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10 Best Knives For Butchering Deer in 2021

10 Best Knives For Butchering Deer in 2021

Well, you can use a razor-sharp kitchen knife to butcher a deer. But when you have the best boning knife for deer, it will make things a lot easier. When creating your collection, it will be better for you to take help from some professionals and invest in a knife that can easily stand up to the task. 

It has been seen that most of the users confuse the job of a skinning or boning knife with the fillet knives. You may think that all the knives are the same and can be used for different purposes. But remember that each knife has its features.

A boning knife for deer is designed and developed specifically to remove bones from the mean. And fillet knives are best for removing the skin. So, finding the best boning knife can be a challenging task for you. 

Even though processing deer meat can be a different task, there is no need to worry about this if you have invested in the best knife. But, now, you might be thinking about how to buy a perfect boning knife for deer?

Well, don’t worry at all, as we have listed down some best boning knives for you. Have a look at these products, understand their features, pros, and cons, and you can pick the right boning knife for deer for you. So, let’s get started with this.

Here Are The Best Knives For Butchering Deer – Tried & Tested

#1 Dalstrong Boning Knife

Dalstrong Boning Knife

If you are looking for one of the best boning knives, this Dalstrong knife can be a perfect option. Made of 10V high-quality, super steel, unique design, and cutting-edge technology, it can offer you the best performance.

Price: USD 99.99

Key Specifications:

Its scalpel life edge is carefully created by hand using the Honbazuke method. Besides, the creator uses the nitrogen cooling method to attain an enhanced harness. As a result, the Dalstrong knife is military-grade and super durable. 


  • Blade is durable and stains resistant. 
  • Comes with a G-10 handle and is impervious to cold, moisture, and heat. 
  • The company offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee. 


  • The knife can be a little costly for some buyers. 
  • The blade may require frequent resharpening. 

#2 UltraSource Boning Knife

UltraSource Boning Knife

Deer processing is tough, but when you have this Ultra Source boning knife, there is no need to put in the extra effort.  The knife comes with a 10” blade made from molybdenum steel.

Price: USD 17.48

Key Specifications:

With forged construction style, it looks and feels very durable. It has a well-designed textured handle, and there is a perfect balance between the handle and blade. That’s why it has been placed on the list of the best boning knives. This is a perfect tool for butcher shops, meat markets, and industrial processors. Some also use this for filleting fish. 


  • The textured handle is comfortable to hold. 
  • Comes with rear and front safety bolsters. 
  • The handle of the knife is anti-bacterial.
  • Comes with perfect precision and edge retention.


  • The quality of this knife is neither too good nor too bad. 

#3 Shun Premier Gokujo

Shun Premier Gokujo

This is one of the most popular Japanese butcher knives that you can use. With a great level of performance and a stunning look, this knife will make your skinning and boning process comfortable.

Price: USD 159.95

Key Specifications:

It has a curved and thin blade that can separate the deer meat from the bones without any waste. The blade is made of high-carbon VG-Max stainless steel. On the other hand, the cord has 64 layers of Damascus steel. So, it is stain as well as corrosion-resistant. 


  • Comes with an imported black Pakkawood handle. 
  • Exceptional durability
  • Modern and great design
  • Robust blade
  • Can be used comfortably for hours 


  • The knife is expensive. 

#4 The Wusthof Classic Curved Boning Knife

The Wusthof Classic Curved Boning Knife

This knife is very special as this is not just a boning knife; you can also use this as a fillet knife. Manufactured by a well-known brand, it has a full tang design, and the handle is very comfortable to hold.

Price: USD 119

Key Specifications:

The handle is made from synthetic material, and stainless steel is used for the blade and offers 58 Rockwell hardness. Unfortunately, even though this sharp knife is great, you will not get a sheath with this. 


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Flexible yet durable blade
  • Trusted manufacturer with a solid reputation in the market 
  • Comfortable boning and skinning experience. 


  • The blade can get damaged easily. 

#5 Mercer Culinary Millennia Curved Knife

Mercer Culinary Millennia Curved Knife

This right type of boning knife comes with a well-designed ergonomic handle that can offer a comfortable hold. Besides, the handle is slip-resistant, and the company has created the following safety standards.

Price: USD 13.99

Key Specifications: 

The razor-sharp blade offers precise and accurate cutting. Made from high carbon steel, its blade is stain resistant. Priced at under USD 15, the Mercer Culinary knife is very affordable. 


  • There is a protected finger guard on the handle. 
  • Blade is quite easy to sharp and offers 100 percent precise cuts. 
  • Top grade material


  • The product requires only hand wash as it is not dishwasher safe. 

