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10 Best Pocket Knife For Kids in 2021

10 Best Pocket Knife For Kids in 2021

Just like adults, the kids are even fascinated by the use of pocket knives. And this fascination is what triggers them to look for the best pocket knife for kids that is legal and safe for them to use. But, it is parents’ job to take the concern for guiding their kids to choose a safe pocket knife for their application. 

There are many different types of kids’ pocket knives available in the online market. But, there are many different factors & specifications that intend to choose the best for purpose. And I am the right person to guide you with it because I have educated my kid about using these knives only for a playful purpose. 

This guide intends to give you the best pocket knife for kids, not one but 10! So it is upon you to choose the one that suits the best for your kid. If a kid is reading this article, then note down all of the specifications of the knives you like, and show it to your parents to let them make the decision. 

Before you go ahead and explore the best 10 products, you must know that the best overall kids pocket knife is Klecker Trigger Knife Kit TG-13. But you are not bound to buy that, but choose the best amongst all of the other 9.

Here Are The Best Pocket Knives For Kids- Tried & Tested

#1 Klecker Trigger Knife Kit TG-13

Klecker Trigger Knife Kit TG-13

The Kiecker Trigger Knife Kit TG-13 is probably the best pocket knife among all on the list! So if you were looking for a kid’s pocket knife, you could count on it on priority. One of the most prominent reasons for putting up that statement is its safety concerns implemented upon this product. 

Price: The price for this product is $20.10, which is pretty much nominal for a safe kid’s knife. Also, it is available in different colors. 

Key Specifications:

The blade is not too sharp and not too blunt. The weight of this kids’ knife is 0.8oz or 22gm. Moreover, the blade is 3.2 inches long, and the edges are quite rounded for safety concerns. The kids won’t cut themselves while using this knife. 


  • The blade has a style like that of professional blades. 
  • The length is pretty much optimal for kids to carry it around. 
  • One needs to assemble this knife to use it. And that is recreational play for kids. 


  • It is not a knife that can be used in any practical application. 

#2 JJ’s Knife Kit JJ5 Two Blade Canoe Knife Kit, Brown

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This wooden kids pocket knife by JJ is one of the best knife kits by JJ that comes with two folding blades. This is one of the best & safe pocket knives amongst all for kids to play and enjoy. 

Price: It is cheap and affordable, with a price tag of $10.76. 

Key Specifications: 

The built quality for this JJ Knife Kit is wooden, quite optimal, and long-lasting. It is not too sharp for your kids to hurt themselves. Moreover, it is small and compact to be usable by the kids. Therefore, it is one of the best items you can expect to give your kid as a gift. 


  • It is affordable. 
  • The knife has foldable blades that make it compact. 


  • It is not likely to withstand the damage due to water. 

#3 Channel Craft, JJ’s Pocket Knife, Wood Craft Kit, Wooden Pocket Knife

Channel Craft, JJ's Pocket Knife, Wood Craft Kit, Wooden Pocket Knife

Your kids’ first pocket knife should be none other than this Channel Craft, JJs Pocket Knife. It is a wooden knife with blunt edges to ensure optimal safety. It has a replication like that of a real knife. 

Price: The price for this best kid’s pocket knife is $14.61. It is affordable and is an amazing gifting item for kids above 7 years of age. 

Key Specifications:

The wooden pieces of this knife snap together and become an assembling game for the kids. The knife safety is maintained by the brand, and there are multiple blades attached to it. It is foldable and houses two blades in one compartment. 


  • It is a DIY project and a safe playable toy knife. 
  • It is made up of American Hardwoods. 
  • The blades have rounded points with no sharp edges. 


  • No practical application is possible with this knife. 

#4 Spyderco – Wooden C28 Dragonfly Folding Knife Kit

Spyderco - Wooden C28

Spyderco is one of the best brands of all time for making pocket knives for adults and kids. However, this Wooden C28 Dragonfly Folding Knife Kit by Spyderco is the best in the lot for kids.

Price: The price for this kid’s pocket knife is $14.82. 

Key Specifications:

It is a dull knife that will cause no damage to the kids but will give them an amazing feeling of holding & using an actual knife. 

It is a perfect toy knife with a rounded blade tip that is ideal for all kids above 7 years of age. The weight of this product is just 0.6 pounds, and the length is 6 inches (when assembled). 


  • Kids will enjoy assembling this DIY knife kit. 
  • It is completely made up of high-quality wood. 
  • This blade doesn’t consist of any sharp edges.


  • It is not suitable to be used in wet conditions. Moisture will damage the toy knife. 

#5 Spyderco PLKIT1 Delica 4 Knife Kit

Spyderco PLKIT1 Delica 4 Knife Kit

Spyderco PLKIT1 Delica 4 Knife is a model that gives you plastic dummy knives. It is an excellent folding knife that the kids need to assemble and have fun with. These plastic knives have the feature of glowing in the dark. 

Price: The price for the product is $14.63. 

Key Specifications:

One can paint this Spyderco knife kit and enhance its look. In addition, it is an opportunity for adults to teach their kids to use knives with safety. And in the process, there are no such chances of accidents. 


  • It is a folding knife that is compact for kids to carry. 
  • This knife kit is customizable. 


  • The quality of plastic is not durable. 

#6 Theo Klein Toy Swiss Army Knife

Theo Klein Toy Swiss Army Knife

The Theo Klein Toy Swiss Army Knife is one of the best pocket knives for children. It is just like any real knife and can be strapped onto the belt. You also get to use it as a plastic spoon, small saw, fork, blade, and knife. 

Price: The price of this kid’s pocket knife is $15.99.

Key Specifications:

This swiss army knife is pretty much compact and agile for your kids to be used in any kind of adventure. If you take your kid on any kind of adventure trip, you can count on helping them use it. 


