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10 Best Knife For Gutting Deer in 2021

10 Best Knife For Gutting Deer in 2021

When it comes to gutting deer, it would require adequate types of equipment so that you would have the experience which you were expecting. The whole procedure of gutting deer is extremely tricky, which you would not be able to have the money to create any blunders.

Ordinary knives are not suitable for gutting deer. The difficulty is that they do not have the essential layout and build quality needed for a seamless undertaking. In addition, ordinary knives make gutting deer exhaustive and a little bit time-consuming.

You all would be aware that gutting is considered to be a crucial aspect of hunting. If you are having a gutting knife of high quality, it would create a massive difference and would make the entire process extensively simpler and quicker.

You will face certain problems if you do not have a suitable gutting knife. One of the biggest problems is when you are required to sharpen the blade from time to time. 

This makes the whole procedure lengthier and time-consuming than required. The other main issue will be if you do not have the best grip. The grip would start to slip once you have started gutting.  

Therefore, this would put you at threat. When it comes to safety, you are required to buy top-quality gutting knives, which you would be able to pay for. This would help you to improve your experience and protection.

In the end, you would face hand difficulty and physical burnout after utilizing the outdoor knives. In the article, you would get the best knives for gutting deer with price, key specification, pros and cons, and additional other relevant information. After so much research, we have assessed the ten best knives for gutting deer so that you would have an excellent collection of types of equipment.

Here Are The Best Knives For Gutting Deer – Tried & Tested

#1 0691BKG Buck Zipper Blade Knife

0691BKG Buck Zipper Blade Knife

Key Specifications 

  • Special Feature: Gut hook
  • Handle Material: Rubber
  • Blade Length: 4.13 inches 
  • Item Dimension: 6×1×1inches

Buck Zipper’s top-of-the-line gutting deer knife is number one on our list. When gutting a deer, you need high-quality steel that will give you the greatest results while maintaining the tool’s edge retention and execution force.

The device’s overall build quality and expanded functionality make it more convenient to gut deer. It comes with a high-quality steel blade that resists rust, corrosion, and edge degradation. 

The knife’s full tang design is beneficial to users in a variety of ways. Most significantly, it provides users with more leverage and power. In addition, a full tang design reduces hand fatigue and increases efficiency when used for long periods.

Price: $117.84


  • It has a top-notch design.
  • It has 420HC high-quality steel.


  • It was very expensive.

#2 Buck Special 119 – USA Made Best Hunting Knife

Buck Special 119 - USA Made Best Hunting Knife

Key Specifications 

  • Handle Material: Phenolic
  • Blade Material: High Carbon Steel
  • Blade Length: 6 inches 
  • Item Dimension: 6×1×1 inches 
  • Item Weight: 8 ounces

This knife’s main strength is its ability to handle demanding outdoor tasks. With a full-tang 6-inch blade and a 10-1/2-inch length, this knife can cut through anything. Buck knives are preferred by most users, from total newcomers to advanced users, due to their exceptional quality. This firm also offers a wide range of knife styles.

This item comes with a high-quality protective leather sheath with a fine snap fastener, ensuring maximum safety for users. If you like to go camping and hunting in your leisure time, this knife should be your best partner.

Price: $69.98


  • It has a nice design on the handles.
  • It is ideal for jobs that need a lot of effort.


  • It is not light in weight.

#3 KA-BAR Becker BK2 – Best Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

KA-BAR Becker BK2 - Best Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

Key Specifications 

  • Blade length: 5.25 inches 
  • Item Dimensions: 18×5×5 inches
  • Item weight: 453.6 Grams
  • Blade Edge: Compound Bevel

It will be fantastic if you have this adaptable Ka-Bar fixed blade knife with you. When you use it, you’ll see how much more convenient it is than straight blade knives. In addition, it is one of the best-fixed blade knives preferred by most deer hunters.

Even if you have not sharpened it in a long time, you may see a remarkable performance from its edge. Thanks to the high-quality fixed blade knife, this knife will never break while in use, unlike a low-grade folding hunting knife. In addition, because the full tang fixed blade BK2 is incorporated, the blade of this item runs through the handle.

For safe and convenient carrying, a high-quality glass-filled nylon sheath is included. In addition, the inclusion of an integrated belt loop allows you to reverse the knife to the left or right side.

Price: $85.49


  • Its design and durability are both good.
  • It has a finger protective guard.


  • It is not pocket-friendly.



Key Specifications 

  • Handle Material: Rubber
  • Item Weight: 0.1 kilograms

This knife has a large blade and a complete tang, making it suitable for various tasks such as survival, hunting, and camping. You can also use it in your garage to cut materials. In addition, I can promise you that this knife is well worth your money.

