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10 Best Titanium Dive Knife in 2021

10 Best Titanium Dive Knife in 2021

There is no doubt that the best dive knife is an important tool that you can use to cut yourself loose from nets, clear debris, and it can also help in different underwater tasks. 

Well, diving knives have always had the lure in many action movies. But the best dive knives are not just a weapon; for scuba drivers, these are a great safety tool. Diving sites are the best locations for fishing, but fishing nets or fishing lines are often lost on wrecks. 

 You can’t detect them easily and can get entangled in a net. This is where a pointed tip knife designed for diving will come to play. When you have the best dive knife, you can easily cut those fishing lines. Besides, it also offers some other functions. 

In some countries, a good diving knife has become a necessary safety tool that every diver should carry. But how to choose the best dive knife to enjoy maximum benefits. You should buy a knife that perfectly matches your diving type. 

To help you out with this, we have listed down the ten best titanium dive knives that you can trust. Besides, we also have mentioned some useful tips that can help you to choose a perfect knife to make your marine life comfortable. 

Here Are The best Titanium Dive Knife – Tried & Tested

 #1 Atomic Aquatics Titanium Dive Knives

Atomic Aquatics Titanium Dive Knives

If you are in search of a superior quality scuba diving knife, then you shouldn’t hesitate to go for this one. Made of a full tang quality titanium blade, this can easily handle the negative effects of saltwater. Besides, you can easily carry it by attaching it to your weight belt. 

Price: USD 129.95 

Key Specifications:

Speaking about the design of this diving knife, while half of the edge is properly serrated, the other half is very straight. As a result, you can use this as a line cutter. 

On the other hand, this knife comes with a well-designed contoured handle that can easily accommodate your fingers. As one of the best dive knives, you can use it with a single hand. What’s more? With this, you will get a good-quality sheath as well as a strap. Speaking about its sheath, it has easy to use lock mechanism and is lightweight. When it comes to buying the best dive knives with serrated and smooth edges, giving this knife a try will not be a wrong decision. 


  • Superb quality
  • 4-inch blade length offers an easy cutting experience
  • Adjustable straps
  • Well-contoured handle


  • Some users may find it a little big while mounting on the BCD.

#2 Promate Barracuda Titanium Diving Knife

Promate Barracuda Titanium Diving Knife

This sleek designed scuba diving knife is specially designed for both new and professional scuba divers. The knife comes with very comfortable leg straps, and the blade’s edges are sharp and strong. Compared to a stainless steel dive knife, this knife can retain the edges even after many dives.

Price: USD 129.95

Key Specifications: 

The blade feels much lighter than other materials, and you can also carry it in your check-in luggage. What’s more?  The knife has an easy to hold and grip handle and has a pointed tip. You can also easily disassemble the product to clean it properly. 


  • Leg mount 
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Can be attached with your scuba gear


  • Some users may find the straps very complicated to use
  • The sheath may come loose after using it for a few months. 

#3 Blue Reef Titanium Folding Scuba Knife

Blue Reef Titanium Folding Scuba Knife

If you are looking for a budget-friendly and folding titanium knife for scuba diving, then this knife is for you. The knife is compact and small enough to carry comfortably in your BCD pocket. Besides, you can easily attach it to a loop or D-ring using a lock lanyard.

Price: USD 24.95

Key Specifications: 

Speaking about the blade, it comes with a very sharp drop point tip and a line cutter. Besides, it has partially smooth and serrated edges. Due to its various cutting surfaces, it can easily carry out different tasks, for example, sawing, slicing, stabbing, and more. 


  • Line cutter
  • Folding sheath to offer a maximum level of safety
  • Extremely sharp blade
  • Spring-loaded lock system


  • Its lanyard mounting style may not be suitable for all. 

#4 Aqua Lung Diving Knife

Aqua Lung Diving Knife

When it comes to buying a fixed blade diving knife that can offer the best in class performance, you can’t ignore this knife. As a good dive knife, it comes with a unique locking mechanism that securely locks the knife in its sheath. Besides, you will not face any issues while removing the knife from it.

Price: USD 104.00

Key Specifications: 

Besides, the knife has integrated BC connection points so that you can easily attach it with your BC. As it has a superior-grade Beta Alloy titanium blade, cutting different things will be very smooth.

On the other hand, the handle is made of a material that combines fiberglass and nylon to offer you a perfect grip. 