  • It has a stainless steel blade for real applications. 
  • It is 4 inches. 
  • It is a multi-use swiss army knife for kids. 


  • The stainless steel blade is not of optimal & durable quality. 

#7 Wooden Kids Pocket Knife Kit USA Tin Box-Seasonal Toys

Wooden Kids Pocket Knife Kit USA Tin Box-Seasonal Toys

If you consider knife safety for your kids, then teach them how to use it. And that is possible when you get this Tin Box- Wooden Pocket Knife Kit. The soft wooden build makes it a pain-free tool for kids. 

Price: The price for this product is $14.95, which is nominal, keeping in mind your child’s safety. 

Key Specifications:

It comes with nine assembling parts that will form a real-like knife, and you can guide your kid to learn how to use it safely. It is a basic foldable knife with two wooden blades. It is small and compact and can fit in your child’s pockets easily. 


  • It comes with timber blades that are not at all sharp. 
  • It is built in America and is hence trusted. 
  • The blades have rounded edges to take concern for the child’s safety. 


  • The wood looks shiny and fine but is not prone to withstand much moisture. 

#8 Channel Craft, JJ’s Pocket Knife

Channel Craft, JJ’s Pocket Knife

The best thing about this Channel Craft JJ’s best kids pocket knife is that it is a laser-cut precision wood-crafting kit. So the kids will have a great time learning and practicing DIY of this JJ’s Pocket Knife Kit. 

Price: The price for this pocket knife is $14.61

Key Specifications:

It has six wooden pieces that can be snapped together. Snap the pieces to get a real-like folding knife. It is cheap for parents to seek to teach knife safety to their kids. Kids can assemble, learn and use it safely without much hassle! 


  • The wood used in the making of these pieces is laser-cut. 
  • The blades have rounded edges to make them safe for children. 


  • It is not recommended for kids under the age of 3 years. 

#9 Opinel Stainless Steel Locking Folding

9. Opinel Stainless Steel Locking Folding

Opinel Stainless Steel Locking & Folding knife has a steel blade with rounded edges. The handle is of optimal quality. It comes with a folding design that makes it easy for kids to carry around to their picnics. 

Price: The price for this product is $18. 

Key Specifications:

The locking mechanism ensures that the blade doesn’t accidentally pop up. The locking mechanism is pretty much convenient to be present in the first pocket knife for your kids. It should be used with parental guidance. 


  • The blade is made up of carbon steel. 
  • The handle is made up of beech wood that comes from France. 
  • It is one of the best folding knives. Also, it is safe for kids to play with. 


  • Small kids might find it difficult to disengage the locking mechanism all by themselves. 

#10 Morakniv Rookie Fixed Blade Safe Knife For Kids With Blunt Tip

Morakniv Rookie Fixed Blade Safe Knife

The Morakniv Rookie is a fixed blade pocket knife perfect for kids to start their experience with knives. It is one of the best knives within the range of Morakniv knives. It has a good grip that prevents slipping of hands. 

Price: The price for this proper knife with a blunt tip is $18.78. 

Key Specifications:

It has a blunt edge, and the grip is long for kids to get hold of this steel-bladed pocket knife. The material is durable, and the longevity is evident. The blade length is 2.8 inches. 

This is the best kid’s pocket knife that they can use to learn the basics of woodcarving. 


  • It has a wooden handle that has a great grip. 
  • The tip of the blade is blunt to ensure safety for kids. 
  • The blade has a finger guard for added protection. 


  • It is not recommended to be used without parental guidance. 

What To Look For In A Kid’s Pocket Knife?

1. Proper Knife Safety For Kids

Most pocket knives that are meant for kids come with safety concerns. If they have no specific labels for kids’ safety, then they are not recommended at all. 

2. Always Ask For Permission

If a kid is reading this article, remember that you will always need permission from adults before you use these knives. So never use any of these knives without the supervision of adults. 

3. Supervision 

Check if the pocket knife requires any kind of special supervision or not. For example, the blades that do not have any rounded tip require guidance. Check for such specifications before you decide upon buying any of the knives. 

4. Storage

You need to look for how conveniently you can store the knives in your house. For example, some wooden knives are not accountable to be stored in moisture areas. So, check upon this factor on priority as well. 

5. Laws

There might be some laws strictly issued for the usage of knives by kids. So you need to check upon those laws, and if you don’t have permission to use steel knives for kids, then go with woods only. 

6. Cutting 

If your kid is old enough to learn cutting with the knife you buy for them, then look for options to serve the purpose. For example, wooden knives cannot serve cutting applications. But the steel blade ones can! So choose accordingly. 

7. Maintenance

Finally, you need to check if the pocket knife for kids is demanding any kind of maintenance. If it does, then go for the one with the minimum needs. 

How To Use The Wooden & Steel Blade Knives?

The wooden blade knives are DIY kits you need to assemble with your kids and use for teaching and learning purposes. The steel ones are meant for some practical applications, and you need to be strict with your teaching lessons to kids while implementing the same. 


Should A Kid Own A Knife?

A kid should not own a real knife until they are completely acquainted with the safe use. 

Can An 11-year Old Carry A Pocket Knife?

An 11-year-old kid can be taught the right ways of using a pocket knife. And if they are aware of how to use it, then parents can gift them a knife. 

Can A 12-year Old Carry A Pocket Knife?

Yes, a 12-year-old kid can carry a pocket knife with parental supervision. But still, the knives should not be razor-sharp. In this way, it can be safe for the kids to use.  

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So, if you intend to buy a pocket knife for your kid, you need to keep in mind to consider all the factors stated above. And that is when you will be able to teach your kid the right expertise of using knives. If you are a kid and have followed the guide so far, remember to consult with your parents before placing your order.


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