Because of its exceptionally sharp and thin blade, this item assists you in cutting nicely. However, you should sharpen it with a ceramic stone to keep its top shape for indoor and outdoor use.

Thanks to a long ABS handle and innovative wing walk inserts, users can obtain a nice sensation when using this knife. Furthermore, thanks to the finger grooves, this knife never slips. A glass breaker is built into the bottom of the handle by the manufacturer.

Price: $16.99


  • It comes with a basic blade with a nice black finish.
  • It comes at an affordable price.


  • It is not convenient because its handle is quite long.

#5 Outdoor Edge WildPair-A Two Knives Hunting Set

Outdoor Edge WildPair

Key Specifications 

  • Caper blade: 2.5 inches 
  • Caper Overall: 8.3 inches 
  • Skinner Blade: 4.0 inches 
  • Skinner Overall: 8.5 inches 
  • Weight: 8.3 oz

This deer gutting knife set includes two knives with the sharpest blades: a skinner game-opening knife and a camping knife. 

With these knives, you won’t have to expend too much energy when opening the curved belly because of the excellent grip that ensures maximum comfort. Furthermore, the easy-to-clean and slackly manufactured knives pair is a welcome addition to your deer hunting weapons.

They also come with deep belly gutting blades, a fitting gut hook, and an elkhorn non-slip rubber handle, adding to the list of notable features of this best gutting knife for deer. So if you keep slipping your fingers over the knife while skinning your game, it’s the right choice.

Price: $33.95


  • Stainless steel blades are simple to sharpen.


  • You would need a sharpening kit if your knife has a rough edge.

#6 ESEE ES4PMBDE-BRK Model 4- Durable and Multiple Carrying Optin

ESEE ES4PMBDE-BRK Model 4- Durable and Multiple Carrying Optin

Key Specifications 

  • Blade material: High Carbon Steel
  • Item Dimension: 12.7×12.7×12.7
  • Overall length: 9.00″
  • Blade Length: 4.50″
  • Handle Material: Canvas Micarta

It is regarded as one of the best deer gutting knives for a variety of reasons. However, the two most important factors are the long cutting edge length and the superb handle grip due to the highly polished material used in its manufacturing. 

Because of the high-grade carbon steel blade, you can sharpen your huge gutting knife with ease, and you can also easily clean it after each use. It’s not just the high quality they provide; you’ll be surprised by their unbelievably low cost.

Its handle is made of high-quality linen MI Carta rubber, and you can use it to skin or gut your animal with ease. The aesthetic produced sharper edges, and the gutting spine gives you maximum control over the animal’s meal and skin.

Price: $303.94


  • It is a lightweight knife and is comfortable to use.


  • NA

#7 ELK Ridge Gutting Knives – A camos handle gutting Knife

ELK Ridge Gutting Knives - A camos handle gutting Knife

Key Specifications 

  • Handle Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Item Dimension: 6×1×1 inches
  • Item Weight: 0.5 pounds

It is one of the greatest deer gutting knives models on the market, with a few improvements over its ancestors. These knives offer enough power to help you gut a deer, as well as a comfortable, extra-gripped handle. In addition, one blade has a straight edge, while the other has a gut hook edge, ensuring smooth and satisfying hunting or gutting experience.

The green camp handle adds a nice touch to your gutting knife set with its extra gripping texture. This hunting knife can be an excellent hunting companion. Both the blade and folding hunting knife provide an idea and an exceptionally amazing gutting experience. 

Price: $26.15


  • It is durable and sleek.


  • The blade is very thin.

#8 Gerber Moment Field Dress Kit

Gerber Moment Field Dress Kit

Key Specifications 

  • Saw tech length – 7.5 inches 
  • Guy hook length – 8.6 inches 
  • Saw tech blade material – SK5 steel

It is one of the greatest deer gutting knives on the market, and it makes gut hooking a pleasure. This kit is an excellent alternative for being your deer hunting companion because of its strong build and gut design. 

The two knives, one little gutting knife with a shorter blade and the other with a fixed larger blade, aid in the efficient cutting of the abdomen. The razor-sharp edge ensures that the meat’s quality is not harmed.

The inclusion of a high-performance nylon sheath benefits users in a variety of ways. First, it allows them to store the knife safely and without risk of injury. 

The sheath is tiny and easy to carry, which is one of our favorite features of this item. As a result, it makes an excellent hunting companion and a long-term trekking and hiking companion.

Price: $45.46


  • It has a lifetime warranty.


  • It can be challenging to sharpen the hook.

