durable machete has many features giving it a variety of uses.  The 12-inch blade sits on a comfortable, camouflage ABS handle. Is this For Me? For me personally, yes!  If you are looking for a practical machete to use in the woods, to cut through dense … Read more

3 Best Ice Tempered Scissors

Ice scissors are the best type of shears to cut with. Some skeptics do not believe that ice tempering steel produces a better blade but, as we will show you, they are dead wrong. The best shears are always ice tempered to ensure that the blade stays sharp for the longest time possible. Tempering gives … Read more

Best Gifts for Your Knife Lover!

knife gift guide

Okay, so I’m positive you don’t even really need me to tell you about the timeless nature of giving knives and knife-related gifts to those who matter to you in life right?  Just in case I’m wrong, here’s a brief synopsis:  Knives are a useful, enduring personal item which can be used daily or displayed … Read more