4 Best Rescue Knife in 2021

10 Best Utility Knives Video
10 Best Utility Knives Video

Carrying the greatest rescue knives might mean the difference between life and death, so it’s worth the effort. We, like everyone else, dislike gimmick products. We’ve scoured the knife industry for the best, high compared and most dependable ones to meet your needs.

Here Are The Best Rescue Knives – Tried & Tested

#1 Spyderco Assist

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Key Specifications 

  • Blade length: 3.68″
  • Blade thickness: 0.118″
  • Overall length: 8.55″
  • Weight: 3.9 oz.

This piece was named after Spyderco’s main job function, Assist. The help was created for workers in the emergency, fire, rescue services who rely on their knives to perform properly under pressure and increase machinability with utmost corrosion resistance.

Price: $114.10


  • It has low maintenance.
  • It has a good wear resistance
  • It provides a solid steel grip.
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty.


  • It is very expensive. 

#2 Kershaw Funxion EMT

Kershaw Funxion EMT

Key Specifications 

  • Blade length: 3″
  • Blade thickness: 0.118″
  • Handle material: Glass-filled nylon, K-Texture grip
  • Handle thickness: 0.17″

Kershaw function knives offer a selection of key functions that help when versatility is critical. They feature Kershaw’s speed safe opening with either thumb studs or the flipper, a nice drop point steel for a range of cutting tasks and has great corrosion resistance.

Price: $41.98


  • It has a good corrosion resistance and hardness.
  • It provides a reasonable price.


  • NA 

#3 Victorinox Rescue Tool

Victorinox Rescue Tool

Key Specifications 

  • Height: 21.5 mm
  • Length: 111mm
  • Weight: 167 g
  • Handle: Steel

Take a close look at the Victorinox Rescue Tool if you want the versatility of a multi-tool in your rescue knife. It has a long leaf-shaped steel blade with serrations that extend about two-thirds of the way down of it.

Price: $92.76


  • It is very convenient to use.
  • It has a stainless steel make and a good toughness.
  • It gives you a multi-tool facility in one product.
  • Great corrosion resistance.


  • It’s more expensive than kitchen knives and hunting knives.

#4 Ka-Bar Becker Tac Tool

Ka-Bar Becker Tac Tool

Key Specifications 

  • Blade length: 7″
  • Overall length: 12.50″
  • Weight: 18.6 oz.
  • Handle material: Grivory.

The spine features a handy cord and writing cutter for both rescue and camp-related tasks, and the odd shape, combined with its durable high carbon steel composition and hardness, which acts as a good corrosion resistance, good wear resistance, and increases hardness.

Price: $126.95


  • It’s very sharp.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It has a strong edge retention system and hardness.
  • Great corrosion resistance. 


  • It can only be used for its designated purposes.

What Are Rescue Knives Used For?

Consider the possibility that you’ll need to search for specialized items in your automobiles, such as a rescue one with a reinforced rescue spike and a glass breaker.

Why Do You Need A Rescue Knife?

Consider the possibility that you’ll need to search for specialized items in your automobiles, such as a rescue one with a reinforced rescue spike and a glass breaker.

Different Types Of Rescue Knives-

EMT Knife

EMT’s rescue knife packs a lot of punch into a little package. In a rescue situation, the line cutter allows you to cut without opening it and the handy window smasher allows you to break through thick glass windows.

Tactical Knife

A tactical knife has one or more military qualities and is designed to be used in dangerous situations.

Aquatic Knife

Divers may need to use an aquatic blade knife to cut fish lines that have been entangled around marine life or to tap on tanks to draw the attention of a companion.

Buying Guide: Features To Look For In A Rescue Knife

Blade Construction

Rescue knives are made of a range of steel, each with its own set of tensile strength, hardness, durability, sharpness, good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, sharpening ease, and other characteristics. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of various types of steel like 5cr13mov can save you a lot of time and money.

Blade Shape

Consider obtaining a blunt tip if you plan to work with soft surfaces or easily damaged things, such as the human body.

Serrated Blade

In an emergency, rescuers must cut through corrosion resistance steel to provide treatment to their patients. In some cases, a seat belt cutter may suffice.


Sweat, water, oil, and blood may all cause slick surfaces, so make sure your rescue knife is up to the task. 

Edge Retention System

When it comes to edge retention, it makes no difference how you carry your rescue knife; knowing where it is at all times ensures that you are prepared for almost any situation. This level of dependability necessitates the use of a great knife with a solid retaining system.

One-Handed Opening

Look for a thumb stud or similar index finger grip on the knife. A spring-assisted opening is worth considering if local rules allow it.

Pricing Ranges For Rescue Knives

Expect to pay between $25 and $50 for a basic yet reliable folding rescue knife. For the higher-quality stainless steel materials, it ranges from $50 to $125. 


The overall accomplishment of these pieces is incredibly reasonable, and they provide excellent constructed quality, wear resistance, hardness, strong edge retention system, and a well-designed edge.

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