#9 Mossberg Fixed Blade Knife

Mossberg Fixed Blade Knife

Key Specifications 

  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Blade Material: 3.5 inches 
  • Item Dimensions: 10.5×5×1 inches

Mossberg is a well-known brand of skinning and buck-hitting knives. Carrying a separate gut hook along with a knife while hunting is a major miscalculation, but with this hunting knife, your problem is solved. It has a gorgeous blade form and anti-glare coating, as well as a fantastic and fine end finish. This knife’s blade satisfies you to a large extent.

This knife from Mossberg is an outdoorsman’s favorite since it is low weight and sturdy enough to use repeatedly without sharpening the blade. It’s an excellent deer skinning knife because of the blade’s form, which is coupled with a gut hook. The blade is composed of stainless steel and has an anti-glare coating.

Price: $35.84


  • It is small in size and weight.


  • Its handle is too small.

#10 Buck Knives 393 Omni Hunter

Buck Knives 393 Omni Hunter

Key Specifications 

  • Overall length: 9.75 inches
  • Blade length: 4 inches
  • Blade finish: Satin
  • Blade Steel: 420HC Stainless steel
  • Blade shape: Drop point with Gut Hook
  • Blade thickness – 0.14 inches

These knives are best for deer hunting because they come with many useful features, like a fantastic tang design with a non-corrosive blade. In addition, the presence of the sharpest and sleekest stainless steel drop point blades in these knives makes them ideal for deer gutting and skinning, providing maximum grip and outstanding results.

Not only does this precisely designed and one of the greatest deer gutting knives give you amazing hunting and slaughtering experience, but it also conducts deer gutting and skin removal.

Price: $59.99


  • It has a high-quality material.


  • It is a bit on the bigger side.

Why Using A Gutting Knife?

Gutting knives are very important for people who are experienced hunters. It would assure that the person would not lance internal organs, which will later damage the flesh. In addition, it would help the hunter to peel the kill without accidental and undesirable penetrations virtuously.

The following are some essential factors of using a gutting knife:

For Speed Of Use

A knife that is light in weight would be considered more safe and comfortable to hold in your hand, and that knife would help you to cut the skin of animals very easily and without much effort to have access to their organs.

Rather than using an axe or something else, if you use a good and high-quality knife for cutting deer it would help you to do the task more rigorously.

For Your Convenience

The nicest gutting and hunting knives are safe to hold up and additional accessible than any different equipment you would require.

You would be able to carry these knives easily in your pocket or you could also stick them in your belt, therefore, you would be able to start your field dressing duties right away and without any confusion or worry.

For Reason Of Sanitation

Image: Source

You are always advised to keep a separate knife for gutting solely because it would help maintain hygiene levels by maintaining bacteria away from your body.

Most importantly, it is very important to clean your gutting knife from time to time, and it is recommended to wear gloves at the time of the procedure to prevent infection. It would also be important to keep the knife sharp so that you could complete the task safely and within less time.

For Safety That Lasts Longer

A gutting knife of top quality is considered to be comfortable to use because it would help protect you, the deer meat, and the hide. A lock-back knife is considered the most durable alternative because it has a blade lock that does not let clasp back and would not harm your hand at the time of operation. 

Your gutting knife is required to be reliable and made from high-quality types of equipment. A considerable gutting knife would last for a long time, even before the time of replacement, but it is always good to have a replaceable blade knife.

Gut Hook Vs. Clip & Drop Point

When selecting the best hunting knives, the blade clip and drop point are important factors to look out for, particularly field dressing knives. The same process relates to gutting knives also. The selection of the knife completely relies on the kind of animal you would hunt and the task that you would be performing with it.

You have three types of points for the process of gutting from which you could select: drop point, or knives with gut hook, clip point.

Generally, a knife with a clip point is extremely strong, sharp, and nice for piercing and cutting. Nonetheless, because the tip is very thin, it is considered the weakest point on the knife.

A knife with a drop point blade is highly advised for the deer hunters as the point facilitates manageable skin-piercing. In addition, this would generally help you to lessen blunders directed to meat damage while gutting.

A knife with a gut hook is also very popular and advisable for gutting, particularly for cleaning the deer.

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Knife For Gutting Deer? 

The selection of the best gut knife is very important for making nice pieces of meat after the hunt. A gut knife is constructed with a pointed tip, but the tip is not required to be sharp. This is because, at the time of skinning, you do not cut the internal organs by mistake. Therefore, to prevent accidental cutting of internal organs, their tip is not much sharp. Furthermore, gutting is performed effectively, which removes all the internal organs like the liver, kidney, heart, intestine, etc., from the gut.

