3 Best Ice Tempered Scissors

Ice scissors are the best type of shears to cut with. Some skeptics do not believe that ice tempering steel produces a better blade but, as we will show you, they are dead wrong. The best shears are always ice tempered to ensure that the blade stays sharp for the longest time possible. Tempering gives the steel added properties without increasing the production cost.

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What is Ice Tempered Steel?

Steel can be made of carbon or stainless steel. Carbon steel is harder, would stay sharp longer, and is brittle. Stainless steel resists rust more than carbon steel but dulls faster. The difference between carbon steel and stainless steel is that chromium is added to stainless steel to prevent free radicals (oxygen) from bonding with the iron.

In addition to changing the composition of the alloy, steel can be further hardened with tempering. Tempering is the manipulation of steel temperatures after it has been forged to give it additional properties. Ice-tempered steel means that the steel has been cooled anywhere between 10f and -100f. The extremely low temperatures would optimize the atomic alignment of the steel to give long lasting sharpness. Ice-tempered steel is not harder than non-ice tempered steel–it just dulls slower.  It could be described as the steel being “optimized” in its chemical structure (by cooling it rapidly during the hardening process to 120 degrees below zero).  I know that can sound confusing, but you’ll have to trust me on this.  It’s not “harder” steel as much as it’s “optimized and efficient” steel.

Jatai Switch Blade Shears

jatai switchbladeThe switch blade shears from Jatai is a revolutionary new take on scissors. Instead of sharpening the blade after it dulls, this model allows you to snap on replacement blades. This reduces the cost of owning the shears because replacement shears can be purchased inexpensively.

The blade and handle is made of stainless steel. This makes it perfect for cutting hair since it will not rust when exposed to moisture. It is also very good for people who live near large bodies of salt water.

The shear also comes with a no-nip-tip design that prevents you from accidentally cutting yourself. It also has a finger rest. The manufacturer states that it will last between 6 to 12 months before going dull.

The Jatai Switch Blade Shears can be purchased on Amazon for one of the better prices available anywhere. It has a 5-star review and is one of the top-selling shears on Amazon.

Roseline Solingen Ice Scissors

roseline solingenThis 7 and a half inch shear is made in Solingen, Germany. It features a removable finger rest as well as inner padding ring. The shears are only a few ounces in weight and have been tested by time. This model has been around for years and is raved about among hair stylists and groomers.

The metal is ice tempered and ground to ensure that the blade stays sharp for a very long line. It is hand made with pride.

The product can be purchased online (it is hard to find this model off-line) at Amazon.

Mehaz Perfect Grip

mehaz perfect grpThis third and final ice tempered scissor is a 6 inch, stainless steal model made by Mehaz. The model is very well balanced and light weight. The plastic handle with cushions does not stress your hands after a full day of cutting. The model is cheaper than the rest at $39.20 but still has a great 5 star review.

If you are new or are a hobbiest hair stylist, the Mehaz is a perfect choice for you. Read more about it here.


If you are looking for a great, well rounded ice scissor, check out the German made Roseline shears. My style lives by it and, if you want to be a great stylist like him, get a pair of Roselines. The Mehaz is great for anyone new to cutting hair and is very well priced for beginners. If you often cut rough and product soaked hair, give the Jatai switch blade a look. It cuts very well and will save your good shears from damage.

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