  • Affordable blunt tip knife
  • Easy and comfortable to hold
  • Comes under your budget
  • Perfect blade length


  • The handle may not last long

#5 Aqua Lung Argonaut Knife

Aqua Lung Argonaut Knife

This is one of the best scuba diving knives where both the handle and blade are made of titanium and also coated with EDP to last for years. Besides, the handle of the knife also comes coated with paracord. 

Price: USD 199

Key Specifications: 

It is available in both blunt and spartan style blades and can be used as a line cutter. The blade length is 4 â…ž inches, and it is quite large enough to cut fishnets and stab big fish. Most dive knives don’t offer a Kydex sheath, but with this, you will get that. Pros:


  • Full point blade and sharp front edge
  • Combines serrated back edge and straight front edge
  • Double wrapped and easy to grip handle


  • It is a little long. 

#6 TUSA Titanium dive knife

TUSA Titanium dive knife

Looking for an affordable knife that has a push-button release feature and can be used for both salt and freshwater? Well, it’s time to give this powerful knife a try. You can easily strap it to your ankle, arm, or leg using its adjustable buckle. 

Price: USD 89.95

Key Specifications:

To smoothly cut a nylon-made fishing line, it has a 6-4Ti titanium pointed-tip blade and is corrosion resistant. With the counterweight feature, you will not feel any discomfort while using it. 


  • Features a serrated back edge and flat edge
  • Comes with a durable leg strap and sheath
  • can be disassembled for a better cleaning


  • The handle material is not sturdy enough to last long. 

#7 Underwater Kinetics Remora Dive Knife

Underwater Kinetics Remora Dive Knife

You can also use this as a prying tool. In terms of mounting, it can be mounted using a BCD strap and hose clip. 

Price: USD 73.73

Key Specifications:

The tanto-style blade is made of high-grade titanium, and with the blunt edge, it will smoothly cut through different items. The handle is created using injection-molded plastic and feels very lightweight.


  • The sharp serrated blade edge
  • Comes with an adapter for mounting with a hose
  • Easy to use a safety lock system


  • Can retain the serrated edges for a long time. 

#8 Scubapro Mako Titanium Blade Knife

Scubapro Mako Titanium Blade Knife

This is a multi-functional solid titanium blade scuba knife that can be used for different purposes.

Price: USD 144.00

Key Specifications:

For example, like a bottle opener,  to make clean slices, a large line-cutting notch, and more. The handle has sufficient gripping areas and also has a thumb guard. 


  • Small and lightweight
  • Multi-functional design
  • A double-edged blade


  • The straps of the knife could be a little longer 

#9 Audeamus Titanium Scuba Knife With Serrated Edge

Audeamus Titanium Scuba Knife With Serrated Edge

With a no-rust titanium blade, this knife can be easily used under freshwater and saltwater.

Price: USD 99.95

Key Specifications:

The blade length is 5-inches and has straight as well as serrated edges. You will also get a sheath with this that has a secure easy-click lock mechanism. 


  • Backed by a 6-day money-back guarantee
  • Comes with heavy-duty leg straps
  • Corrosion-resistant 


  • The blade requires frequent sharpening

#10 5″ Titanium Knife


You can use it for snorkeling, fishing as well as scuba diving.

Price: USD 99.98

Key Specifications:

This blunt tip version knife has a 5-inch long titanium blade and also comes with a good quality rubberized grip to offer a comfortable hold under the water. As one of the best titanium dive knives.


  • Great value for money
  • Comes with a sheath and straps
  • Contoured handle


  • Too big for mounting on your BCD

What Sort Of Dive Knife Should You Choose?

When buying a knife for diving, the deciding factor will be the type of knife you will need. In general, most people get confused about whether to go for a blunt or sharp tip? However, you should buy one that has a perfect combination of straight and serrated edges. As a result, you can use it for diving and also as a bottle opener. Besides, based on your comfort level, you can also go for foldable dive knives with a push-button release mechanism. Besides, don’t forget to consider a line-cutting notch feature as this will allow you to free yourself from nets quickly. And don’t go for stainless steel blade knives as they may not last for years under saltwater. 