You are required to perform the gutting process faster, quicker, and cleaner to maintain the quality of the meat because there would be no time for the development of bacteria. Similarly, the conveyance of the meat would come to be extremely susceptible because the meat would not have more weight.

Below is a detailed buying guide on selecting the nicest gut knife that you are required to keep in mind before buying a gutting knife.

The Shape Of The Blade 

It is always suggested by professional users of gut knives that the knife with a blunt tip is considered to be the best. The gut knife tip is required to be blunt so that you can at the time of skinning, effortlessly protect your hunt without damaging their skin. If you utilize the knife with a sharp tip for gutting, there would be possibilities of damaging the internal organs of animals. 

Length Of The Blade 

If you have a blade with a long size, there would be more possibilities of getting any organ damaged, which would result in wastage of meat and different fillets.

Therefore, it is advised to have a knife with a short blade knife because short blades provide additional supervision over the knife and help make the gutting process easier.

Material Of The Knife 

You could easily determine how long a blade would retain its sharpness by the quality of the blade. Indeed, low-quality blades are not much expensive, but such knives would degrade the task. These blades lose their sharpness in very little time, and as a result, it would be hard for you to proceed further in the gutting process.  

Therefore, it is recommended to buy a gutting knife made of carbon steel or stainless steel. These knives retain their sharpness for longer times and make the process easier. 

The Comfort Of Knife 

Currently, a wide variety of handles come in the market. However, the material and size of the handle mainly depend on the size of the user’s hand. Therefore, the shape and size of the handle are required to be kept in mind when buying a gutting knife to provide a powerful grip even in the most humid situations.

Your hands are required to be comfortable when you hold the knife in your hand to hunt deer with the help of the knife.


The length of the blade is referred to as the tang. A full tang knife will be used. If the blade spans the entire handle length, or if the blade finishes where the handle begins. Knives with a full tang provide additional grip and durability. 


A pommel is a knob-like feature at the knife’s handle’s end. It’s circular, and it’s also used to produce hunting knives and survival knives. It also provides the knife with an intriguing appearance. The rest is up to you to decide whether you want it or not.

Price Range

Professional deer hunters are fussy about their gear. They recognize that having the greatest tools means having a fantastic outdoor adventure. Unfortunately, these knives and tools can be quite costly at times. 

To make your task easier, we’ve included all unseen elements to consider before purchasing a best-fitting knife or best field dressing knife for deer. 

In many circumstances, a higher price does not guarantee that the knife will perform as well as it should. So be cautious, and consider the advantages and disadvantages of each item stated above before purchasing any gut knife. 

Gutting knives with the best value for money is also available on the market. Although the pricey knife appears to be exciting and sophisticated, the quality of the work is not guaranteed. I recommend that you read the article mentioned above to gain a better understanding of everything.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Sort Of Knife Do A Deer’s Guts Require? 

In a nutshell, the Havalon Piranta folding knife is perfect for skinning games, care, catering, and other field-dressing tasks. Furthermore, by swapping the blades, you can use them for a variety of purposes. It’s lightweight and convenient to use while skinning and gutting, making it easy to transport.
The good hunting knife for around $40.It is especially advised for people who hunt over a long distance. The finest knife for gutting a deer will have a fine, razor-sharp blade and a non-slip grip when covered with blood. Buck knives’ Buck 110 folder is undoubtedly the all-time iconic deer gutting knife. However, many hunters prefer Havalon’s Piranta or a knife of a similar style.

To Gut A Deer, What Size Knife Do You Need? 

Knives with a gut hook blade length of 2 to 4 inches are recommended. One reason surgeons prefer scalpels to Bowie knives is that a smaller blade allows for more control and precision. Dressing the deer will be considerably more difficult if the knife is larger.


Deer gutting is an ancient art that every hunting enthusiast learns on their first few hunting trips. And once someone gets into this ancient skill, he realizes the importance of the instrument’s perfection. And when it comes to picking a gutting knife, he considers every little detail. 

Your hunting or deer gutting experience can be easier and more fun if you choose the correct case for your deer gutting knife. Because of your great instrument, you will have to labor less, and the outcomes will undoubtedly be extraordinary.

The product with a strong chance of becoming our top pick is Buck Special 119, which has gotten a lot of positive feedback. It virtually has every attribute that a good gutting knife should have.

Most hunting knives are crafted of high-quality metal, ensuring that they work well and last long. However, it is preferable to use oil on the knife’s blade to keep it sharp at all times. After that, remember to clean and dry it thoroughly before properly storing it. We expect that after reading this vast review in which we have mentioned the top-notch gutting deer knives, you can easily find the best gutting knife for your deer gutting.


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