Best Assisted Opening Knives

Peter Stec
March 29, 2021

An assisted opening knife can be defined as a folding knife that has an internal mechanism used to finish or complete the process of opening the blade after it has been partially opened from a closed position by the user through a thumb stud or flipper attached to the blade.

A good assisted opening knife can be used for a variety of purposes such as for cutting, opening boxes, peeling an apple, and various other chores, not to mention it’s a handy weapon in case of unexpected attacks. The following are some tips for finding the best assisted opening knife for you.

Having an assisted opening knife makes flicking a knife easier.
Having an assisted opening knife makes flicking a knife easier.
  • Hand Feel – The idea is to have a knife that organically feels like a part of your own hand. Find one that has the size, grip, weight, and handle design that will be comfortable for you.
  • The Blade – This is the most important part of any knife. Consider the design and the material used. Police officers often have either the tanto or drop point blade. The tanto blade, in particular, is considered to be an excellent tool for puncturing and chopping. The drop point blade, on the other hand, is ideal to use for making fine cuts.
  • Teeth – The blade can either be serrated or with a straight edge, and both have corresponding pros and cons. Serrated blades are ideal for cutting through rope, webbing, and other similar fibrous materials; and need not be sharpened as much as straight edges in order to be effective.
  • Carbon Content – Carbon makes the blade able to keep a better hold on an edge, but it makes the blade more prone to corrosion. For marine use, a blade with lower carbon content is preferred.
  • Handle – Depending on the manufacturer, assisted opening knives are designed with various types of grips including polymer, aluminum, plastic, G10, and titanium. Although knife aficionados and collectors naturally prefer the more expensive metal grips, what is important is to look for one that you feel comfortable with. Experts say that plastic can sometimes be as durable as aluminum, and it all depends on personal preference.
  • Easy Opening – Remember that assisted opening knives are not automatic and you have to initiate the opening process. The good thing is that because it is not automatic, it is legal in all states. Go for one that is easy to open.
  • Sharpening – The knife, to be useful, must always be kept sharp. There are various ways to sharpen a knife, but it is important not to wait for the blade to be dull before sharpening it. High-quality knives do not easily deteriorate with normal wear and tear.
  • Price and Quality – The price for this type of knife ranges anywhere from $5 to $500. If you can find a functional knife at $5, why go for more expensive models? The answer is quality. Premium knives are made from better steel that can better hold an edge. Likewise, they have better liners and grip and come with much better engineering and design.

KnifeUp Recommended Assisted Opening Knife

So, what is the best-assisted opening knife to buy? Taking into consideration the previously mentioned factors, it will all depend on your particular needs and preferences. But considering the quality, price, and style, KnifeUp recommends the SOG Trident Tanto TF–7.

SOG Trident Tanto TF–7

The Trident Tanto, in particular, is definitely a functional tool for everyday use and responds well in an emergency situation. It has everything you want in an assisted opening knife. If you need to immediately get free from your seatbelt in a car accident, for instance, you need not expose the full blade and risk injuring yourself further. You can simply slip the strap through the handle groove and easily slit your way out of harm. But beyond emergencies, the TF-7, with its light handle and tough steel, will perform well for day to day chores. Click hereto read more about the Trident Tanto.


Assisted opening knives are great knives to have around. Make sure you find a knife with similar benefits to the features we recommend. Also check out other KnifeUp guides: Top machetes, best survival knives, and best diving knives.


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  1. Frankly SOG knives are very poor in their operation and manufacture. I would recommend a Case Kickstart or many a Ganzo knife, which are inexpensive yet work like knives costing nearly $200.00. Most of all, shop around! You can find a well made knife that you can live with at a price that you can live with. The result is a win/win situation.

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