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Forever Sharp Knives Review: Are They Worthy?

Forever Sharp Knives Review: Are They Worthy?

Forever Sharp has been in the spotlight for quite some time now. And the company has been getting attention for its kitchen knives. The blades are marketed to be “Forever Sharp” as seen by the brand’s name and their lifetime guarantee policy.

Having researched multiple unbiased sources of knife reviews and considered every single aspect of the knives thoroughly, we’ve gained valuable knowledge about Forever Sharp knives. Therefore, you can rest assured that this Forever Sharp Knives review will be balanced and insightful with facts.

There are several knife options available, ranging from regular paring blades to fancy filleting knives, the latter of which we think are the best of the bunch. After all, the filleting knife has a unique design and is flexible, which allows it to glide through fish and meat.

Before deciding to buy these knives, you’ll probably have some questions about the quality of the Forever Sharp knives and whether or not they last you a long time as the name suggests. Well, below, you’ll find the answers to your queries regarding Forever Sharp knives.

Forever Sharp Knives Review

Forever Sharp sells various kitchen knives that’ll serve you well while cooking your favorite foods. As claimed by the company, the knives are all made of “surgical steel,” and they’re said to last you forever without needing to be resharpened over time.

You get several different knife options, and often they’re sold as bundles on the website as well. If you fancy yourself a new knife set, then check this offer on a 12 piece knife set with various blades included.

Though not as traditional as something like the Kai knives, Forever Sharp brings a unique touch to kitchen blades and will serve as an excellent opportunity to switch up your style!

Still, it’s essential to know that Forever Sharp only makes kitchen knives. So, if you’re looking for a folding knife or something along those lines, you may want to look at different options, such as the Benchmade 710.

Now, this sounds all well and good, but it’s essential to determine whether these knives are the real deal in practicality. As far as the performance goes for these knives, it’s pretty decent, to say the least. You get various options in the set, including a filleting knife- if you ever feel like cutting up a salmon at home. And all the knives are durable and sharp.

The company has had demonstrations inside stores where they cut a hammer with their knives, which showcases its confidence in the knives’ quality. Moreover, if you ever encounter any problem with your knives, Forever Sharp will replace your blade for free!

What Comes Inside the Box?

Forever Sharp Knives: What Comes Inside the Box

Because you’re buying knives, you can’t expect an unboxing experience up to the standard of smartphones, for instance. That being said, you get the set of knives you ordered neatly organized in the box, along with protective covers for each knife so you don’t cut yourself in the kitchen.

Now the box can vary depending on the set you buy. If we talk about the 12 piece knife set we’ve mentioned above, it comes with 3 original “Forever Sharp” classic knives and a filleting knife as part of the 4 unique options inside the box. Along with these blades, you also get 4 steak knives and 2 paring blades. The collection is topped off with a pair of fruit juicers, a nice little addition!

Are They Really “Forever Sharp”?

If it isn’t obvious already, the knives aren’t going to last forever with the same level of sharpness that they’ve had since day one. Realistically speaking, all knives are bound to be bent and worn over time to the point where you’ll be able to tell the difference in the lack of sharpness as compared to its early days.

Having said that, Forever Sharp knives are still made with top-notch materials that allow them to last you a decade if appropriately maintained. In addition, the use of surgical stainless steel, which is a very high-quality metal, means that the knives sit free of rust, erosion, and usual wear and tear.

Additionally, the knives are also serrated. This means that each Forever Sharp knife has a set of sharp prongs at the cutting edge, which allows it to cut much more smoothly than regular knives. This means that you can go quite a long time without having to sharpen your knife and enjoy the exact smooth cutting.

Where Are Forever Sharp Knives Made?

Forever Sharp knives are manufactured and located in the UK, and they provide free shipping inside the United Kingdom as well.

Where to Buy Forever Sharp Knives?

Check Today's Price on Amazon

Since the Forever Sharp knives are pretty popular, you can get them from multiple sources. If you want to buy them in person from a local store, you can find Forever Sharp knives in most of the big superstores in the UK. Also, you can look through Tesco, Morrison’s, and other major big-name stores, and you’ll likely find the knife sets there.

You can also find the knives online on several platforms. You can get individual blades or the complete 12 pieces set on the official Forever Sharp website. Moreover, you can find the blades on Amazon or eBay, but do keep in mind that you get better deals on the official website. 

Moreover, there’s another official source to get Forever Sharp knives, the Twin Towers Trading website. The firm is an official marketing partner of Forever Sharp, so you’ll find their knives on the TTT website as well. Not to mention, you’ll also come across offers and deals on this website, as it’s an official partner with the knife company.

Are Forever Sharp Knives Dishwashers Safe?

If you have a dishwasher at home, you won’t have to worry about washing your knives one by one. With the Forever Sharp knives, you can leave them in your dishwasher care-free, and they’ll be completely fine!

What Is Forever Sharp Knives Warranty?

Forever Sharp guarantees a life-long warranty, as they’ll replace your knife if the knife’s problem is within the terms and conditions. As mentioned on the website, if your knife has a “failure,” Forever Sharp will replace your blade for free.

However, it isn’t entirely free to have your blade replaced. You’ll need to pay for the transportation and handling costs because they aren’t included in the warranty coverage. Moreover, make sure you have the purchase receipts at hand or that you’ve registered the knives on the website. Either of these two will be sufficient to get a replacement knife.

Are Forever Sharp Knives Good?

Yes, it can be said that Forever Sharp makes good blades. And if we discuss the matter in a more detailed manner, there are several qualities a knife must possess for it to be considered good.

Blade Quality

Overall, the blades of Forever Sharp knives are great. You get a high-quality surgical stainless steel blade, which will help you cut through most of your eatables, even if they’re frozen. Their serrated factor also helps create a smooth cutting experience.

Nonetheless, you need to know you can’t sharpen that serrated blades regularly. Instead, you’ll need to sharpen each blade individually, which is a lot more complicated than sharpening a regular blade.


Considering that you spend a significant amount of time cooking meals in your kitchen, you need to be at ease throughout the process. Cutting stuff up, be it vegetables, meat, or fruits, is a part of almost every common meal preparation, and so you need a knife that’s comfortable to hold in your hand.

That being said, Forever Knives have an ergonomic build material, which allows the knife handles to sit in your hands comfortably. This makes the cutting process much more pleasant. Although the comfort of Forever Sharp knives might go under the radar as most of its marketing is towards the blade, it’s a quality that deserves attention.


Needless to say, the Forever Sharp knives offer great value for money if you purchase the set of knives via the official websites mentioned above. A single set of these knives will most likely last you years if you take proper care of the blades.


Even though the marketing from the company about their knives being “Forever Sharp” is a bit of a gimmick, that’s expected to be common knowledge. Blades can’t remain fully sharp after years of usage, as they’re bound to wear down. Yet, Forever Sharp knives do last longer than most typical knives you’ll come across in stores.

Moreover, the knives aren’t only unique in looks but also in performance, as the smooth cutting experience sets the knife apart from other kitchen blades. You also get an extremely comfortable feel when holding the knife, which is an underrated factor to consider when buying a knife. All in all, the Forever Sharp knives are a great buy.


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