#6 Victorinox Fibrox Pro Knife 

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Knife

This Victorinox boning knife is a versatile tool for boning. Whether the users want to remove or trim the deer meat, the knife will get it done.

Price: USD 37.78

Key Specifications: 

The cut will be very precise, and the blade has a great level of sharpness and edge retention. Different users have been informed that it is best for all types of cuts. Stainless steel material is used for the blade, and it is corrosion-resistant.


  • You will get a lifetime warranty with this Victorinox boning knife.
  • This knife is perfect for deer meat cutting and deboning without applying much effort. 
  • The handle is slip-resistant and comes with a comfortable grip. 


  • The knife requires really serious maintenance. 

#7 Global Chef’s Knife

Global Chef’s Knife

The knife manufacturing brand Global is famous for producing high-quality knives from steel. They don’t come with a separate handle.

Price: USD 114.95

Key Specifications: 

This model comes with a durable and sharp 8-inch-long blade that is perfectly balanced and lightweight. This is a flexible boning knife. The entire product is made of vanadium or molybdenum steel. The blade’s edge retention quality is very impressive. 


  • Anti-slip handle
  • The flexible blade is resistant to different factors and durable
  • A professional-grade knife
  • Amazing performance


  • Quite expensive 
  • Not suitable for beginner or first-time boning knives users. 

#8 KastKing Fillet Knife

KastKing Fillet Knife

This wonderful fillet knife from the brand KastKing is something that every chef must-have. The blade is made from superior quality German stainless steel.

Price: USD 28.99

Key Specifications: 

In terms of retaining edge and precision, this will definitely stand out. With this, you will enjoy an effortless boning and trimming process. You can choose the blade size based on your budget, and the size ranges from six to nine inches. The handle material is non-slip. 


  • You will get a sheath with this knife, and that makes it safer than other models. 
  • It is super easy to clean and doesn’t require frequent maintenance. 
  • With a robust built quality, it easily cuts tough meat. 


  • As it is very sharp, you should use it very carefully while boning. 

#9 Dexter-Russell Breaking Knife

Dexter-Russell Breaking Knife

Sometimes, you may need a longer blade and flexible boning knife, and this is where you can trust this breaking knife from Dexter-Russell.

Price: USD 34.39

Key Specifications: 

The unique curvature of the knife’s blade lets you swiftly glide through the deerskin. Besides, using this, per slice, you will get the most amount of meat. The best thing about this boning knife is a sanitary seal between the handle and the blade. Moreover, the handle comes with a bumpy texture to prevent your hand from slipping from it. 


  • It comes with a unique textured handle to facilitate a secured and comfortable hold. 
  • Curved blade for accurate and close cuts. 
  • Easy to use and ideal for beginners. 
  • Comes with an anti-bacterial seal.


  • The knife quality is average and may not last for years.

#10 TUO Boning knife

TUO Boning knife

Are you looking for a premium boning knife under just USD 35? Then you should give the TUO boning knife a try. As one of the best boning knives, it comes with a special narrow, long, and curved blade to glide smoothly.

Price: USD 32.95

Key Specifications:

You can use it to debone pork, beef, deer meat, or chicken. Speaking more about the blade, German high carbon stainless steel is used for it and is resistant to rust. The knife’s full tang handle offers a maximum level of stability and has anti-bacterial quality. During the use, there will be no expansion, shrimp, or crack. It can be said that it will be a great value for your money.


  • The brand offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee. So, you can get it replaced or repaired for free if it breaks down. 
  • Comes with a comfortable and anti-slip grip. 
  • Demonstrates superior strength and extraordinary performance. 
  • Quality Pakkawood is used to make the handle. 


  • The overall aesthetics of the knife is not up to the mark. 

Boning Knives Buying Guide

Before you buy any knife, first of all, you need to write down what you want from the knife. For instance, you may want different metals, textures, sizes, and more. Remember that every knife needs a certain requirement to work perfectly, and you can easily process through the meat. Here are some factors that you should consider while buying a butcher’s knife. 


A boning knife tends to get utilized very frequently, so here reliability will matter. The blades should be good in quality and can maintain a very sharp edge for a long time. Well, you can sharpen the blade, but a blade that can keep cutting will be a good option. Besides, go for a knife made of high-carbon stainless steel. On the other hand, consider a full tang for better strength. 

Don’t Forget The Handle

Butchering can get very messy, and you can avoid juices, fat, and blood on the handle. And it can lead to slippage issues. However, you can lower the risk by choosing a boning knife that comes with a textured handle. For example, handles are made of nylon material. Besides, you should not forget the comfort. For that, a handle with an ergonomic design will work well. Some suggest going for a boning knife with a Pakkawood handle. 