Stainless Steel VS Titanium Dive Knives

Stainless steel is a common alloy and is widely used in the manufacturing of such knife blades. Grade 304 or Marine-grade 316 steel is used for this. However, in terms of durability, a stainless steel knife may not perform well like titanium, and some of them are not corrosion-resistant. Stainless steel-made knives are good for freshwater. So, most of the experts suggest buying a titanium-made knife as it is durable. They perform much better than steel blades, and also, due to the corrosion resistance feature, they will last for a long time. Such blades are very lightweight and can retain the edges for years.  

Blunt Tip Or Sharp Tip?

Remember that your blade style will play a great role in the overall functionality of the knife. And you need to choose between sharp tip or blunt tip. 

Speaking about a blunt tip style, this is perfect for chiseling, hacking, digging, and prying. Unlike a straight-edge blade with a blunt tip, you don’t have to worry about any accidents, like puncturing your wetsuit, air hoses, and more. Even though such a blade comes with a sharp edge, it is safe to use. 

Now coming to the sharp front edge, it is ideal for cutting and puncturing. Diving knives with sharp front edges are quite popular among spearfishermen. Besides, you can use them to clean a catch. But remember that such a tip can be more dangerous. Furthermore, the tip can break while chiseling and digging. So, sharp tips are not good for scuba divers.  

How Do You Attach Your Dive Knife?

When doing scuba diving, you will have to attach your knife to your equipment, or in your pocket, to your BCD, or your leg. However, the most crucial thing to consider is that you should be able to easily access it. 

Hose Or BCD Mounted Knives

Using such a knife, you can easily and securely attach it to your gear.  Besides, with minimal effort, you can access it. A BCD-mounted knife is smaller and much lighter than other models. 

Leg Mounted Knives

Such scuba diving knives can be a little challenging to use and can also lead to entanglement issues. However, it has been seen that some divers prefer to go for this model to feel like Tomb Raider. 

Foldable Knives

When you have a foldable dive knife, you can easily use them underwater and can store them in the BCD pocket. Furthermore, such products are much safer, and you can’t hurt someone unless it is opened. 

Knife Care & Maintenance

Before You Dive

  • Properly inspect your dive knife for corrosion. Besides, you should also check the locking system and blade.  
  • To keep the cutting notch safe, clean the light corrosion using a toothbrush or a soft towel.
  • Check the sheath for proper functionality
  • To keep the corrosion-resistant, don’t forget to lubricate the lock system. 

After The Diving

  • Rinse your dive knife properly and remove it from the sheath to remove debris. 
  • Dry your dive knife thoroughly. 
  • To maintain its corrosion-resistant feature, you should apply a light coat of silicone. You should not use any petroleum-based lubricant. 

Before cleaning, every user should understand the types of materials used for the blade. In general, a dive knife can come in two major types of materials, i.e., titanium and stainless steel. Titanium-made knives are quite strong as well as lightweight and come with a sharp line cutting notch. But they are a little expensive. On the other hand, stainless-steel knives are very easy to sharpen, and you can get them under your budget. But stainless steel blade requires more maintenance. If you don’t have much time, then buying a titanium dive knife can be a perfect option for you. 

Buying Guide: What to Look For in a Titanium Dive Knife?

Size of the knife

Dive knives generally come under three different size categories. These are large, small, and medium or pocket-sized.  Large knives are the ones that you can see the users wearing strapped to the legs. Well, if you are not an underwater hunter, then don’t buy this knife. As per the experts, most of the diving knives come under the medium-size category. If you are looking for something small and easy to carry, then go for small knives with a drop point tip. If the knives have a serrated back edge, then it will be an added benefit. 


Another major factor to consider is the shape of your knife. For example, you can choose between a blunt or pointed tip. Most recreational drivers prefer to use knives with a blunt tip. Such knives can’t be stabbed accidentally. 

Furthermore, you also need to choose between a serrated edge or a straight edge. It will also depend on what type of scuba diver you are. If you are new to this, go for a serrated edge. Well, it is advisable to buy a knife with a serrated and straight edge as you can use them for different purposes. 

Knife material

You can choose between stainless steel and titanium. For better results, you can go for a knife made of titanium. A dive knife with this material can last for years, and you can use them in place of your line cutters. Stainless steel knives can come with a serrated edge but can retain the edge for years. 

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Follow these tips, and you can buy the best knife for diving. Besides, you can also pick the knife mentioned here that comes with the robust build quality, drop point tip, a serrated edge, and more to offer you the ultimate experience.


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