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Our small team has spent countless hours researching gear and actually using quite a bit of it.  For those items we don’t actually buy, we’ve spent a crazy amount of time researching the products on Amazon, customer comments, forums, manufacturer websites and more!  We truly hope to bring you useful, actionable and easy to read product reviews.

  • CRKT Ultima Review

    CRKT Ultima Review

    However, in our attempt to help you maximize the efficiency of your research, we’ve gone ahead and researched a VERY good alternative and our best recommendation for a CRKT Ultima alternative. Introducing the Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Serrated Edge tactical knife.  It’s almost exactly the same size and length as the Ultima.  It’s also full…

  • Cold Steel Pro Lite Clip : Full Review

    Cold Steel Pro Lite Clip : Full Review

    Check out the video at the end of this review and toss your name into our free giveaway – of THIS KNIFE! First Thoughts Do you ever notice that sometimes the value you place on an item has something to do with how much (or how little) you pay?  For example, if you bought a…

  • Balisong Knives Reviewed

    Balisong Knives Reviewed

    Are you looking for an awesome Balisong knife to flip? Look no further, we reviewed 3 top-selling Balisong knives and, guess what, price does not equal quality! Balisongs, also called butterfly knives, are a type of traditional Filipino knife that originated in a town called Balisong. In fact, that town still produces Balisong knives today.…

  • How Good is the Carter Trinity Folding Knife?

    How Good is the Carter Trinity Folding Knife?

    The from the Ontario Knife Company, stands as one of the best every day carry knives most people could ever want.  Let me tell you why? For 2018, The Ontario Knife Company (OKC) has collaborated with Robert Carter to create a very affordable, consumer-oriented, and useful EDC (every day carry) pocket knife called the Trinity. …

  • Cold Steel True Flight Thrower Review

    Cold Steel True Flight Thrower Review

    [dropcap]T[/dropcap]hrowing knives are cool, right? Specifically weighted and designed to be accurately and effectively thrown, they are a distinct and separate category from regular knives.  Knife throwing is a great activity that develops hand/eye coordination and accuracy. And let’s just admit it, as a kid you likely thought about throwing a knife at a target or…

  • ESEE 4P Review

    ESEE 4P Review

    Only a few other companies in the world can create such high-quality knives like the ones that ESEE has, and among the models that they currently have, the seems to stand apart from the rest. If you are looking for a reliable knife that you can take with you on your camping or hiking trips,…

  • ESEE 6P Survival Knife Review

    ESEE 6P Survival Knife Review

    The is a person’s best friend when that person is out on a camping trip or has gone fishing. This knife would cleanly cut one’s freshly-caught fish on a fishing trip and this knife would cut through the bone (with precision) of any game the person on a hunting trip would have caught. In general,…

  • What is the Best Machete?

    What is the Best Machete?

    We reviewed the top 3 machetes and found one surprising secret. Unlike most people, I’m sure you’re looking for the best machete because you want to survive the Zombie apocalypse (or just cut down some stuff when hiking.  Either reason is good in my book). The problem here is that while the world is filled with…

  • The Best Survival Hatchet: Supreme Buying Guide & Top 3 Review

    The Best Survival Hatchet: Supreme Buying Guide & Top 3 Review

    What is a survival hatchet? A hatchet is a type of axe that has a head that weighs anywhere from 1 to 3 pounds and is small enough to be wielded with one hand. On one end, a hatchet has a sharp blade that runs about 3-5 inches. On the other end, a hatchet has…

  • Cold Steel Rep Reveals the Best Way to Get Factory Seconds

    Cold Steel Rep Reveals the Best Way to Get Factory Seconds

    Are you looking to buy a great cold steel knife? Cold Steel makes lots of awesome blades from folders to machetes. Every so often, the Cold Steel sells factory seconds at a reduced price. These are knives that have not fully made it to the standard and, therefore, are sold at a discount. Don’t worry,…

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