The Sharpness Of The Blade

While buying a boning knife, ensure that the sharpness of the knives is good enough to glide smoothly. The users shouldn’t have to put much effort into cutting the deer meat. If the blade doesn’t glide through easily, you could cut yourself. Many chefs admit that dull blades majorly lead to self-injury. 

Cutting Performance Of The Knives

A boning knife for deer is not for cutting vegetables or fruits. They are here to cut meat and more demanding cartilage, small bones, tough skin, sinew, and more. And to enjoy an excellent performance from the boning knives, choose one that has a stainless or high-carbon steel-made blade. 

Check The Flexibility Of The Knife

Most of the chefs suggest buying a boning knife that has a flexible blade. There should be a decent level of bowing and flexing, or you will face issues while processing a deer. With great flexing, you can easily switch your angles without repositioning or removing the boning knife. 

Maintenance Of The Knives

Some boning knives can keep their sharp edge for months, even after frequent rigorous usage. However, some may require sharpening every two to three months. The blade made of stainless steel generally loses its sharpness quickly. That’s why experts have suggested going for a carbon steel-made boning knife. 

What About The Knife’s Aesthetic Quality!

Well, this is something a personal preference, but the look is also an important factor to consider. Make sure that the boning knives can retain their look for a long time so that you can enjoy a good resale value. 

Check The Warranty

Choose the boning knives that come with a lifetime warranty. It will be much better if you go for a product backed by a 100 percent money-back guarantee. 

How To Choose The Best Boning Knife For Deer?

When it comes to enjoying proper skinning and dressing, you will need the best boning knife or fillet knife. Well, you will not like to use a cheap boning knife that will make you struggle to clean deer meat. Besides, when you don’t have the best boning knife, you can miss the skin. 

So, to get the best deer skinning knives, you will have to consider many things, such as the blade’s length, good quality, handle, weight, and more. While choosing the blades, make sure that they are made of carbon steel, there is a right balance, and thin. Furthermore, there should be a good grip. A good knife with a comfortable grip will make the process a lot easier for you. 

Make sure the knife can cut through the hide cleanly and swiftly. But it will be better for you not to buy a knife with a thin blade because it will be very flimsy. Skinning or processing deer can take hours, and if the handle is slippery, it will make skinning challenging, and you can even cut your skin. So, keep all these things in mind, and you can get the best boning knife under your budget. 

How To Keep Your Butchering Knives Sharp?

The performance of your butchering knife or boning knives will greatly depend on the blade. For example, while buying a boning knife for deer, you need to make sure that the knife has a razor-sharp blade and can be easily sharpened later. For this, you can trust a blade made of carbon steel or high-carbon stainless steel. However, by following a few steps, you can easily keep the best boning knife sharp. 

For example, you can use honing sharpening steel. To keep your boning knife sharp, you can hit the knife’s edge with the honing steel before using it. Once your boning knife is sharp, using honing steel can help in the edge retention. You can also use an electric knife sharpener for blade edge retention. 

Besides, you should also understand how frequently you should sharpen the blade. Remember that heavy use on boning deer meat will require sharpening the blades more frequently. As per the experts, three to four times a year can be a good option. 


What Knives Do I Need To Butcher A Deer?

Well, you can go for fillet knives as well as boning knives to butcher a deer. But if you want to buy a fillet knife, make sure that the knife has a stiff blade. A stiff blade with a sharp outdoor edge can easily cut through any part of the deer. On the other hand, as per the experts, a long and flexible blade can be the best option for removing skin and filleting fish skin.

What Knives To Use For Butchering?

Butcher’s knives are good quality knives specifically created for butchering. They can easily slice down large pieces of deer meat or smaller animals with curved and long blades. You should use a knife with a curved blade to get under the skin. And make sure that the sharp blades are thick, sharp, and made from high-quality steel. Well, all the knives mentioned above can be used for butchering. So, go on and order them to know. 

What Is The Best Deer Skinning Knife?

If you are looking for the best deer skinning knife, you can always go for the Fibrox Pro Knife by Victorinox. It comes with a good-length blade and is durable. In addition, the handle is quite comfortable to hold. Besides, you can also use the TUO Boning knives, which are also quite popular among users. Both these knives can be used for skinning or boning big animals. 

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This is one of the best boning knife reviews. You can trust this write-up to choose the best boning knife for butchering a deer. You can also use them in a butchering wild game. There are more options. This article talks about what these boning knives excel at and whether they are worth your investment.  The buyers should be very careful while picking the best boning knife. Not all boning knives are made of boning elk or deer. Choose the sharp knives with high carbon stainless steel blades. However, all the above-listed boning knives are good and can easily cut tough meats. You can also use a parang machete. Just pick a good-quality boning knife based on your budget and place your order now.


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