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How to Claim the Jansport Backpack Lifetime Warranty

How to Claim the Jansport Backpack Lifetime Warranty

For practical preppers, the backpack is the perfect luggage solution; you can put anything in it, and you are free to move about when you sling it over your back. Unlike messenger bags and duffel bags that often put too much pressure on one side of the body, backpacks evenly distribute the load, making it easier to lug around. And, if you are looking for a backpack that is tough enough to see you through any challenge, then you need to choose Jansport backpacks.

JanSport Right Pack Backpack

Why Jansport?

The Jansport Company has been in the business of making backpacks for years. this means they really do know a thing or two about how to properly make them. They only use the highest quality materials in their products, and they are assembled with lots of skill and attention to detail. Jansport actually makes backpacks that are meant to last; they actually place a lifetime warranty on their packs and the great thing about this company is that they really do honor their lifetime warranty.

Whether the bag’s zipper got busted, the seams bust open, or the even if one of the strap clasps break, they will fix it and send it back to you at no extra charge. As long as the damage is not due to the negligence of the owner, like holes torn in the fabric because you placed an unsheathed knife inside, they will do their best to make your bag good as new; and if they cannot, then they will just replace it with a brand new one completely free of charge.

As a testament to just how serious the Jansport backpack lifetime warranty is, there’s a story about someone who sarcastically sent in his 14-year old Jansport backpack that was completely beat to death inside an old pizza box. To his surprise, a representative from the company actually gave him a call.

The bad news was that they could not repair the damage to his bag, and since the design was already discontinued, they cannot send back an exact replacement. The good news is that he can choose from one of the recent models and they would send him that. In the end, not only did Jansport send him a brand new backpack, he actually got a model that is more expensive than the one that he previously had. That is what you call commitment to their promises.

How to Claim the Lifetime Warranty on your Jansport Backpack

It is actually quite easy to claim the lifetime warranty on your Jansport backpack, you just need to place the bag inside a suitably-sized package, with a clearly printed letter explaining the extent of the damage, your personal details, and also some remarks like what color would you like your new bag if they cannot fix the damage. And, you also need to remember that you need to clean your bag before sending it in; state law actually requires this. Mail it to the address below.




JanSport Warranty Service 
510 Crystal City Hwy. 83 South / Suite 9 
Uvalde, TX 78801




Attn: JanSport Warranty Services
3260 rue Guenette
Quebec H4S 2G5

After a few days, you will receive a call from one of Jansport’s customer service representatives confirming the receipt of your bag and the expected date that you will get it back. During the same phone call, you will get an idea on whether they can actually fix up your bag or if they have no other choice but to replace it. After a few more days, you can expect your almost-new or totally new Jansport backpack in the mail.


Few companies are actually serious about their product warranties, but not Jansport. Unless the original owner of the bag expires, they will continue honoring the Jansport backpack lifetime warranty. If a company is so confident about their product that they give a lifetime warranty on it, then you can be sure about the quality of the said product. Check out KnifeUp’s guide to machetes, multitools, and hunting knives.


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